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  1. A kind of metallic black sticky backed plastic in the end. It kinda blends in to the roll cage decals but at least I had the kit masking sheet as a template .
  2. Great topic. If it helps anyone at all here’s a photo of the moment I remembered I hadn’t masked the windows.
  3. Thanks for the answer! I do like the look and low profile of the TC01. I think I’ll go for that… at least at first… 😁
  4. Painting finished on the Astute 2022 shell. The red hasn’t come out quite as dark as I thought it would but it’s a nice deep colour. I also got the replacement shell on the Dark Impact painted. My first attempt was a pearlescent go which I thought turned out on but my wife found so objectionable she kept asking me to redo it. Going box art on this one.
  5. I may have gone a little overboard considering I’ve not yet managed to get it out running 😅. I went with the diff nut and slipper clutch as I was building but I think only the nut is a must. I’ve got the alloy servo mount which looks nice but doesn’t really seem to do anything. Finally the TT02/DF03 alloy shocks but that was more because I’d had some success selling video games on EBay and really wanted to experience building them. I really enjoyed the build experience. The plastic and hex screws all feel nice and premium. I think it’s worth getting.
  6. It stopped raining for just a few hours today so I could get some paint on the TD2. I didn’t get the backing finished before it started again so hopefully it’ll be dry during the week. @ImALlama If you don’t mind a quick question. I’ve been looking at an on road runner for my next buy and I think it’s between the TA08 and TC01. Which would you recommend of the two?
  7. Thanks @Willy iine. I’m really looking forward to building them. Your XV02 Pro looks very cool.
  8. That’s what I wonder. Same with the SRX I guess. Will it be £60-£70 better than the TA08 Pro?
  9. Very excited to come home to these this evening. My first ever monster truck and destined to be my winter bashing car.
  10. That’s quite a price. It does look nice though.
  11. Driveshafts changed on the DT03. The plastic kit parts really do leave a mark. I guess it proves their strength.
  12. They were! I’m just looking at them now. So shiny. Not sure about the springs. I’ll experiment with them when the rain round here stops and I can get the painting done.
  13. A couple of weeks ago I listed some video games on eBay and did better than I expected to so there’s a new car coming in the next week or so and in the meantime I brought these. I’ve not had any alloy shocks before and they will make their way to the TD2 The motor will be for my next build.
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