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  1. @YoShImUrA53 it is only because I have changed my suspension blocks to none standard width that is causing me the issue as @Nicadraus above mentions standard shaft length (44mm) would be fine with ball diff or gear diff & cases providing the 1XD suspension blocks were being used. 1XC suspension blocks. 44mm CVD unit next to the 46mm CVD shaft from 3Racing that I have fitted now. All fitted.
  2. @bRIBEGuy from your pics and description I would hazard a guess that the silver paint layer you put down hadn't fully cured in places when you put down the white on top so the "pin holes" effect was created by the gases/vapours escaping through the white wet paint. Glad you saved the shell.
  3. Think I've just sorted it, ...or wasted yet more money on parts that don't fit. Just bought some 3Racing 46mm shafts that according to Asiatees fits the FF03/Sakura so hopefully I can swap out my 44mm shafts which should give me the extra reach I need. Fingers crossed. I would share pictures of my build but want to get it all sorted first.
  4. Thanks and yes I've recently read all the info on "The RC Racer" page which is part of why I didn't think that 0.75mm track width difference between the "1XD" mount and "1XC" mount would be a problem. I guess it is though. Any suggestions for CVD's that will fit the FF03 then with a longer length?
  5. @Nicadraus or anyone else that maybe able to shed any light on this. I'm building my FF03 and wanted to fit aluminium suspension blocks but am having issues with the front dogbones falling out of the drivecups. I assumed at first it was because I widened the track width too much as I originally fitted some "1A" Tamiya suspension blocks. Since then though I bought "1XC" blocks as they were the closest I could get easily and cheaply to the standard "1XD" blocks. I am using; Sakura D3 (44mm) CVD's, Tamiya TA06 steel gear differential and a "Spec R" made gearbox case. Put it all together and still feel like the dogbone ends do not sit in the cups enough. I haven't fit it altogether yet with the suspension but am wondering can I use this set up on the front or is the only option using "1XD" blocks with this set up or changing to longer length CVD's?? Thank you for any help.
  6. That's good then ~ any pictures of it fitted etc would be interesting. This picture below is of my modified TB03 one which I'm hoping will do the job now I've got it to fit but always good to have another option.
  7. @cavalier a good easy fix would be to cut the plastic tube off the tower (highlighted in red) and replace with an aluminium standoff. Standoffs: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284388626643?hash=item4236e210d3:g:3-MAAOSw3WhhAccE&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4EuSOSfRn%2F4KYT4p4jT4pu02ocQgY6PyUkBNYji2iqz43naDEcg8Cu%2FCm4t1AEfpPBRSqxE6BU2Rx8K9ANewp6o%2F%2FTLuPDkOU%2FbsNQI%2Fykr%2BXIAUnqMWMCHhBXqczOUVMn0GZz1Ph%2BijfpGcTZxJg3jK1nJNabT66Pzv2NLmSLNpeGK1HPoIDnNttGIJFfDgqyQ3udAUz1Yb%2FJWuEtrC9ouSIYzjH1j2yFRZK5HX2jxozcC%2BXg7dodC7dM9Cwo8FhCoWYpjH2k07s5s3wW3iCJ%2F58mkFeBwbNSMzxeHy9Ewx|tkp%3ABFBMxJmPmv5g
  8. @Hairyjon313 you could always buy the cheapest TT02 and then add whatever bodyshell you like to it? TT02 chassis kit in a bag ~ £76: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175101387582?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=EAIaIQobChMIxMmEzZni-gIV2uvtCh06ZgwkEAQYASABEgJqAPD_BwE Audi S1 Quattro: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112750025429
  9. @Nicadraus just decided to get the "flourine coated metal balls" for my build after your recommendation. For the price of them I think it's worth trying after I've already bought the Tamiya aluminium suspension mounts.
  10. Edit: Oh and that reminds me. Some people don't like the ball diff so change to either an all metal geared diff, locked diff or the Yeah Racing aluminium ball diff. (NB: if you go for the metal geared diff you need to change the diff case for Tamiya 54398 which is hard to find)
  11. Nice, ....I got a Honda too although mine is the Accord Aero Custom. Whilst waiting for my car to arrive I watched this guy on YouTube build videos as although I am more than capable I still find it interesting watching. In case you're interested too....
  12. Which one did you manage to find? I'm a fairly new FF03 owner and still slowly building mine up as certain parts (Hop Ups) that I wanted are hard to find nowadays. In particular I would definitely recommend an aluminium spur gear adapter but I searched for weeks for a genuine one and didn't find one. The best option for that was to modify something from another model or brand to fit. Currently I have a Tamiya TB03 model aluminium spur gear adapter that I have made a spacer to fit inside it. Another option for the spur gear adapter is possibly this Sakura D3 one as apparently the bore diameter is the same as the Tamiya spur gears at 4mm. Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284857811325 Aluminium hex adapters another must do imho. Plenty of choices although some of the cheap ones on eBay aren't worth bothering with as they never clamp up tightly and usually just strip the small screws. For that reason I can only really recommend the genuine Tamiya ones or possibly 3Racing as a cheaper alternative. Try Tony's Tamiya Parts if you haven't: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394275889855 Have a look at this thread here for all things FF03: This is an interesting read here about their top 10 upgrades for an FF03: https://www.rcdriver.com/top-10-tamiya-upgrades-for-the-ff-03-chassis/ If you're going to run a brushless set up then I'd recommend you change to a larger tooth pitch gearing like 48DP or even 32DP although the former is what I'd recommend. Nice and easy to change gears thanks to the spur gear accepting normal touring car style gears. I buy mine from here: https://www.rwracing.co.uk/product/48dp-touring-car-acetal-spur-gears Also weirdly as a side note I've a good friend of mine who lives in Orkney too. I live in South Wales myself.
  13. Loving this thread. I'm new to the FF03 platform myself as having bought one a few months ago that I am building up slowly ~ waiting for parts is a pain but some bits are hard to find so need to buy them from where ever I can.
  14. Hoping to enter a Tamiya soon but for now @ImALlama a non-Tamiya entry from me. Arrma Limitless 1/7th scale GT car. 150.35mph ~ ran through official ROSSA UK speed timing equipment (2nd name in the 150mph club PDF on the official FB page) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1641915416068313/permalink/3182219362037903 4S in series making 8S. Turnigy Graphene Panther 5000mAh lipos. XLX2 ESC, TP Power 4070 2080KV. 31T pinion with 34T spur running GRP S4 tyres.
  15. Good reading a younger persons view @RC_FunLand . Personally I'm not sure it is too much different than it's always been apart from nowadays imho the younger generation has even more choice of hobbies and things to keep them occupied than ever before. So maybe that is why it seems like less of the younger generation are choosing RC.
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