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  1. I haven’t done it but I’ve been thinking the same thing, but with the King Cab body as I think it has a longer wheelbase than the Toyota or F150. I think it would be a fun project!
  2. The chassis built came out great! Love the use of blue screws with the otherwise stock chassis components, gives a very factory look, I will definitely be taking some ideas for my next XV01.
  3. Needing a longer sensor wire got me also when I switched to brushless. Everything is kinda a pain to fit but once it’s done I kinda like that the electronics are all hidden now.
  4. Looks great, I love the hidden switch, it really adds to the super clean look you have going! I need to go and barrow some of your ideas and clean up mine!
  5. Yep as others have said it works well till you get the feeling by hand.
  6. Your soldering looks great, nice work with the wire routing. The all black wires look so pro! The paper method of setting gear mesh all ways works good for me. I’d say you should have no problem changing connections on your battery.
  7. Correct you really only gain some droop, or down travel. You basically just gain the droop the regular dampers limit before the arms stop on the chassis. It’s not much but it does add some traction in the bumps and just more overall dynamic driving on dirt. For me the longer dampers add more to the realism of a rally car than any real performance gains.
  8. Brushless motor choice is a pain with the XV01…
  9. I love my long damper XV01, that cool you were able to get a new one! Looks like you are off to a great start with a nice complement of hop ups and electronics. This will be a very nice car!
  10. Looks great, good idea with the small stickers to label the shocks.
  11. For me, crawler/scale trucks or rally are always swapping for the top spot for driving, but building rally or touring cars will always be my favorite. I love building up a fresh on road chassis !
  12. Chassis is coming out great! Just the right amount of blue!
  13. Very nice build so far! I’m looking forward to seeing your shock build, I am very intrigued by using the TRF shafts and pistons in the cva bodys. Those blue diff covers are gorgeous! Gear diffs can be messy to build but I much prefer the tuning with the diff oil vs adjusting ball diffs especially for off road use. Keep up the great work!
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