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  1. One of my bigger RC hop-up regrets was setting up the oil filled shocks on my Lunchbox to sit lower up front, stiffer front end, softer back end. Why? Because it doesn't wheelie on demand as much anymore, if course that could be the cheapo ESC too. But now its a bit tame for my liking, I liked the constant wheelies. Real monster trucks can pop wheelies on demand, I get the feeling that Tamiya set out to replicate that with the Lunch Pumpkin. Now tractors and dump trucks that pop wheelies? Not so sure about that. I could do without the rollovers though, that gets old.
  2. Other than the wiring I haven't found the M-06 all that hard to work on, its more or less a buggy chassis with extra bits of reinforcement that make it a bit "messy". It is a bit easier to work on than the MF-01X in my experience.
  3. Good idea, I'd suggest an 18T pinion over the usual 20 though, helps compensate for the heavier chassis and makes it easier to kick the back end lose if you want to drift it.
  4. I have my own critiques but I think we should wait until its out and about before being too harsh.
  5. You will enjoy driving it too, everything that makes it difficult on the track makes it fun on the parking lot. My biggest, and really only complaint is the ESC wiring to the motor can be difficult to sort out.
  6. As far as I can tell the only real part differences will be in the servo arms, everything else is just screws and plastic so the plastic parts should be on the same tree. I did notice that the wiring wraps right over the motor quite a bit, can't say I'm the biggest fan of that if you run a 20t pinion (which you will) and a hotter motor (which you should).
  7. Some of the M05 kits are being discontinued according to Tower Hobbies and Horizon Hobbys website. It'll stink losing the M06 despite its flaws, that was the perfect chassis for the variety old VWs that are built on it. My big question is if maintenence like accesseing the diff will be easier, since the MB is a tub style chassis.
  8. Thats very likely one of the reasons Tamiya made this chassis, less fuss over which body goes to which chassis.
  9. My main concern is parts avalibility for the M05/M06 once the new chassis comes out. Mostly the hop-ups, the chassis will likely stick around and a number of other parts are shared with the MF-01. I do hope that Tamiya makes the 4 set of supermini CVA shocks more readily available. The compact-bathtub designs do spread the electronics out in weird ways compared to the old designs, but probably have less of a chance of rolling over.
  10. The M05 has better weight distribution, but the M03 can accelerate a little better thanks to it being as front heavy as it is.
  11. No amount of hop ups will make this mess of parts look better, I'm worried that the MB will end up a "Jack of all trades master of none" chassis.
  12. I like the idea behind the MB-01 (nevermind the terrific Abarth body) and I do anticipate some interesting custom builds with them. My only concerns are if it'll remain a simple build or end up overly complex, and how heavy/light it'll be. My m06 is a bit heavier than my older "clam shell" M-chassis. The new buggy looks really cool, fits in line with older Tamiyas while being entirely new. The fact that the Golf is on the MF-01X chasdid rather than the M05RA makes me wonder if Tamiya might be canning the M05 soon.
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