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  1. I added some onboard entertainment to the Dashboard for my scale driver. So he can play some Pong while the batteries are loading
  2. So here comes the latest upgrade: Speed display connected to the GPS unit for real time - real speed display for my drivers! hahah!
  3. Update: I have upgraded my dashboard computer to a custom PCB. I did not like all the wires in GEN 2/3. So I learned how to design a PCB. Looks way better (even nobody sees it, I know it!) And it works! And it is ready to accept extensions! Buiding a GPS unit now...
  4. Ohhh... That is unfortunate: I have startet to implement GPS handling (to display ACTUAL speed!) but I am running out on code memory by ALOT on the microcontroller board. That is a tough call: I can kick out some nice functionality or skip GPS... Or check out more capable microcontroller boards... It runs so nicely: handles loss of signal. displays nice animated graphs. has a setup mode for various options when connected via USB - like 3 or 4 channel Remote, Button modes... has a low voltage alert and even should be able to stop the car on low voltage (untested) ohhh... so nice code... what to kick out?!?!?! Question: is anybody here interested in the code? Maybe want to go into "digital dashboard" by himself? If so, where to post it for people to experiment with? I am not a professinal coder. Anybody here? Is Github the place for this? (It is normal Arduino IDE C++ code)
  5. Oh! Wow! I have missed that one! That would have been a great option as well... hmmm... I still have that one second chassis
  6. Believe me, I was struggling with this point by myself. Should I or should I not. In the end the major point was for me, to seeing it drive gain. But seeing it drive like my teenage-self imagined it drive some 30 years ago. I mean, I always “saw” these drivers sit inside. In my imagination, I was looking out the windscreen, seeing the gauges moving and having this powerful engine in my back. In a way I am just finishing what I have started (or better: wasn’t capable of doing) as a boy. So the slippery original diff wasn’t an option and I looked out for an RC10+conversion kit for a while. But they are simply out of reach. I was as careful as possible in the process. I did not dare to lay the first cut on my original chassis, before I tested the full procedure with an old cracked chassis. And – as a sidenote – I am in the lucky position to have found another chassis-tub in great condition. This second one will not be touched! Would it have been more sensible to place a King Cab Body on an Traxxas Stampede chassis? Yes, absolutely! Would it be the car, that started to build in my youth and that I am just finishing 30 years later. No! And if I break the chassis when driving into a rock – so be it! I will know, this King Cab crashed because it was, what it was supposed to be all the time: the powerful machine of my teenage dreams. (and I have spare parts!)
  7. Actually the it is just a general brushed motor from a cheap RTR buggy. I bought this buggy in the beginning of my restoration to gut it for parts. The motor is one of them. you can still see the rear wing of this buggy and some upper arms holding up the rear end of the drivers mount. However, this motor is WAY TO POWERFULL AND FAST for my taste and I am looking for a more sensible solution. For now it is limitted to 70% power output. May sound strange... but I dont care to much about the motor
  8. I was already asked to provide a list of parts. I also share it here if anybody wants to do the same conversion: Traxxas Parts: Gearbox TRX3695 Motor Spacer TRX3790 Drive axle connection TRX4628R Drive axle TRX1951 Lower arms TRX2555 Suspension pins TRX3640 Uprights/Wheelhub TRX3752 Wheel axle TRX2753X Hex+Pins TRX1654 (Info: if you drive original rims, they need slightly wider/longer Hex adapters – if you drive other rims, they might fit just fine) Spacer TRX1985 Non Traxxas: P48 Pinion gear for your motor M3 Screws, Nuts, spacers M4 threaded rod for lengthen the upper arm. One thing to keep in mind: The transmission is insainly powerfull compared to the original. All my mods add about 0.85 kg to the car. While a portion of this is the transmission itself, I also have a lot of extra wight in the front. But even with all the extra load I need to be very carefull on the throttle. You might need to add some weight in the forward section to keep the front end down.
  9. Here we go: Part 2 - How to convert a Tamiya King Cab for a Traxxas Slash transmission.
  10. I made a video introducing my crazy King Cab. Part one is about my solution on the drivers, the digital dashboard and all the other add-ons. Part two will focus on the Traxxas Slash Gearbox conversion. I hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbm1FKHeaz4
  11. I really like to improve the old King Cab! there is so much space in this car to get creative. And I always try to keep the outside look as stock as possible. Here is my lastest update: the digital dashboard is in the car.
  12. Insane? I agree! Hahahah! Anyway here in the forum, we are all grow men who are driving around small useless cars for no good reason. So installing an ATMega microcontroller board and an I2C data-bus to run a dashboard that nobody is able to look at, while driving my 30+ year old small useless car, is right within common insanity levels… I love it! Hahaaha! Btw: (off-topic) I also made a swimming RC duck – based on a 1:1 scale plastic hunting decoy duck. (it can go faster than real ducks!) My next microcontroller Projekt is, to make the RC duck “quack”.
  13. My next project in the King Cab: a digital dashboard for my drivers. Still missing ideas how to best mount the screen in the cockpit. If anybody is interested, I can publish the code when finished.
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