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  1. I was having a chat with a person I met from a sales ad today and we were sharing about how our kids just aren't interested in RC as much. They will happily play but then also move on to the next thing just as happily. He's selling me his Corolla WRC that i have been after for a while now. I thought to myself anyone born post 2000 probably wouldn't have any idea what the Corolla WRC is, and probably wouldn't care. The famous Castrol liveries of the 90s are no longer seen these days. I guess its similar to the Lancia Martini liveries that I never saw but still appeal to me. To be fair being from Australia I don't know much of the mid 2000 WRC onwards and also care less about them and kids these days are being exposed to even less. To date I have a small collection of vintage RC which I hope to pass on to my kids, but I suspect that when it happens, they will just sell it for cash. Which I am ok with as long as they know the values! I know plenty of kids play with RC these days from all different brands but will they ever evoke the same emotional attachment that Tamiya has successfully done? This post is just a random thought that i was having so thought I would post it here :p
  2. Whats the quality of 3-racing like these days? Theres apparently a few players in the competitive F1 space. Seems like Schumacher, Exotek and even Xray are top of the game.
  3. Just thought it'd be cheaper to get one hopped up from factory rather than buying a standard one these days as parts don't seem as readily available. How much is a FF03 Pro these days. None I can see on ebay.
  4. The older F104 Pro had dual CF decks. The newer Pro 2 has FRP decks. I think if you are not racing the Tamiya ones are quite nice options to have in a collection.
  5. So you're saying the FF03 Pro is a good buy then? Oddly can't find many for sale. Was it not popular back in the day?
  6. I think if tamiya released some generic decals, the after market supplies like MCI can do the rest. Back in 2008 I club raced with the F201. I remember these sounded quite nice. Just this week I found a nicely upgraded F104 and a cheap F104 pro 2 and bought them to try out F1 again. Wonder if Tamiya would release a TF104 as that would be the next logical addition right?
  7. Basically anything will work for a TT01 and street bashing. If you are set on red just find the cheapest you can that looks the way you want.
  8. New acquisitions and first time RWD F1 owner
  9. This was a used TA03F i boughed used and dirty a few weeks back. Finally got it cleaned and back together last night. Decided that since she had copped abuse from her last owner that she should get a nice gifts to compensate, a fresh set of TA03 Super Low Friction Dampers (New old stock) and some fresh shoes.
  10. She's alive! I did open but it seemed clean enough inside. Just cleaned the bearings and lubed. To be honest not sure what the fascination with this motor is other than it looks pretty. Could do with new wiring though. WhatsApp Video 2022-09-22 at 8.12.33 AM.mp4
  11. What videos are you watching? XV01 feels more like rally and movement, XV02 more control and performance. I only own XV02 but have run XV01 on a track. They are plenty different (front mount belt/mid mound shaft), drive differently as a result, and both have their place in Tamiya's rally line up.
  12. Yes XV02 post are further forward. Rear posts in the same spot
  13. The TT02 is best as a slow burn, start with the basics before blinging it up. You a correct that pricing up option parts from the start is eye watering but that is definitely not the optimum way to enjoy a TT02 in my opinion. As you are going the Senna body, get the base kit and electrics and enjoy the body build. Add bearings and maybe CVA shocks. Perfect for driving around the parking lot and for display. Then if you play with the TT02 more, add stuff like aluminium steering, drive shaft etc.
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