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  1. Hobbywing 10BL120 is also worth a look.
  2. I run a Hobbywing 13.5T in a Fire Dragon and it's quick, slightly less Kv than the Tamiya 10.5T: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hobbywing-quicrun3650-g2-motor-13.5t-422259 I think the standard gear ratio is 8:1? If so, I'd say the Tamiya would be a bit over geared (their recommended ratios for brushless are similar to brushed) and the Hobbywing would be about right if maybe a touch short. Pinions are cheap though if you need to change the gearing slightly.
  3. Are you plugged in to the correct channels on the receiver? Steering servo should be in Ch1, the ESC in Ch2. Also check that the leads are in the receiver the correct way round. Yellow/white should be in the inside from memory.
  4. Cheers, the specs I saw a while back must have been wrong
  5. Absima needs 8xAA I think? At least Carson only needs 4xAA. I use Carson sticks, as I hate wheels, and I buy the receivers from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Carson-500501534-Empfäng-2-4-GHz-Waterproof/dp/B00TF9VTFC/ref=sxts_rp_s_sp_1_0?content-id=amzn1.sym.47953262-9ad4-4e10-98c2-375565cc4a45%3Aamzn1.sym.47953262-9ad4-4e10-98c2-375565cc4a45&crid=1FXCMO3IXFPKI&cv_ct_cx=Carson+500501534+Reflex+Wheel+Pro-3+2.4+GHz+Waterproof&keywords=Carson+500501534+Reflex+Wheel+Pro-3+2.4+GHz+Waterproof&pd_rd_i=B00TF9VTFC&pd_rd_r=58e8d51a-0ff8-4fe4-b8e4-b1183c48c160&pd_rd_w=FQ93x&pd_rd_wg=QjJtj&pf_rd_p=47953262-9ad4-4e10-98c2-375565cc4a45&pf_rd_r=F3TRFJ3C355PXV5DWVJS&psc=1&qid=1669306635&sprefix=carson+500501534+reflex+wheel+pro-3+2.4+ghz+waterproof%2Caps%2C444&sr=1-1-30c649cd-33b6-49d1-9f8b-8035bb525ef9 Alternatively, you can buy from Germany as there are sometimes deals and discounts to be had: https://www.carson-modelsport.com/carson_en/spare-parts-accessories/rc-accessories/remote-controlled-systems/receiver-reflex-wheel-pro-3-24-ghz-500501533-en.html
  6. I think people's perspective and satisfaction with Tamiya regarding these two models and their designs may depend on their emotional attachment to the original cars. I have no historic attachment whatsoever to the Egress or Hotshot and I really like both the Black Edition and the Blockhead Motors. I find them a nice twist on the originals, and for the Hotshot II I wouldn't buy a re-re of the original but will probably pick up the Blockhead edition. Maybe Tamiya thinks, or through market research knows, this would be the case worldwide?
  7. They do, which is nice. I have a 15.5T but found it sloooooooooow. Slightly better than a Torque-Tuned, not as good as a Sport-Tuned. It now lives in a Lunch Box, purely for the nice long run time.
  8. It is - they've just added a Black Friday sticker.
  9. Best? It has to be something iconic, something affordable, something fun, something very Tamiya and something easy to run/maintain/modify etc. For that reason I agree with @Saito2 - it has to be the Lunch Box. Worst? It would have to be the opposite of all the above so something like the VQS would get my vote. It seems to me to be an expensive and utterly pointless re-re!
  10. The Hornet is really light. I have one running bearings and a silver can and it's proper sprightly. If going for a Thunder Dragon/Thunder Shot/Fire Dragon/Saint Dragon then a 13T steel pinion (an RW racing RW3200 series is ideal) is a very good idea even with the standard silver can as the gearing is so tall. Adding a better brushed motor can be done afterwards, and may depend on the ESC you get with the kit. If you get a Carson ESC you could go up to a Super Stock motor for the greatest speed increase.
  11. They are bullets, yes. Once you've soldered one set you can swap motors using the connectors. They're also the same connectors as Speed Passion motors which you may find useful! This makes me think the Hobbywing motors are made in the same place that Speed Passion motors were...
  12. One of the Thunder Shot series would get my vote over a TT-02B, and you can pick them up for not very much more. Fire Dragon, with double front shocks, is well worth a look.
  13. Yep, I agree @bRIBEGuy @Chest Rockwell The Thundershot can't be had cheaper than the Fire Dragon, well certainly not that I've seen, as they seem to be around £180 at best. I had a Thunder Dragon back in the day (still have it on the shelf next to me at the moment) so I've been following all the re-res on the same chassis. I've looked at the VQS a few times and at £300ish I think it's overpriced for what it is. Unless you have a sentimental attachment to the Vanquish I can't see why you'd buy one, which might explain where there are plenty available. It sounds like you want an Egress but don't want to pay £500 for one. I suspect a new Black Edition from an RC supplier will be cheaper than a NIB regular Egress kit on eBay so I guess only you can decide if you can stump up half a grand for one. They're really not cheap are they? For a runner, to use alongside your son's Lunch Box, I'd get a Saint or Fire Dragon (for the four shock layout, ease of maintenance and good parts supply) and save up for an Egress for yourself for the future
  14. Top Force Evos are still available at around £350, they would seem to be one of the best performing and spare parts are readily available. The price is obviously high though. Super Hot Shot would be good, but around £250 and a pain to work on due to the sealed chassis. My view is that you really want to have a Hot Shot to buy one, a bit heart over head. Standard Hot Shot is around £200 and again a pain to work on, plus the two shocks chassis never inspired me with confidence. Terra Scorcher is a great option at around £175, although gearing options could be limiting depending on what motor you want to run. You're also paying for the turnbuckles and stabilisers which don't really add much. If you want cheap, a Saint Dragon can be had for £130 and bearings can be added cheaply: https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/tamiya-rc-47459-saint-dragon-4wd-2021-1-10-rc-model-car-assembly-kit/ Or for a little more, the better looking Fire Dragon: https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-47457-fire-dragon-reissue-without-custom-deal-bundle-p-68162.html (For reference, I have a brushless Fire Dragon runner, a NIB Terra Scorcher kit and a Top Force Evo in the build queue...)
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