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  1. Thanks Willy iine. I think I need to start somewhere. I probably have a battery or speed controller problem. The easiest to test is battery probably. Is KEVE THE REV the person to start with. I did have a look on online for a like for like replacement. I noticed there is a possibility of upgrading to more cells as well.
  2. Hi Forum thanks for admitting me. this buggy is mine from new and went back in its box in a very sorry straight in the mid ‘80s. Everything is dirty and worn, the chassis is cracked where the front suspension struts attach, front wheels wobble. However it all works after a fashion. The battery is shot or maybe it’s the speed controller but the car can crawl backwards and forwards. Mind you the speed controller was never subtle. Back tyres are bald. If I can be fairly certain of getting a battery, speed controller, gear set replacements and any other consumables I would like to have a go at refurbishing it. There’s no rush though. the driver needs a paint job, he was always ‘gloss’ but I like the body paint how it is. Dusty looking, maybe just touch up where there are white plastic showing through the chips. any way here are some pics i need to read through some build threads I think and get used to the jargon, where to source parts etc.
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