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  1. Never mind, guys) I'll try to post only point info about project. That post was full of emotions. The darkest night is before dawn) A couple words about project: Last year I spent a huge amount of time to fine tuning all aspects of the project. And one of the most important task, what I realised - I found working method for creating replica tires with 2-components polyurethane molding and had good results with toughness by Shore from 40 to 80 (what I want) with fine grip. Next planned tasks - work with small details, connection points, completing battery deck, completing small ball differential (it is very hard task, I spent big amount of time, to find best way, to realise it.) Because mini-z diffs are very big). And I made a mistake during development of gearbox, made incorrect gear ratio. That's why, maybe it is necessary to model it from scratch. Hope, I didn't miss anything) I think, my next step is remodelling gearbox, when I will have enough time for that. See you)
  2. Hello guys. Short post. Right now I'm not in project, because of war... Because often I have no time for this. I should cover needs of my family. But I hope, I can return to this buggy later. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year) See you in 2024) Attention photo)
  3. Hi guys! I did not abandon the project, more than half of the winter has passed. And if everything goes well, I will try to continue the project in March-April. Maybe I'll take the printer to the basement somewhere to print this smelly rubber)))
  4. For a long time I did not have the opportunity to drive my TT-02. But I replaced these springs completely with one interesting option - Chinese shock absorbers designed for a slightly smaller scale. They may not have ideal damping parameters, but they fit our chassis. When I get home, I will definitely do a little review and give a link to these shock absorbers
  5. Hello! Finally, I found a little time for the hobby) My friend asked to design adapters for TA02, that would allow to use predrilled bodies from TL01, TT01, TT02 etc. The result on the photos below) Enjoy
  6. Hi guys. Progress is on hold for now. I ran into a printing problem at home - the flexible resin that I planned to use for the tires smelled very bad during printing. Plus, after the seasonal cooling, the working temperature of printing fails. When I improve the heating and ventilation of the balcony, I will return to the project.
  7. Project in 3d done near 98%. Left remodelling shocks, forward driveshafts, front bumper and rubber net. But this simple part of project, will do it before preparing to print. Now waiting for new FEP film and bath for 3d printer. WIP...
  8. Okay, about me and my project. Finally, today I printed main deck in two copies. Because 1st copy failed to print... In total I spent 15 hours to configuring and printing this part. But result exceeded all my expectations) Some sanding in progress. Cleaning support points. 2_5190604222168571834.mp4
  9. Today I'm modelling front rims for my 1/24 Wild One Blockhead, using new mechanic for me. Suitable with 2x5x2,5mm ball bearings. Every printed part moves this project forward to the tires printing.
  10. Last week I was with my parents in the village. I rested from the urban rhythm of life. While I was there, I received an important package. Resin for printing tires. I picked it up from the post office today. I hope to find time and print test tires in the near future.
  11. Last days same problem. When we move on to batteries, that will not need to be storaged, but have similar specs to lipo with weight, size and discharge rate...
  12. Thank you) I really want to print this project, transfer it to plastic and try to drive it. But have to finish many small details before Can't wait
  13. Today I decided to work on my project and visualise a bit, to imagine how it will look in reality. First posted it in my project's topic. But wanted to duplicate it here VID_20220812_144136_614.mp4 Isn't duplication forbidden by the forum rules?
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