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  1. The Hornet is very similar to the Grasshopper chassis, almost identical. If you want something different, go for the Frog
  2. I have a few of them as I love the look and spec of them, but I've never run one. This one was more used than the others so I thought I'd give it a go. I've cleaned the comm but may need to get a comm lathe to get it back to almost-new spec. The comm doesn't look too bad after cleaning though, fortunately
  3. Today I've made my Top Force start to look like an RC car, and I even found a crappy old brushed motor lying around to throw in it...
  4. Today I decided to order CVA II plastics, which I've just done! I'll crack on with the rest of the chassis build later and build the shocks at the weekend, assuming the parts turn up by then.
  5. If you use the second link, Tony's Tamiya Parts (TTP) certainly ship internationally. Another other option would be Tamico in Germany: https://tamico.de/Tamiya-14305163-MOTOR-MOUNT-SPACER-58051 Your upright stays are going to be hard to source though I think. You might want to look at using the re-re setup of different ball links and a couple of washers that eliminate the bracket. TTP has all the parts you need along with the motor washer, so one package will save on postage
  6. The motor mount can be found on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154780261549 and https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383811211375
  7. Today I've learnt that the Short CVAs on a Top Force are smaller in diameter than any other CVA damper, so my plan to replace the internals has gone to pot. Grrrrrr. So, time to make a decision. Build as standard or order some CVA II plastics....
  8. You can get good performance, just not maximum performance I guess.
  9. Brushed. Because they're authentic to Tamiya re-res, work better in cars with limited gearing options, have less wires cluttering everything up and look way cooler I have a few brushless motors but they not interesting to me, they're just functional tools for the job.
  10. Yep, that's a 2.7 but it shows the decal location nicely.
  11. Just need to drop the decal down a bit when you build it
  12. It's not 5000v electricity that will kill you though is it? I'd just try it and see. Learn as you go along!
  13. If it's the same as the ESC then it'll be fine, surely? If you're concerned about the thin insulation then buy some more wire with thicker insulation It's only an RC car, I'd use it now you've bought it.
  14. The body will use quite a few screws to assemble, plus obviously the windows and chromed parts. You should have a couple of brackets plus screws which would allow you to fit CVA dampers left in the build packs somewhere, along with a few odd screws/washers/nuts etc. This is normal.
  15. Today I finished my SuperBoomerShot
  16. I think you might be right, the Zahhak does look like a version of the TRF201 as one version came with a Zahhak pack. Cheers!
  17. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I meant mainstream buggy kits not the actual TRF variants I believe the Dyna Storm was born out of the original 2WD TRF211X and the Durga/Baldre the later 4WD TRF501X. Are there any others?
  18. As the title says really - were there are other mass produced Tamiya chassis' based on TRF models other than the Dyna Storm and DB-01?
  19. The Supershot front arms (top and bottom) are identical parts to the Boomerang. Everything bolts up perfectly and works just fine with the Boomerang sliding steering arrangement. The Supershot uses CVA Short shocks up front, it looks like you're using CVA Mini shocks or taller towers? That'll be why you've got more travel. The shock body is the limiting factor for the Supershot setup using the stock towers. I guess CVA Minis didn't exist when the Supershot and Bigwig were released and they came out before the Terra Scorcher and Fire Dragon as those could have been used instead if Tamiya didn't want to use taller towers.
  20. Tamico have just posted that they were only allocated a few kits so they're not stocking it. I guess to avoid getting grief from disappointed buyers and I don't blame them - I'd do the same!
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