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  1. Someone from the different forum communities suggested me to use the solid state relay(SSR) instead. Compared to the mechanical relay, the SSR requires only small amount of current(A) to activate so it will cause much less stress on MFC-03. I will test out the SSR once I get all the circuit parts I need and let you know if I succeed.
  2. Your help was more than appreciated and I thank you again. I am afraid that I still don't have enough knowledge on MFC-03 LED port to pick the suitable switch unless the product specification state that the product is specifically designed for MFC-03 LED port. But thank you for your kindly suggested link page.
  3. Pico Switch from Dimensions Engineering would been perfect only if it used MFC led port instead of servo port as a switch.
  4. Using relay module as a LED switch might take up too much current for MFC to handle so look for something called transistor instead...right? Phew voltage, current, this is getting moooore~ complex than I thought. Anyway thank you for your kind advice again.
  5. First of all I thank you so much for your long and kindly detailed explanation. I already looked into "MFC Expander Board" and although I couldn't understand how it works it's main purpose of the usage seems to expand the number of the LEDs connected to the one MFC port. As you already understand I simply need the solution to "How to connect one 6V~7.4V LED to currently empty MFC J20 port" and this board doesn't seem to fit my needs. I saw some relay module that operates on very low voltage (below V5 maybe?) but I couldn't even figure out the MIN. and MAX. voltage that can be drawn from MFC J20 port safely.
  6. Hello, I am fairly new to the electronics and I need help on connecting a light bar to Tamiya MFC-03. I wish to power up the light bar using a main battery (7.2V, parallel split wiring) as a power source and MFC-03 (J9, J16, J20, J27 LED ports are available and planning to use J20 port) as a trigger. During my brief research in this forum I found something called "Pico Switch" from Dimensions Engineering. But if I understood it correctly it uses servo port PWM instead of regular LED port (such as J20 port) voltage as a trigger and this was not what I was looking for. As far as my knowledge goes my only option is to use a relay switch but I don't know which relay is safe to use directly on MFC-03 LED ports. If possible could someone please pinpoint the suitable relay switch I can safely use on Ebay or someplace simular? (a seller who ships internationally) Thank you.
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