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  1. Sorry, I thought the Tamiya ESCs came much later than they did! You're right, of course
  2. Yep, another great choice! Forgot about that one...
  3. Looking at this, the offical Hop-Up motors were Dynatech, Sport Tuned or what must have been the top option (and would be my choice) of Acto Power Touring Special (53153): http://www.atss.planet.ee/kolaladu/ford/Sierra-escort/escort rs.pdf And it would have had an MSC.
  4. Mad Bull isn't really a buggy IMHO with those big tyres. A DT-03 Neo Fighter is cheaper than both the Grasshopper and Hornet if you're in the UK at £77.57 including ESC, CVA shocks and a Torque Tuned motor. Just grab some bearings and you're sorted: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamiya-10-Neo-Fighter-Buggy/dp/B00I92DJNQ
  5. Hornet is an "improved" Grasshopper, with oil filled rear shocks for example. It also has a 540 motor vs the 380 of the Grasshopper.
  6. Do you need the whole part? Even if you have a broken one you can just buy the brace, these work great for me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225240319530
  7. I'm not sure toe-out will help if the car already oversteers, that will make the front end even more pointy. The Terra Scorcher is an older buggy with a higher centre of gravity, so I'd try some slightly firmer shock oil first and see if that helps as less weight transfer and dive should balance the car a little better
  8. Tamiya Torque Tuned? Cheap, and great on large wheeled cars
  9. TZ and BZ use the standard brushes, RZ uses the lay-down type. I don't know how long they'll last, sorry!
  10. They could do that with random checks I guess, but I would expect they just wave them through which is why I'm surprised ChrisRx718 got charged. I suspect the use of FedEx was the reason why, they do seem to check very thoroughly. I only use DHL from PJ.
  11. I wouldn't bother, I'd use the car until they wear out
  12. Yep, that sounds very odd @ChrisRx718. Like @BuggyDad I've made around a dozen PJ orders, all <£135 and no charges on a single one (which is correct). I've made three Tamico orders, all over £135, and the first two came through with no charges but the third (the largest, unfortunately) got stopped. Everything under £135 including postage should be charge free, and I think due to Customs not being able to stop and check every parcel anything over £135 is down to luck as to whether it gets taxed.
  13. Rubber seals? Much better for keeping dirt out. I tend to either use full sets of rubber sealed bearings or metal shielded only inside gearboxes with rubber sealed anywhere exposed to the outside of the car.
  14. I have a Lunch Box that I use as a holiday basher. It's stock apart from bearings and for just messing about it's perfect. Parts are plentiful and cheap, and who doesn't love a truck that does wheelies? If you can afford it, I would try a Lunch Box and see how you get on. You can then use either car depending on what mood you're in
  15. Agreed. I understand why Owen fancied the challenge and made it work but it's not something I would buy.
  16. Nope, I don't bother using foams on anything nor do I glue tyres onto the rims but I do the elastic band "trick" on anything with big tyres. I'm only bashing in the park or my back garden so there's no need for anything more than that.
  17. I think you bought the wrong part. 53486 is what you need: https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/53486/index.htm
  18. Yep, shelf queen your old car and get a T-F Evo to run today. Job done
  19. I believe they're online only
  20. I shim and then check with the wheels tightened by wobbling the wheel. Very technical As long as there is a tiny bit of side to side play I find that perfect. Nothing binds but it tightens up the steering. I think I've gone up to 0.6mm shims on my Lunch Box, otherwise it's generally no more than about 0.4mm across a variety of re-re kits.
  21. Tamiya GT-Tuned, for a bit more grunt, or a Tamiya Super Stock BZ if you want even more, would get my vote. I'd probably go GT-Tuned, I think a Super Stock might be overkill but that might be what you're after! I think it's more about the wheelies with the GF-01, hence the very short factory gearing which is much shorter than even the Lunch Box.
  22. I built it as per the manual, and the decals go on once the body is all assembled - rear lights, glass, nose cone, mirrors, wipers etc. The wipers come in the same bag as the nose cone on a smaller tree. They're probably the same tree in production then split for packaging. The wheels are the same orange too by the look of it.
  23. I think these look best slightly rough and ready. Mine is totally unpainted and looks a little skunkworks which I think suits the car. The nosecone is a slightly darker orange than the decals. Mine is a runner so I'm not bothered about it looking 100% perfect and shelf queen-like. Decals are fine to fit if you use the slightly soapy water technique so you can line them up.
  24. It'll be lots better, as you would expect for 3x the price. Or 10x with all the upgrade parts!
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