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  1. I was thinking on getting some cleaning solution that can clean (and prevent) rust, or dirt from hard to clean parts like ball bearings etc. I've heard people using brake cleaner or WD-40 but I don't know how safe they're for plastics. Because I don't want to keep fully disassembling the car every time I do minor clean up just for one part or section. I saw this and wondering what the thing is and how effective it is as the description is pretty vague. This being Tamiya branded made me think it should be safe for plastics used in their RC, but then again I don't want something weak or less effective than other cleaning solution on the market. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87039/index.htm What's your thought about this? What do you guys used for maintenance? Do we need multiple specialized products or is there one-for-all magic solution for general purpose?
  2. The ones you see most of the time in the video are 3D printed, but at the end he did show some pre-made tracks, item 70237 https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/70237/index.htm
  3. Today I did some run with my DB01 and welp, it seems I water damaged my Futaba R203GF receiver after running over some puddles. At first it blinked green like losing connection but when I restart the car it just dead. Tried with other receiver and the car is fine. Opened the receiver case and yep I see some droplets there. Will thoroughly clean and dry it and hope for the best
  4. Nothing exactly wrong with my current Flysky GT3C for casual use but I just want something different
  5. I said "apparently" but I actually own a VZ (Dual Ridge Jr.) and tested the body on it. I found some parts on the body and battery holder on the chassis among other things conflicted with each other so that's a no, unless I do some heavy modification. But I'm in no rush so yeah I'll look out for a VS someday.
  6. Done with the Durga. I wanted a color scheme that can work with both black and white-colored wheels. After taking these pics I only realized I forgot to use the body pins but doesn't matter, the velcro hold on very well More pics in the gallery thread but here's where I put the on/off switch, hopefully the adhesive stays Other quick mod I did after last time was cutting some parts of the wing that keep banging into shock tower
  7. I don't think so, the package is exactly look like what alvinlwh posted. Also while non-official parts market is big here they usually clearly labeled and tagged as such. The store I bought from doesn't seem to carry any. It could be just shadow or reflection but under a bright light I can see some sort of coating, at least.
  8. The canopy doesn't seem to be smoky enough. Must be very light coating or they forgot It says compatible chassis are Type-2, Type-4, and VS. Since VZ is supposed to be VS successor I thought it might fit but apparently it's not. Oh well I bought it out of curiosity anyway.
  9. Got the mesh to cover holes in my DB01 Durga. But the package would be too light so just pick other cheap stuff
  10. Durga body isn't finished yet, need painting and stickering (also mesh for the holes) but I couldn't wait to test it. Light run, no jumps or off-roading just to test things out and I can say I build it correctly Ran through some shallow standing water (it rained the night before) but nothing bad, and I can see where water will collects in that situation. Glad I'm not cutting the bottom end part of the body there.
  11. Yeah I'm doing the latter by cutting the parts on the body that looks like air intakes and covering it with a mesh I have a VQS, and it was the same price as TD4 and at least half of Avante/Egress here in my area. I don't have the latter two but from my research plastic chassis and shocks aside they share the same drive train, same metal knuckles and carbon steering plate etc. It even has niceties that modern mid-end buggies don't came with out of the box like stabilizer set and full CVDs. So in my limited experience the price I paid is not an issue. Do people expect it to be around TT-02B price or something? Yeah it's plastic version of Avante platform but being lower end version of a super high end car, that makes it at least a midrange in my logic. Bonus point, you can run and bash it hard without worrying too much. So I'd say get it, I see it discounted everywhere and you may get it cheaper than I did.
  12. Getting back to finishing my Durga, I took the fan off 10BL120 because of body clearance issue. You guys think it will be OK? The motor is 13.5T 2850KV, and I'm just casual runner.
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