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  1. so you cant directly get the replacement part because it is out of stock. However the brass parts are in this kit and its the same price as the out of stock parts https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/performance-parts/jr-plastic-double-rollers-3/
  2. the oil dampers do not come with your missing part
  3. Hi, It will flop a lot more https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/7-digit-spare-parts/rc-4x6mm-brass-pipe-58470/ do a search for "tamiya 9805334" and if your lucky you might still have an extra one in the box
  4. I agree! The TT02B standard version just doesn't cut it with stock knobby tires and CVA dampers. I had to get Dual block tires on DF03 wheels to increase the height. Also needed the aluminum dampers and the fronts are longer than CVA's. Only after that i FINALLY was able to do the drop test without chassis slap. I am willing to bet they will have 4 rubber orings inside the rear aluminum damper and 3 in the front. People will BE ANNOYED that they are still getting chassis slap and will need to go zero internal orings front and 2 rear to get every bit of possible help they can. TT02b is a money pit. This R chassis solves that however for the money a TD4 is WAY better bang for the buck. Add TRF 3 hole pistons in the front CVA dampers and one hole stock black piston rear with TRF damper guides replacing the bottom o ring would be sweet. all one would need is the spring set at that point.
  5. I am willing to bet some will have to change their rankings as new Tamiya kits are starting to trickle out like the TT02B-R at the bottom of my comment. Also there is a major Show in Japan and on Monday the 21st i suspect there will be a ton of announcements. Best to me so far? Dt02 specifically the sand viper. Solid kit that can be built into a fantastic machine using all stock parts except a few items to make the suspension handle better like: Parts below from my backwards engineered dt02 ms aluminum dampers (perfectly mimic dt02 ms dampers) : note dt02 MS front spring is the same as the sand viper. Tamiya support verified. 1. Red rear springs from the dt02 spring kit. Same spring as DT02 MS just no longer available in white. Tamiya support verified. 2. TRF 3 hole piston in the front damper 53573 40w associated oil 3. 1 hole black piston (included in the kit) with shim ( 9804198 ) to get rid of piston wobble in the rear damper. 40w associated oil 4. 5mm Ball joints for the dampers and also the front brace. 5. 3x35mm thread shaft ( 9804561 ) to make a front brace. this part is actually a stock part from the Nissan titan dt02 6. shims for the wheels 7. TRF damper shaft guide 4 pack part #84292. Why? Removing the bottom o ring and adding one of these makes it butter smooth. Without it there is shaft wobble in the damper and can cause it to stick sometimes. 2nd place is DT03 only because more money needs to be spent to get it par with the DT02. about 50ish extra dollars for everything. The above will mimic the aluminum dampers that originally came with the MS kit. and if one wants to get the aluminum dampers they will have to use stock front springs and red rear springs and the springs included on the new aluminum dampers are wrong for a 2wd. Worst car would be the TT02B NON MS Version simply because of all the mods that are needed to get it to be a decent buggy. MS version just needs aluminum dampers. Non MS version however needs aluminum dampers. DF03 wheels if you like but you can use the stock wheels (you cant get the RED MS wheels but they are the same dimensions). K series dual blocks front and rear. A ridiculous amount of shims for the wheels. 5mm ball joints for dampers. That's just to be able to get better clearance with the taller tires and better suspension. I also recommend using only 2 orings inside the rear dampers and zero in the front in order to be able to pass the drop test. This is the only buggy that NEEDS the aluminum dampers because the fronts are just longer. I still feel it needs the carbon damper stay kit F/R, the yeah racing steering upgrade, and the better hard chassis. TT02B is a money pit for sure. OMG GOOD news I just found out that there will be a TT02B-R Chassis kit. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/-road-buggies/rc-tt-02br-chassis-kit/tt-02b/ That will be the kit you should hold out for. If I knew what I know now I would have waited. Hopefully this will save some the headache. as it covers everything i have complaints about and then some including the hard chassis. My list will probably change once I get the TD2
  6. Slide Switch, 6P Item No.TAM75015 That's what Tamiya sells and tower has them cheap
  7. Hello, Hopefully someone can help me with the following. I cant seem to wrap my head around why someone would build aluminum dampers with enough oring spacers inside the damper to have the suspension level at full extend. I was under the assumption that you do want your suspension level but to allow travel up and down. I watched a few recent Tamiya legend videos and he specifically said he built his dampers with no droop and level. I personally build all of my buggy's with as much droop as possible while making sure its level after the drop test. This allows for droop while making jumps and allows the damper to do its job rather than smack the chassis. I understand its personal preference but am curious to see if there is something I am missing. Thanks!
  8. Here are the specific build instructions for the DT02 MS. Note: The included springs just don't work for the DT02. However the good news is the front springs on the sand viper are the same as the MS (Tamiya USA verified) and the rear springs are the Red springs from the DT02 spring set (Also Tamiya USA verified) These instructions can also be used for the DT03 The TD2 uses the red hop up springs front and rear from the DT02 spring set. If you want medium springs see part numbers for the sand viper build. I anticipate I will probably use sand viper medium springs See addendum for TD2 in its instruction manual. There is an addendum for the td4 however I do not know what others are using for springs. The part numbers however point to the DF03 spring set.
  9. Specific build instructions for the tt02b/DF03 Dampers For the tt02b they have you put a TON of rubber washers spacers in the shock to limit droop the damper is at full extend standing still. I used only 2 rubber o rings in the rear and zero in the front.
  10. I am going to attach two sets of instructions via screenshots. The first will be the instructions for the tt02b/DF03 Dampers. The second set of instruction screenshots will be for the dt02 MS shock build which the instructions are still accurate using the tt02b/DF03 Dampers.
  11. use the TRF damper shaft guide part number 84292. you will need to remove one oring and put it below the other oring (i recommend the red orings) what you are experiencing is the damper shaft really doesnt have a guide and binds until you move it. the shaft guides solve that issue and get rid of the wobble.
  12. I decided to install my aluminum dampers. they just work better than stock CVA's on the tt02b only. Different story with 2wd buggies and I cover this in the buggy damper thread on page 6. I built the dampers per the dt02 ms instructions rather than use the included instructions. However I used 3 hole front and 2 hole rear. I used the green 500cst oil from the kit. the included instructions have you put FOUR black washers inside the rear damper and THREE in the front. This limits the length of the damper....it also limits the droop....and also makes the dampers at full extend just sitting still and even after full compression goes back to full extend. I used 2 orings inside the rear only and zero in the front per the dt02 ms instructions. It should behave like a buggy now. it sits at 25mil but I believe most of that is because of the dual block tires (probably why Tamiya included them in the MS edition). the front dampers I adjusted the collar until the springs were just snug and not tight (basically no preload) the rears I did the same. however I adjusted the height until the dogbone angle matched the front both for static, drop test, and also full compression on all 4 wheel test. the fronts will not smack the ground with the drop test and neither will the rear using the dual block tires. You can fit the dual blocks on the stock wheels or you can do what I did and use the df03 black wheels that are $6.00 a pair on tamiyausa right now. the carbon damper stays will be next. there is nothing wrong with the front plastic damper stay as it is pretty stiff. the rear damper stay however is way too flexible. I anticipate readjusting the rear dampers when they arrive but that's pretty much it.
  13. Does anyone know if stripping the paint from tamiya springs will result in chrome color like the front springs? It would be great for a sleeper suspension build...
  14. STICKING ISSUE RESOLVED! I did not polish the Rods and the performance is amazing! I removed the bottom red o-ring from the CVA's in my sand viper and replaced it with TRF damper shaft guides part number 84292. it's a 4 pack so its good for a complete set of CVA's. I let it set all day and absolutely ZERO sticking. I even let it hang with all 4 dampers at full extend. there is a grooved side on the damper shaft guide...that part goes against the oring.....make sure you dont overlook this step......so just to be clear install a red o-ring followed by the shaft guide and finally twist the cap on. I did install the shim above the black plunger to remove the wiggle part number 9804198 but this only works for the rear dampers. the TRF piston (only can be installed in the front CVA and not the rear) doesn't need a shim and if you don't want the wiggle you should order the trf 3 hole pistons part number 53573. 2 hole is part number 53572 for reference. You don't have to use the TRF piston and you can choose to use the black plungers. so front will be trf 3 hole plunger or black 2 hole plunger, and rear one hole plunger.. so to clear things up. the black front plunger has play so a one hole acts like a trf 2 hole and a 2 hole acts like a trf 3 hole. The rear is TOTALY different. its piston is larger so the one hole rear is like a 3 trf piston. The reason behind this is that the TRF pistons are a tight fit and the black pistons are close but not as tight. besides the above I filled all dampers with 40wt front and rear. used 3 hole trf piston up front with 1 hole black piston rear with everything mentioned above. stock spring in front and RED spring from dt02 spring set in rear. the sand viper kit comes with two long eyelets meant for the rear...I ordered another set and installed in the front also to get more length. front cva is mounted using the inner lower mounting point and has the thinnest spacer on top. I put a black oring on the shaft as a bumpstop. the rear I used the shortest shock shaft spacer X11 under the lower spring perch and also a black oring as a bumpstop. Note: I did this on my DT02 and DT03. DT02 has the 3 hole trf piston and the dt03 has the 2 hole black piston with wobble. Crazy thing is that I cant tell the difference buggy is perfectly level. This is the copycat cva damper recipe to mimic the dt02 ms aluminum dampers and it works WELL. you will notice the instructions say trf 2 hole in the front however 3 hole works better. choice is up to you i setup the tt02b/df03 aluminum dampers this way and then made it work for the CVA's. I cannot tell the difference except I think the cva's are now actually smoother. basically a medium spring up front and a soft spring in the rear. the trf201 is set up this way. the zahhak has soft all the way around but just needs a medium spring up front and its good to go. expect tamiya to magically run out of these parts when they find out they cant sell the aluminum dampers because the cva's can be built with amazing performance. Note: everything above will work for the DT03. That might be hard to wrap ones head around because of the springs provided in the kit. think of it this way. softer taller = Red Shorter stiffer =stock spring I highly suspect the TD2 Astute 2022 will need the sand viper front springs part number 9805484 and those are $2.00 from tamiya usa. probably need the trf damper shaft guides $3.80 and 3 hole trf pistons up front $8.00 I need to check the weight of that buggy but it calls for a REDICULOUS 3 hole black plungers front and rear. I hate to say it but I will..... I feel Tamiya does this to get you to buy the aluminum dampers.
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