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  1. Have a look to this cool video I made for Rc4on.com http://youtu.be/bR9KBCzsZis?list=UUB9NUPR5uaS8x2ioN8wcVeA
  2. After more a year of inactivity, Rc4on.com have a new look. More videos and articles RC4on.com
  3. Hi, I'm David from RC4on.com, I'm selling some cars from my collection. If you want some feedback as seller see my ebay profile Here 58077 Tamiya Mud Blaster Nice original Mud Blaster with lot of periodic options parts. Tamiya CVA Dampers, CRP 1618 reinforced uprights, CRP 3043 front reinforced plate, Specific CRP front bumper, CRP 1603 reinforced steering turnbuckles, CRP 1606 reinforcement for the rear arms, CRP 1608 differential bearing support, CRP battery door locker, Thorp ball differential, Full ball bearing. 175€ + shipping Shipping 15€ for France Shipping 35€ for Europe Shipping 50€ for WorldWide The article on RC4on.com Video Tamiya Mud Blaster 58157 Tamiya TA02 RS NIB with factory seal 175€ + shipping Shipping 15€ for France Shipping 35€ for Europe Shipping 50€ for WorldWide
  4. Hi, For those who find this post after search on Marui Pajero This is the answer to your question : here on RC4ON Feel free to comment below the Rc4on article.
  5. Sorry can be delete by admin
  6. Feel free to contact me with me contact form on RC4on.com
  7. This is an article article about an Hirobo bearcat ss Hope you'll like it
  8. You're right they are new and pinion motor is perfectly adjusted
  9. I also refurbish a Hunter for RC4on. Just need new paint like box art and a driver. Those marui cars are pretty rare, and particulary like there appearance with there large rear tire and there thin front tire. When you drive them, the sound of the tire on the surface is funny.
  10. , Fantatic car with the bleu roll cage and large rear tire. Cheers,
  11. I'm selling some parts and NIB kit Please, No swap. Tamiya Honda S800 M02 NIB : Price : 159 euros + shipping at cost (from France) Lot 4 bodysets 1/10 Renault Megane Maxi : - 190mm - 260mm - No decals - Fit on FF-01 et FF-03 Price : 25 euros for the whole + shipping at cost. (from France) HPI Bodyset 1/10 BMW 2002 Turbo : - 225mm Price : 29 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Ta02 Racing Special NIB : - NIB Price : 189 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya Clio NIB : - NIB Price : 195 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Blue Roll cage for Marui galaxy RS - good shape Price : 22 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya BMW M3 TT01 - NIB Price : 100 euros + shipping at cost. (from France)
  12. Want to sell your Vintage RC cars or parts ? RC4on Free Classifieds Here David
  13. You love Marui, Rc for Old Nuts too Read this really interesting article about the story of Marui : Here
  14. You like the Tamiya Mud Blaster have a look on my article Tamiya Mudblaster Video and gallery
  15. Hi, I got on nib scollins cockpit for 3speed with glasses. Is that one ? David
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