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  1. This is a new general housing for the display computer for non-King Cab cars. Box Size: 78mm x 46mm x 20mm - with screw mounts 57mm x 34mm
  2. Ok... got you... So check out this: I designed a general housing for my display unit - asside from the front section of a King Cab. Now in principle any car that can find a place to screw or glue this box in place, could have a digital dashboard in the Tamiya Cockpit. The Box is 78mm x 46mm x 20mm - with screw mounts 57mm x 34mm ... ok... any car is a stretch... I only have electronic components for 3 or 4 more units. So this will be a rare item in any case. Anybody interested check the "for sale section"
  3. It is done: The two brothers “The King” and “Mad King” are now both equipped with all my 3D printed parts like dirt cover and cockpit mounts. And both feature a fully operational digital dashboard. Can you tell them apart without the body? Only “The King” is equipped with a GPS for real speed display, an articulated driver head, engine sound, light kit, Ampro parts and a Traxxas gearbox (for now) If you are interested in the printed Parts for your King Cab/Monster Racer check out my video above or the "for sale" section in this forum: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/105833-3d-printed-upgrade-parts-for-the-tamiya-king-cab/
  4. A video vor all Tamiya King Cab (and Hilux Monster Racer) fans! If you are interested in some of this parts, check out the sales section in this forum
  5. I have designed a bunch of 3D printed upgrade parts for the Tamiya King Cab. As they might be useful for other retro King Cab fans as well, I offer them here. Some will also fit the Hilux Monster Racer. These are not mass produced parts. I will print them on demand and prepare them individually. Send me a PM. Video will come soon! 1. Dirt cover set - €80.- Fits King Cab and Hilux Monster Racer. Will NOT work with classic mechanical speed controller (redesign possible if there is demand for this) 2. Cockpit stand set - €70.- untested for the Hilux Monster Racer. 3. Light Buckets set - €45.- King Cab only 4. Roll cage and roof rack set - €120.- King Cab only 5. Digital Dashboard set - including Arduino compatible microcontroller board, screen, custom made PCB and cable tree. These are unique hand made pieces with custom written software. Only a very limited number of units is possible. Some basic electronic understanding is helpful, as these are not foolproof and can be destroyed by not installing them correctly. Send me PM for pricing if interested. The dashboard unit is also available with a general housing for non-King Cab use. Case size: 78mm x 46mm x 20mm - with screw mounts 57mm x 34mm - see images below. (prices Feb. 2024) Check out the video: P.S.: Please understand that I am not Amazon! This is not my main business - just from a fan for other fans. Maybe an answer will take a while.
  6. My restored Tamiya King Cab is heading for a new adventure. This time it´s near Vienna: The Vienna Quest
  7. Some nice shots from the beach photoshoot. I could not go further, because of heavy rain coming in. But I did some more shots on the next day - see video
  8. I think if they ever re-release it, they cant do it without redesigning the front bumper section and the gearbox. Otherwise new buyers will drive them like modern RC and complaints and warranty issues will pile up. I love this/my truck and how it looks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1gV_n1XbyQ But I treat it with caution and changed the gearbox. This can not be expected from a casual buyer. My guess would be, that Tamiya is well aware of weaknesses of its design. This adds risks and/or costs to any re-release.
  9. Names! That is a great idea! No they dont have any by now. (beside the drivers name is kinda set by the King Cab Sticker ... hmmmm) This is the first video I gave them a little story... so never thought about it before. Yes, check out the other videos. I have a series what shows how the car works: Driver head goes with steering. And yes, this is a fully working digital console in the car with GPS and lots of other stuff. It can even play PONG on the little screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JswIZk_Kg9k And yes: the dashboard actually failed just during filming (only trickery: it did not break in that very moment - the magic of editing ) Yes. It is some 80% actual sound... with some sound editing where it did not work out (stupid human with remote control talking... )
  10. Just a fun post this time: "The King" is out for new adventures! And it is getting wild! Enjoy!!!
  11. I made a new action Video. You can see a big blob of black paint coming clean off the lexan at 2:04 - look at the left side of the rear bumper. The paint is still hanging there, but with a big bubble under it. That is a great point! I will try that! For now it is still only the black paint.
  12. I sprayed it outside in late summer. So maybe some 20° Celsius. No rain. I sprayed all colors on the same day. Did they peel on TBG bodies? Or on original Tamiya? Could it be that there is a difference in the type of lexan? Could this maybe add tho the peeling effect? I had another run today with my King Cab... Afterwards I saw a new section start to peel - again it is black and only black. It comes right off... like a thin foil that leaves no trace on the lexan. For now I am closing the holes with a brush.
  13. Hi! I am facing a strange problem. About half a year ago I have painted a TBG King Cab replacement body with Tamiya PS Colors - black, white and red. Before spraying I washed it with some sope water, and rinsed it off (maybe not enough???) Now suddenly black is pealing of the body, like usual plastic colours would. For now it is black and only black. I wonder what I did wrong. And I am puzzled why it only affects the black paint. Is there anything more than "get PS Colors -> clean body -> spray"? Am I missing anything?
  14. I added some onboard entertainment to the Dashboard for my scale driver. So he can play some Pong while the batteries are loading
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