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  1. I started on the TD4 build this weekend and gave the Type SR a bit of a test run. It lost a tyre so they’ll definitely need gluing.
  2. The actual motor I ran in my Cosworth in the nineties is on eBay at the moment (maybe *the* actual one). It wasn’t very sensible but daftly fast. I think I paired it with a Mtroniks esc.
  3. Some bits for the TD4 that I was definitely intending to leave stock, honest, and a nice shiny set of wheels.
  4. That’s really handy to know. Thanks.
  5. Like @Twinfan and @skom25 say I don’t tend to bother replacing the Tamiya bearings if they come in the kit, apart from the time I did with my TD2 but that was for the totally sane reason that the red seal matched the paint scheme.
  6. Fantastic. Thanks for the tip. That’ll come in really handy.
  7. Seals and the price mainly. I didn’t notice any difference in resistance or running time. One odd thing I noticed when fitting the alloy prop was one of the Tamiya bearings had started to discolour. I couldn’t get a clear photo and I’m not sure if it is indicative of quality in any way.
  8. Thanks! Yep, of the upgrades I’ve used only the bearings have been better and they’re really good. I’m sure there are better options for the other parts but I really tried to go for the cheapest possible like for like alternatives.
  9. I’m from Lincolnshire originally. My wife and I met whilst we were both living in Cambridge and then moved to Essex about 5 years ago. It’s a great area.
  10. Weird Saffron ****** gets censored. What’s wrong with ******? I can’t think of any swear words with ****** in. Saffron W a l d e n
  11. I took the Lancia out for a bit of a shakedown in the supermarket car park this evening. She’s brilliant, wonderfully responsive, but I t’s definitely over-motored and insanely quick I’ll swap out the RZ before going out again.
  12. The time has come. The final is upon us. The tinkering is complete. Head-to-head. Bumper-to-bumper Two cars enter, one car leaves… umm… perhaps a bit too far there. Just two weeks after my last update the RC gods smiled upon me and presented the perfect Sunday afternoon for a run. The cars were loaded up and whisked away to the Saffron ****** Tesco Race Way. Using a quite corner of the carpark I decided upon a rough course around the island and figure of eighting between the arrow markings on one side. I set up my phone to against a curb to act as a time trap. I would run both cars and check back on the video to work out the best lap times. The stage was set and the Porsche approached the start line. I got a few laps in before everything went wrong. I hit the curb firmly towards the end of my forth lap and on the fifth lap the car was completely uncontrollable, spinning at every turn. I brought her in to the pits (the roof of my Mazda) to find I’d lost a front dog bone, after a few minutes of searching I found the bits but hadn’t brought an tools out with me so, sadly, that was the end of the RSRs season. Looking back at the video my fastest lap came in at 16 seconds, but I was wildly inconsistent, and the other times were in the 18 to 20 second range. The mighty ford was next to the grid. My thinking was I would give it a fighting chance by getting my eye in with the other car first. I was much more consistent this time round and put down six laps before turning off the video. Checking the footage back my fastest lap was 17 seconds with all but one of the other laps coming in at 18 or 19 seconds. So, there we have it. A winner is crowned. The Porsche and its Tamiya branded Hop-Ups have emerged victorious, but it was far closer than I expected. As the two cars stand the RSR is the better set up of the two, but I think my novice driving is perhaps slightly flattered by the longer wheelbase of the Ford. Maybe its rear wing makes a little difference too because even before losing the dogbone I was prone to oversteering the Porsche and getting out of shape in a way that just didn’t happen in the GT. Final Stats Winner 58571 Tamiya TT-02 Porsche RSR £140.00 54476 Tamiya TT-02 Ball Bearing Set £22.95 54753 Tamiya Super Mini CVAs £25.64 54501 Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shaft £7.50 54502 Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Joint £8.00 54752 Tamiya TT-02 Steering Upgrade Parts £44.00 Total: £248.09 (Blimey!) Second Place 58689 Tamiya TT-02 2020 Ford GT mk.2 £140.00 Race Pace Sealed Bearing KIT TT-02 £8.45 Motovio RC Aluminium Friction Shocks £12.99 Unnamed TT-02 Aluminium Prop Shaft and Cups £8.50 Unnamed (Fastrax?) TT-02 Bearing Crank Steering Set £24.00 Total: £193.94 (also Blimey!) There we have it; the science has been done and we can (sort of) conclude that Tamiya Hop-Ups are better than the aftermarket alternatives. Through spending a whole £54 pounds more I was able to go round a supermarket carpark a full second quicker! There’s nothing left to do but get in touch with Engineering Journal with my findings (I might be in time for Volume 27, Number 5) and fit the prize components to the winner… but wait… what’s this? A new challenger approaches…
  13. I now hate rallying, Lancia, Martini, stickers and RCs as a whole… It has turned out sort of OK. I found water sliding very tricky and only ended up using it on the “big eight”. I’m not sure I have the patience. But… overall… I’m still pretty pleased with it. A lot of small mistakes and faults but it looks alright from a driving distance.
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