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  1. This is very impressive. No, it's not (just) about making cardboard track but making (almost) entire car from cardboard.
  2. Thanks, but my problem is opposite of the thread, I broke my (standard yellow) VQS damper and in case I can't find hi-cap or even DF-03 set that the manual suggested I want to know the "official" length of VQS damper front and rear to look up for 3rd party option. Is Is my estimate 60 mm front and 90 mm rear correct? EDIT: Thankfully I found someone who has standard yellow damper to sell. For future reference if anyone has same question and stumbling upon this thread, the seller listed them as 65 mm front and 85 mm rear
  3. I'm sorry to hijack a solved thread but it's related to VQS damper. Just quick question about VQS damper: what length are they (front and rear)? Yes I can measure mine but I don't know what point is to measure (or when it is sprung or unsprung etc).
  4. Yep, here's one from official channel (?) made out of cardboards, floor mats, and glue gun
  5. So checking TD4 catalog 50357 does listed there but so does 54217 in TD2 catalog but maybe that's to be paired with 54219 spur that's also listed there. I found 50357 locally so I'll try my luck with that one.
  6. Is it Tamiya 50357 then for the pinion? I can't seem to find much spec of it online
  7. The pinion is from Tamiya 54217 set and yes they're both 48p. EDIT: the pinion is definitely 48p, but somehow the manual doesn't say anything about the included spur gear, just 70T. It has product code 51215 but annoyingly it doesn't say anything more https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/51215/index.htm
  8. Painted my TD2 today, deviated slightly from box art by painting the wing black (not pictured) for that Ferrari F1 look. While I used the kit recommended red I backed it up with black for deeper red although strangely enough the mud guards ended up darker. I don't mind though, unintentional two-tone color , Also no front body post since I plan to use velcro strip for that area.
  9. This is what I ended up with. Sounds okay except at very low speed where it's kinda rough. This is my first brushless setup so I don't even know how they should properly sound. Any tighter than this and it will ended up with that aforementioned scary high-pitched noise.
  10. So I've fitted 22T pinion just now. I'm still struggling with setting proper gear meshing but last time with 17T I found sweet spot where the rotation sounded smooth enough. But this time with 22T using similar tolerance I heard really bad high-pitch noise, like really unpleasant one that just get louder in full throttle. I went back and forth and in the end settled with looser setting that while in very slow speed sounding kinda rough but half throttle or more it turned into smoother one. I have no experience on what proper sound should be but that high-pitch noise really scares me. I will test how it feels on the ground later since my tire inserts still haven't arrived yet.
  11. Hubs and pinion for my TD2. Ordered tire inserts as well but that one hasn't arrived yet.
  12. Yes, if you put your out-of-the-box car in fairly flat track that's what will happen. But try installing faster motor on it, or try technical track with slopes, banking, loop-de-loop, etc. When your car is unable to stay on track, you start thinking what modification you can do to avoid that. It may start simply as replacing the rollers or reinforcing the bumper with FRP or carbon parts. Then you start adding braking system and mass damper set to deal with slopes and jumps. Naturally you'll be tempted to go faster and faster, which in turn requires change to your setup and there you go, down the rabbit hole Here's a video in English about mini4WD appeal: Should you want to try virtual route you can play Yakuza 0 or Yakuza Kiwami as those games have mini4WD-inspired mini game called Pocket Circuit that is surprisingly in-depth and engaging
  13. Thanks guys, I understand more now. I found the chart in the manual (should have search there first). It listed 8.27:1 ratio when using 22T pinion, I think I'll go with that.
  14. Just to confirm that I'm looking at correct tree
  15. I finished building VQS few weeks ago and still have left over G parts tree nearby so I I'll post it here. Yes, it has "PC" marking on it
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