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  1. I am trying to revive this thread. Is there an update for the repro Leonis shell?
  2. I thought of the Neo Scorcher as well, but I was trying my luck with those two bodies. Hopefully this will materialise soon!
  3. Yes! I need one! I now have two DB02 chassis and only one intact body. I have tried a TRF502 and a Durga body but they are just two narrow. I can probably take a photo for comparison. They may work, but you may need to cut quite a bit off for the motor area. Please keep us posted!!
  4. I also have another question, is the drive shafts/ dog bones the same length on the DB01 and the DB02?  If I get a DB01 universal for the front, would that fit?

  5. Thanks, that's what I suspected. I may try to see if the TRF502x would be a better choice.
  6. AH, that's a good idea. I am pretty sure she can't tell the difference between my Top Force Evo and the Avante Black from a distance. Not quite sure about the Optima Mid though......
  7. My Optima Mid is still underneath my office desk.... I just bought the Avante Black re-re and I am sure my other half will immediate a divorce if this box shows up in our home. I think it is worth it.
  8. Thank you! I did look at the thread before. I have also looked at the TRF502x replacement body as well, the fact that the DB02 motor/diff housing is a bit towards the front than the DB01 worries me a bit, I may have to try my luck a bit.
  9. I am about the acquire a DB02 chassis for my upcoming project, but it lacks the original Leonis body. I just wonder if any of the DB01 body such as Baldre or Durga would fit? Thanks!!
  10. Regardless of whether you like his videos, or not. I think he is correct about the margins that companies make with their hop-up products. There are so many reasons why we buy hop ups, for Tamiya owners, I guess most buy them mostly for the bling. I own a lot of different brands other than Tamiya over the years, from what I understood, you almost certainly would not buy a Tamiya if you are into racings (not the Tamiya cups I am afraid), not even the TRF series. There are always better fully breed racers such as Yokomo, Losi/TLR, Associated, or X-ray these days. My very first Tamiya was the Boomerang, and the only upgrade? Bearings. It didn't last long, because in those days, there was no fail safe on the AM radio with the mechanical speed controller. I bought a TA02 with my summer part-time job money, and I only upgraded parts when they broke, still, I ended up with the original FRP chassis, full bearings, one way gears/hardened shaft, universal shafts and ball diffs, anti roll bar and some metal dampers. I reckoned that I could have bought the Yokomo YR-4M instead with all those money. But it is an addiction after all, and there wasn't any Tamiya blue in those days. Zooming back to the present day, Tamiya leads the way in their marketing in the RC world, they also introduce new ways of making even more money by organising Tamiya only races around the world. There are so many restrictions such as Tamiya only hop-ups. I was told that in Japan, they are now introducing budget cap for beginner racings such as USD100 worth of hop-ups (Tamiya list prices), probably to answer some of their critics. In my opinion, this is the way to go, to have a more level playing field. P.S. About the issue of adding more weights with metal parts.... I think those aluminium parts can indeed strengthen the chassis and remove some of the sloppiness and play. Adding weight may not be a bad idea, it depends on where on the chassis, plus there are minimum weight for some races where people need to add more weight anyway.
  11. This is probably my first post here with a brand new account......after so many years away. The question about LiPo and ESC compatibility has been around forever. Most vintage brushed ESC are not 'directly' compatible with LiPo batteries because there is no cut off voltage protection built in. The reason is that LiPo batteries do not like to be completely discharged, unlike NiMH or NiCad, once they drop below 3.2V (1S) will permanently damage the battery itself. That is why you need to attach an low voltage alarm to avoid over-discharge. The ESC would not be damaged, provided that you are no using a 3S (11V) or more cells battery on a 7.2V-8.4V ESC. Most brushless systems however, have the built in voltage cut off by default. Also read all the instructions about the proper use of LiPo batteries, they can catch fire quite easily if not charged or discharged properly. You certainly do not want to burn down your home this way.
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