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  1. I am going to be building my TT01E Tankpool Mercedes and I want to get a red ESC and motor and servo. Yokomo makes a drift servo that is for RWD will that work also I was thinking of using the acuvance red esc and motor but they only have a 10.5 and I was thinking 13.5 would have been more than enough. Not going to be racing it, just driving on my street. Does anyone have any experience with the acuvance red esc and motor or the Yokomo servo?
  2. I am looking for a Sand Rover kit. Any chance someone has one and they are willing to part with it?
  3. The past two weekends I picked up the Monster Beetle kit 2015 which was the first RC car I had a child. The Sand Scorcher, Blitzer Beetle to round out the collect. Now I need to build them. I ordered Fast Eddy Bearing kits for them and also got he Sport Tuned motors for them also. Is there anything I am missing for Hop up parts for them? I dont think I will need the ball diff since they are mostly shelf art.
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