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  1. If your kit came with the hobbywing 1060 ESC you can get one of these motors for cheap! and they are FAST! Look at the reedy radon motors on this page and their KV ratings for brushless. https://www.associatedelectrics.com/reedy/parts/motors/brushed/
  2. Get yourself a team losi 22 5.0 to hold you over. I got a roller on sale not long ago for 220.00 and that one comes with the wheels. Tower was blowing out AKA tires for 7.99 a pair with foams. Decals are all precut, and the body and wing are also precut. I painted the body with Tamiya PS-3 paint and it looks awesome! I wanted to go with white wheels however the yellow wheels went well with the decals that have yellow on them. I'm really digging it. Since tires were on sale I ordered 1/8 scale AKA city block buggy tires for 7.99 a pair with foams (medium long-wear in fact) which will go into my next project. About the only project Tamiya related I’m interested in right now is the TD2. I do have a grasshopper, DT02, DT03, and a TT02B that is just a carbon damper stay away from being an R
  3. Send an email to Tamiya USA https://www.tamiyausa.com/contact/ They will get back to you usually in a few days. You could call them however emailing them will give them more time for research. No one here is going to have the info you need.
  4. Probably the most unpopular opinion yet. Amain canceled my backorder of my trf211xm. It was going to be 670.00 shipped. I was so annoyed I bought a Losi 22 5.0 dc roller. I really wanted the kit but we are talking 419.00 vs 259.00 on sale. I also picked up a Team associated Rc8b3.2 brand new for under 300.00 (they are sold out on the AE website now). I saved 200.00 and got two amazing buggies.
  5. I don't know....Those rear tires look awfully familiar. I swear they are from Radio shacks 1986 "off-road champ"
  6. The Candy Green grasshopper is on preorder from tower. with super saver coupon its 78 Bucks and it even comes with motor and ESC. The only difference between the green and the original is the color of the shell and that's it.
  7. The Re-re grasshopper has precut stickers and so does the sand viper.
  8. Well since Amain canceled my backorder order of the trf211xm I wend out and spent my money on a tlr 22 5.0 roller and a team associated rc10b6.4 and actually had money left over compared to that kit. I painted the losi with Tamiya ps-3 paint and it looks GOOD I would post pictures but I'm out of space on this site. Funny thing is that as soon as Amain canceled my order the trf211xm disappeared from Tamiya USA however what is interesting is that the TRF201 kit that was listed on sale for ages had its sale price of 175.00 removed and updated with the price of 585.00....They did not delete it....They updated it. very interesting.
  9. What tires do you run at the track? I know the dual blocks give the buggy some additional height but they probably wont work on the track. Lastly how do you have your aluminum dampers built? the instructions call for 3 internal spacers in the front and 4 in the rear. I did zero in the front and 2 in the rear. Gives it a lot more droop. Just curious.
  10. To bad you cant POP THE HOOD!!! what's under the clear hood looks awesome
  11. So some weird stuff going on. All happened shortly after my order was canceled. trf211xm removed from Tamiya USA website. This seems pretty normal however Trf201 discount price of 175.00 (been on there forever) removed and the price of 585.00 has been updated. You would think they would remove that also but they UPDATED it. maybe they are working on something to compete with the kyosho dirt master.
  12. B6.1 - b6.4? if so ill build a zahhak from scratch.
  13. If you crash and break an arm they are unobtanium and at that point you would probably glue it together and it would most surely be a shelf queen at that point.
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