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  1. if it's not a secret, what binds you to this car? i love cars, but cars with history are in a separate category. At one time, I became interested in rallying thanks to the game Richard Burns Rally, so when I saw a body with the name Burns on the window, I had no doubt that I would buy it for myself. And thanks to its, I found out what Tamiya is and ended up on this forum.
  2. Its so sad and scared with these masks on headlights Do everything right, we believe in you
  3. Thank you! Nice to know we're not alone.
  4. Yes, I also immediately thought of ordering from them. But faced the same problem. And now it is very difficult to deliver something to Ukraine. Therefore, I periodically monitor rc-Kleinkram, with the hope that the M05 "in the bag" will appear there. From Germany with delays, but delivered to me.
  5. Now, taking into account the war and inflation of my country's currency, the price of sets has doubled in the last 5 months.
  6. @Willy iine I can already see that I used the wrong color, looking at your models) but the buggy turned out to be original) In your projects you use sandy color simultaneously with khaki. Its for look or is that what the military actually does?
  7. Today I was looking through old photos and found one unfinished project. I apologize for the offtop, it was not made today, but in 2019. I understand that this car was not in service with the US, but I really wanted to do something in this spirit) Maybe I will use this coloring on one of my future Wild One 1/24. I don't understand much about the symbols of the US army. so if any elements are off topic, please point it out
  8. You are absolutely wrong that the method is obsolete! I started 3D modeling because I just couldn't do it with my hands. I tried several times and it ended in fiasco I respect people who can and know how to do things by hands.
  9. @Willy iine serious approach to the task
  10. Thx. I print at home. Printer Anycubic Photon
  11. Its basic color of my main resin (Siraya Tech ABS-like fast grey). Coloring resin - my next step in sla printing. It's primed and polished quite well. (On the photo - after printing and uv drying, no post-processing)
  12. Today I decided to do experiment: I'm printed 2 rims for 1/10 scale with sla abs-like resin. Someone says, this material toughness enough for 1/10. For reference used Fifteen Turbomac 52 rims from cults3d, with minor modification. In my opinion, this model is not very well made in terms of durability. But this will be the point at which I will try to assess the suitability of the resin for use on this scale.
  13. @Pylon80 Very clear and understandable. Thank you very much for the detailed answer. I got much more than I expected. Regarding lowering - I agree 100% (it means how much the car lowers on the shock absorbers under its own weight, right?), I use the additional weight so that the car's shock absorbers work correctly. I will remove most of the excess ballast from it as soon as I change the shock absorbers. As practice has shown, excess weight has a negative effect on the wheels - in turns, the tires do not hold the weight and bend. At the same time, the disks begin to hit the surface periodically. Which leads to their damage. The car must be balanced
  14. @Pylon80 of course! I want to see your setup. with part numbers, please) Right now, as second temporary decision, I'm waiting shocks from wltoys 144001. It's thinner and 5mm longer. And twice as soft, than stock TT02. In my opinion, after using - BBG for bashing, not for rally.
  15. I was teaching my daughter to control the rc at speed. From the photo, it may seem that it was unsuccessful­čśü But the problem turned out to be a unscrewed servo-saver ... Hurry to calm down - no one Subaru was hurt)
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