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  1. Today was the turn of the DF-03 to have a bit of a run out. Following its upgrades last year it is in really good shape. I think the new servo saver and ballracing the steering has help most. It’s definitely not quick, having only a Sports Tune and NIMH power but a very neutral, planted drive. I was thinking it might give up the dampers and fancy turnbuckles to the, soon to be arriving, Durga but nope. I’m going to have to buy some more😆
  2. This evening I’ve drunk a bottle of wine and brought a Durga. One may have well led to the other.
  3. Something strange happened on my last order. It just went over the £135 threshold. I chose DHL for the delivery. It seems from the tracking it got stopped at customs, rejected and returned to Japan. PJ then sent it straight back out with FedEx and it came through absolutely fine, no further taxes or charges. Hopefully yours will be fine too.
  4. This is how I'm going to refer to losing a race from now on "How did the race go Darling?" "Not great. The car was decidedly reluctant to win"
  5. Finally a dry Sunday! And what do you do on a dry Sunday? Take the Top Force to church of course! This was its first run this year and was done on a whim so it had no preparation whatsoever. I think I need to rebuild the diffs, it was torque steering on acceleration on loose surfaces (much better on tarmac though). After a winter of on road, carpet racing I’d forgotten how much fun it is to just rag a buggy about for half an hour. I then put some more blue on the C11 because… well, just because 😄
  6. The PJ order has finally arrived from its round the world cruise! Containing parts for an Optima Turbo build I can no longer afford because I spent all of the money on Group C gubbins!
  7. Everything else was fine it may have just fallen out of the bag during packing. I've sent them an email and I'm sure they'll sort it. I like that they use FedEx as they seem to have the least trouble finding our house. DHL can lead to games of guess the front door!
  8. Follow me on a journey fuelled entirely hobby logic! The C11 has featured on these forums a lot over the last few months. I received one from my wife for Christmas, built it, and loved the whole experience. Then I saw @Pylon80 Jaguar XJR and how cool it looked and thought “I’d really like one of those”. I couldn’t find a Tamiya shell anywhere but L&L Models do a repro. Brilliant! Job done purchased. It’s a bit off a step down in quality from the real thing but it’ll do a job as a running body. The wing is missing so I’ll have to get in contact with them about that. Whilst searching for the Jag I got to thinking about all the little mistakes I made on the C11. It looks good but could have been better. Perhaps another Mercedes body for the shelf would be just the ticket? I then saw a little box of accessories for it which would really set it off. So I priced up the body, the accessories, I thought another set of wheels and tyres would be good and one thing led to another and well, it just made more sense to buy another kit! I’ve convinced myself this is a completely reasonable decision. It will be built pretty much to stock standard so will be a nice counterpoint to my over hopped-up other car. It’ll be interesting to see if it makes any difference whatsoever on the endurance postal racing track.
  9. I guess Le Mans fits as a first run. I’ve not found a space yet that’s suitable but there’s got to be somewhere…
  10. Today The Rules Of The Road arrived.
  11. Wow! That's a really impressive build!
  12. The postman hasn’t brought me anything! I’ve no idea what might have gone wrong here. It took PJ nearly two weeks to ship it in the first place. Effectively we’ve just sent some blue aluminium on a round the world flight.
  13. Go on… give in to temptation… you know you want to. One of us One of us One of us…
  14. So beautiful. I’d have ever thought gold on such a car could look so classy. Logic suggests it would be too much but it’s simply stunning.
  15. I can't think of anybody that couldn't use a Group C C11 re-release kit.
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