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  1. Whats peculiar about it? I saw lots of comments saying it looks like the Wild One. What are people expecting when it's a Blockhead edition?
  2. Team C on XV02 Tamiya 58096 on TA01 Tamiya 57824 on XB TT01E
  3. It should be worth something, but personally for me unless I got it cheap, I would rather a proper RC version. There would be a collector out there for it. The other thing is these bodies don't have the regular holes in them so you would devalue and ruin the clean look if you decided to run them. Or get magnetic mounts and hope the stance works with whatever chassis you use.
  4. Mate don't feel stupid. As I mentioned, its gotten you into scaling which is a positive thing. Personally I think no money should be spend on it, keep it stock as functionally it's going to be limited. It's probably sacrilege on this forum but go out and get yourself a TRX or SCX10 (if you want performance and good aftermarket support) and custom add a hard body of your choice. Or if you like the performance scale look, I'd recommend a Boom Racing BRX01 or 02.
  5. What type of paints do you use to get a smooth consistency. Just the Tamiya pots?
  6. I think this makes a great display piece, less so a runner. A Ta03 might serve you better if you want some casual running but parts are also harder to come by. I think an FF03 might be another option with shorter wheelbase
  7. Got this XB for the body. Not sure how popular it was back in the day. You can find the Toyota Yaris WRC in XB form but not as interested. Hopefully I dont regret not also buying it.
  8. I think I have a slightly different view on High Lifts. As a gateway into "Scale Trucks" it certainly wets the appetite. Hard bodies are great. It's a Tamiya, whats not to love. This thing works great on pavement and backyard driving which is where noobies start out. Then you look deeper in the Scale Trucks and realise it's not something you would ever see on the roads or on the trail, both in real life or scale trailing. It's almost a monster truck with its proportions! Back in the early 2000's it was fine as there wasn't much competition. Now, there are so many manufacturers that do Scale Trucks better, that most High Lifts are relegated to shelf queens or just sold.
  9. Yeah thats high for body that was more recently available. Ive got two of them, with one potentially going the MCI route to recreate the repsol celica.
  10. Im not sure I will ever get the 58064. 58119 is the grail now
  11. Hey you're not wrong lol. It was my grail piece and fortunate to have these two, plus a NIB kit and NIB bodyset. Super chuffed. I am also a Toyota Rally fan in general so chasing the others. For 58119 I think I am going to resort to MCI stickers on a Tamiya body as it seems super hard to find.
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