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  1. Does anyone have information for bleeder caps that will fit the df03/tt02b aluminum dampers? It doesn't have to be Tamiya specific. even a composite bleeder cap will do. someone pointed out that if you land too hard you can puncture or damage the bladders. Thanks!
  2. Just a little "BEWARE" about those blue ball connectors. I bought some of these for my tt02b and they made the steering SO SLOPPY. I swapped them out for the brass ball connectors and its not sloppy anymore. There are others who have mentioned the same results.
  3. The Real world is after work and not on the weekends
  4. by the looks of it the rear wing is different than the sand viper.
  5. For the shock ball joints I would just get the brass type. I ordered a set of blue anodized however they are not as tight as the brass. Brass keeps things nice and tight where the blue anodized makes things sloppy and loose. I know its not popular talking about this but its 100% true. you can get the driveshaft without spending money on the ends which are not needed. Heatsink only works on the brushed motor that comes with it. if you get a performance brushed motor then the endbell will touch and short. not sure about brushless. as far as the turnbuckles...give it some time as a newer updated part will be available as soon as the tto2br becomes available. Lastly there are shims that can go into the diff (in-between the bearing and the diff) to space it closer to the smaller gear inside the diff. without that it can skip teeth. Tamiya would rather you buy replacement Diffs rather than include a part that cost a penny. https://www.thercracer.com/2014/08/tamiya-tt02-guide-mods-tuning-and-tips.html Scroll down to "Shimming the Diff" Please note that in the picture that the shim is shown on the wrong side which would create more backlash (gap) and not less
  6. Here is another unpopular opinion. I personally feel the mini 4x4 is just a dumb idea.
  7. I'm using the stock pinion so I cant really help there. sorry.
  8. First off I have a TT02b. (I also have a dt02 and dt03) I also have a team losi 22 5.0. I bought the roller because you just cant beat the price when its on sale. Night and day difference. No amount of hoppus can compare or come close to the Losi except the trf201xm which is no longer available Now there is nothing wrong with Tamiya. But some basic kits just don't cut it. The tt02b is one of them. I spent money on dampers, turnbuckles, universals, dual block tires, and some df03 wheels. It still needs a long list of hopups and going this route its cheaper to get a tt02br kit which is basically an unbuilt roller without tires. The price is around 252.00 US My Losi 22 5.0 dc roller was 259.99 on sale and is also a roller but prebuilt. Both need tires, servo, motor, esc, battery, and paint. the only obvious difference is 2wd vs 4wd. They perform worlds apart. Everyone here loves Tamiya including me. Everyone also wants a buggy that can perform and has parts availability. I hear a lot about parts support for 3 years and then no parts. the 22 3.0 was released in 2015 and still has parts support and interchangeability with the most recent model. most parts even compatible with the original 22 and 22 2.0 all the way back to 2011. I'm not trying to shy anyone away from Tamiya but what has Tamiya done to fill that gap? Nothing but a BBX which is not what I am looking for. If you want something really decent that is Tamiya id say there is the TD2. Out of box it is set up for dirt because of the ball diff. If you want to do carpet then you need the gear diff and sways. Just my .02
  9. Here is an unpopular opinion. BBX (DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN!!!AND BACK TURNED!!!)
  10. Look at the TT02BR. as I mentioned it comes with every hop up so you wont need to buy any hop ups
  11. I'll answer your question. Keep in mind its my personal opinion about the buggy. First ill start off about how it is stock and then talk about how to remedy it. 1. doesn't come with bearings. Get bearings. If you want ceramic bearings ONLY get them for the gear boxes as dirt will destroy them. 2. its way too low to the ground. Playing around with the dampers will not fix this. also the tires fully compressed make it even lower. you will chassis slap easily. Now for the Fixes (I went the cheapest plasma edge route and did the upgrades below however you may want to just get the tt02bR kit as it has absolutely everything you need except tires. You can get tamiya dual blocks or ANY front/rear 4wd tire combo for an associated or losi-there are many brands) So with this particular buggy no amount of playing around with the stock dampers will fix the front end. Get the tt02b/df03 damper set. build them per instructions EXCEPT put ZERO internal spacers inside the front damper and 2 in the rear. The kit calls for something totally stupid with 3 internal spacers in the front and 4 in the rear and building it like that it will be no better than the CVA plastic dampers. (Don't get me wrong the CVA dampers are excellent however the front dampers fully extended are just way too short on this particular buggy). adjust the top adjustable collar until it just snugs the spring. just snug enough so that it will not unseat under use. adjust the rear collar to match the height. Put some dual block tires on those wheels that come with the kit. Drop testing it you will be amazed at this point. You will need some 5mm ball studs to get rid of the slop with the new dampers. I suggest ONLY getting the brass type. They fit nice and tight. My experience with the blue anodized ball studs is that the tolerances are not the same and will not be tight and cause wiggle especially if you install turnbuckles it will be the sloppiest ever. This is the absolute minimum in my opinion to get it to have decent height. so about 100.00 US to do this. I do recommend the DF03 wheels. and that will run another 12 US. So as you can see it gets expensive fast and can easily outprice an associated B6 or a Losi 22 5.0 This is why I recommend the TT02BR kit. It is 250ish US and just needs tires. you will need an ESC and I would just get a hobbywing 1060 for about 20US and use one of Trinitys Radon motors and call it a day https://www.associatedelectrics.com/reedy/parts/motors/brushed/ Just as an example I bought a team losi 22 5.0 dc roller on sale for 259.00. Yes it comes built and yes I do like building kits. However the roller on sale for 259 US vs the elite (only kit available right now) is 419 US. you just need tires and electronics. again this is just an example.
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