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  1. Yes, It's always helpful to have some wiggle room. The fact that she's aimed at a specific vehicle is helpful too. I was asked on Etsy if I'd scale up my drivers for 1/10th crawlers... but there are so many interiors, and such dubious intepretations of 1/10th scale, that I'm not sure a static driver figure would be of use to anyone. (although I'll probably try it one day, even it only fits my dodgy scratch built Hilux) Aneta does have a bit of range too, the shoulder joint is masked by the seam of the jacket/ t-shirt.. Although she could really use pegs in her joints like Wendy. They look much stronger and easier to position. Aneta doesn't need to be half as tough as Wendy though. I can't see her smashing through many sand dunes. I'd love to see how she looks in a Lesu excavator. I'm going to need to sell a quite a lot of models to see that for myself! Hopefully someone will try it and send me a photo.
  2. I love the detail and all the little lights. It's going to look amazing - can't wait to see more!
  3. Thanks!! Her name is 'Aneta'... Hopefully she'll have a friend soon. A test print of 'Felipe' is on his way in the next week or so. Wendy looks fantastic, Matt really captured something there! She makes me want an M38. I've been thinking about selling painted models but there are a couple of doubts in my mind. Firstly, while I have the talent... I'm not so sure I have the speed! I need to take a run at a batch of them and cost it out. I'm going to look at it in November when I have a bit more time. The other issue I'm worried about are the cab dimensions for other vehicles. I have an S770 and a couple of parts sets of other cabs to measure up to - and I assume most cabs are alike as Tamiya only have one driver figure - but there are other considerations like competition for space with sound and light systems to worry about. I'm pretty sure Mr Tamiya 56536 gets hacked about a bit to fit into some of these vehicles. (That's partly why I kept Aneta as a parted model kit.. although it also means you can swap her heads round.) Well, I'l try painting some up in November and we'll see what happens! Thanks again for your support... at the moment Etsy are providing the opposite of support so it's nice to get some encouragement!! *edit* I see Matt's Wendys are painted but unassembled... so maybe I could try it that way.
  4. That looks good. I agree, for that money it's not worth my time looking for it on it's own. Frustrating that my own search didn't find it through Tamico, I just got rcjaz and tamiya.de. Maybe I'm getting too old to use the internets. In any case, your two cents are much appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble tracking down a coupler switch... and don't want to buy a whole MFC02 to get one. I found two stores the carry the complete switch with cable and plug. However, one was no longer available and the other did seem to be in stock, but wouldn't ship to the UK. I don't really need the cable and plug, just the switch would be fine as I'm not using MFC03 anyway. I'm assuming somebody must have been down this road before but their footsteps are lost in internet dust. Does anyone know which sub miniature microswitches would be a suitable substitute? Failing that... the dimensions of the Tamiya switch would be really helpful if anyone has one accessible. I do appreciate that that might not be very likely, the in-situ switch is hardly accessible, but if someone does just has one lying around, it would give me a head start on the trial-and-error adventure set before me. Thanks for any help/moral support you can offer, Michael
  6. Thanks! That's high praise to me: I love the look of Farming Simulator. I just wish I had the time for it. I picked up FS19 ages ago and it has just been sitting in my library ever since. I guess have enough problems with ETS2 and Snowrunner!
  7. Hi, I've been a reader of the Tamiya Club Forum for some years but only just signed up - in part to "To create, share and promote my work", to hopefully get some feedback too, and to learn a bit more about printing designs myself. I've been designing driver figures for my new S770. I only have two designs so far but it was my aim to sell a few and perhaps ease the burden of my hobby. I notice a few people have shapeways stores here. However, when I looked into this for my models, the costs seem to be astonishing. Maybe it's a design issue on my part. I did some replacement parts years ago for my Clodbuster and the price was ok so I wonder if there is a mesh issue and shapeways thought they were 8ft tall or something. In any case, I have printed some with JLCPCB for now and am really happy with the quality. Without a shapeways store, I thought it would be fun to make a website. It turns out that wrangling wordpress to your will is much less fun than I imagined, so that it isn't quite working yet. I think I'm allowed to share it here though, right? https://blefuscu.co.uk/ This is quite a struggle for me, as I find self promotion very difficult... but, if you were interested in one my models, I have lashed up an Etsy shop for now and there is at least a link to that on my site. The software I currently use is Blender, which has been interesting at times. Cleaning these meshes for printing after free sculpting was a painful/learning experience. However, Blender does let me float somewhere between 3D modelling and 3D sculpting which I like, even if it's arguably not as good as either task. I'd like to learn freeCAD or fusion360 one day, but for now I'm just interested in what others are making with them... that seems like the better road for more functional RC parts.
  8. Herts Nitro Model Club http://www.hnmc.co.uk/ might be a bit too far south... but it isn't far off the A10, so maybe not too bad for you. I was in touch with them via email when I was gearing up to try racing again with my son... then lockdown happened and we still haven't got it together. I got as far as building an LD2 though. I doubt i'd be very competitive these days but I liked the idea of getting a few practice laps in and maybe working up toward their casual 1/10 off road races (think they were on a tuesday). It might also be worth raising the question on the msuk forums, I found some helpful threads there while I was getting myself 'race ready'.
  9. Hi there, I have a working ESP32 sound board working on my bench at the moment which is intended for my Scania S770. It wasn't plain sailing by any means... I'm using it with the micro reciever from DIYGuy999, which might be easier. I also built one of his transmitter boards into an old Techniplus MKIII and I had a lot more issues with getting that running. That was partly due to my cheap ebay transceiver modules (is there any other kind?) randomly dying. One of the biggest problems I had was with Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO. After considerable time setting the project up it seemed to be building the source code fine, it looked like it was uploading it to the board OK... but nothing worked. I think it must have been a problem with my board definition. Maybe. Once I built the code using the arduino IDE it just seemed to work.... although it should be noted I had already done a lot of the groundwork editing the configuration files and getting the right version of all the arduino libraries in VS Code. There were some specific instructions for getting the right board definition for the arduino too. There is a note on that below. I can only assume I did that correctly as it is a distant memory now and, as it's working now, I haven't dared touch it again. How far have you got with this? I'm no C++ programmer but from your post I'm guessing you haven't reached a successful build yet - in which case I would be guessing at these sorts of things... Can the IDE find all the #include's ok at the beginning of the src.ino file? Do you have all the right version of those libraries? https://github.com/TheDIYGuy999/Rc_Engine_Sound_ESP32/blob/master/README.md#required-libraries-you-need-to-install-all-of-them-if-using-arduino-ide-not-required-if-visual-studio-code-is-used-as-ide Is the board definition ok? https://github.com/TheDIYGuy999/Rc_Engine_Sound_ESP32/blob/master/README.md#required-esp32-board-definition-not-required-if-visual-studio-code-is-used-as-ide Er... can't think of anything else right now
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