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  1. Thanks, those look like the size i was after to fit without suspension adjustment and no body rubbing.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, have you had to raise the suspension to stop the body rubbing? I was looking for a tyre which will allow the suspension to be set at stockish height, so tyres very similar to the stock size.
  3. Thanks I can't seem to find them over here in the UK shops. Does anyone know where I can get Tamiya 300054598 tyres in the UK or the suggested MST KM tyres?
  4. Afternoon all, I've just finished building my Land Rover Defender CC-02S and the tyres are terrible. I've got a Carisma SCA-1E Range Rover and the stock tyres and replacement ones I bought have much more grip. The Tamiya Land Rover Defender tyres have no grip and just spin and skid instead of grip and climb. What's the best tyres to replace them with? Thanks
  5. Afternoon, I am in the middle of building my CC-02S Land Rover. I am at work at present so don't have the instruction book, but yesterday i noticed i can chose to build it with the steering servo upright or flat. So my question is, which is the better position for the steering servo? Upright? Horizontal? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your help. Cheers, I'll have a look for that. Thanks I'll have a look for those too. Thanks everyone for your help, I'll upload some photos when ive done it all.
  7. Thanks, I'll definitely buy a reamer before attempting it, I'll also do as you suggest with the off cuts. To cut the trim on the already painted RTR shell I scored it with a scalpel first, is that the best way to do it? I've also got a Carisma sca-1e Range Rover RTR which I've had a for a few years, cut my teeth on that for the hop-ups etc.. (crashed it this summer which did something to the steering, checked everything but servo, I'll start another topic about that) Anyway, I've got the full Tamiya LED light controller on the Range Rover so it indicates etc, but I used electrical insulating tape to secure the wires to the shell, there must be a better way of doing it? I don't want to use insulating tape on my newly painted Escort shell, do you have any tips on how to secure the LED wires too?
  8. Good evening, I am fairly new to the RC hobby world, I had toys (Nikko) as a child but have never dabbled in the professional hobby scene, mainly due to spending my money on and working on my real cars. I have a MF-01X chassis with the Escort Mk2 shell, I built it with the upgraded bearings and have already upgraded the shockingly bad shocks to oil filled ones and also bought a new clear bodyshell with some 18 spoke alloys. I've not created my own shell before, so am still learning, I plan on using the stock white bodyshell & blue wheels for summer outside use and then having a street version with the 18 spoke alloys using the new shell for winter inside use. I have bought some metallic red paint which I plan to back with black to create a metallic red/black look. I've sprayed real cars, my first car back in 1997 was an Escort Mk4 which had a few rust bubbles that needed filling, but I've never done anything so small and delicate, so have a few questions, any answers and tips would be appreciated..... Should I trim/cut the shell before or after spraying? Should I drill the body mount holes before or after spraying? I've seen members cars with personalised number plates, where/how are they made or bought? I've seen quite a few members cars which include black lines for the doors, bonnet/hoods etc, how are they made or where are they bought from? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your help. I had looked at the manual, but only the original pages where the dampers were shown. All done now, just got another shell so I can have one official Tamiya Escort rally shell and another one i plan to spray metallic red/black with some 18 spoke alloys for the cruising version depending on moods.
  10. Hi Sosidge, I looked through that and couldn't see anything about it. I'll look through it again then. thanks
  11. Hi, Thanks for the answer, yes the set did. However I used the screws that the stock friction dampers were mounted by, so should i use the ball connectors instead? When you say that's the concept, am I reading between the lines that the theory isn't necessarily correct and how I've mounted them with the stock screws is fine too?
  12. Hello all, I am a newbie and have a question. I have built the MF-01X Escort mk2 and found the shocks provided with the kit awful, the car bounces around it even took chips out of the wheels over gravel due to the bouncing. Thus I ordered the Tamiya CVA Super Mini Shock Unit Set, however every shop that sell the mini shock set mention in the description for that the shock set requires ball connectors for the rear of he MF-01 X chassis....pasted from an RC shop below.... MF-01X Chassis*1. *1:If employing at rear, use with 5x9mm ball connectors (Item 19805611). As all the shops selling the shocks stated the above I ordered the ball connectors. However this is where I am confused, I have installed the shocks and cannot work out what the ball connectors are for? The shocks fit the rear of the chassis and I have even tested driving the car on carpet in the house, everything seems fine. Does anyone know what and where these ball connectors should go? Are they replacements for kit ball connectors already installed? If so, why do they need replacing? All help appreciated, thanks.
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