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  1. I assume this is for plastics and paint. Exibits the same behaviour on paint, plastic and metal. Just interesting how it just breaks down at a certain point and it starts to feel wet and then sorta rubs off/goes clear.
  2. Yeah, I agree I dont want it absorbing into my skin. Happens with paper towel or q-tip as well. I'm gonna try with metal polish. Maybe I never rubbed that long. Metal polish usually just turns black.
  3. Actually, what I'm finding is that starts to dry and then gets wet and starts rubbing off/breaking down. Never experienced this with any wax. Only other polishing compounds I've tried were metal ones on metal. Interesting reaction that I never experienced before so wanted to share.
  4. I’ve been playing with tamiyas three polishing compounds and I noticed a very strange thing. I placed a dab on a test surface and began to use my finger to polish. If you keep rubbing eventually the compound starts to turn wet and degrade and disappear. What is in this stuff? Anyone else notice this? I’m no chemist but I’ve never seen anything do this. It’s almost magical. Here’s a quick video. Well you might wanna fast forward thru it as it takes about two minutes for this to occur
  5. Hi all. New member here. I love Tamiya and I think I do more tool and paint collecting than I do building. I am however currently putting together the 1/20 Honda RA272 kit from Tamiya. There are lots of reference photos out there as well as some pretty nice builds by the community. One thing I'm struggling with is identifying the names of certain parts of an engine. My hopes would be that I could google the name of that specific part and get more detailed photos of just that component for the purposes of addiing additional details like fuel lines, plug wires etc. For those that are not well versed in engine component parts, are there any sites that you all reference that maybe help with anatomy and identification of things? Most engines share similar components but sometimes I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at especially on a racing engine. Anyway, nice to be here and hope someone can share some tips. Thanks
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