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  1. Unfortunately I've had to cancel my pre-order for this with Time Tunnel as I've run out of budget for the next few months. Neil emailed me to say that everyone who pre-ordered from them has now cancelled? Seems a bit weird! If anyone is looking to buy one for the best price I can see in the UK, go to Time Tunnel!!!
  2. Hi Tommy, There are a few decent threads on TT02 rally builds (links below). I think getting decent ride height is a good idea and with that sorting out issue with popping dogbones (i.e. universals in the front in particular). A cover for the chassis to stop debris getting in is also an idea (kamtec do one) or making one yourself from some sort of large margarine container). As your sensibly looking to build on a budget within the "Silver can budget rally build off" there some good tips on builds. It's not specific to TT02s, but enough people built rally TT02s in the thread to get lots of good ideas.
  3. Really interested to see how you get on...so I can learn from your mistakes and buy one myself at some point...
  4. Anyone got any more news on then these might be shipped (UK specifically). I've pre-ordered one. Planning on running it stock.
  5. The TB04 pro has a body. Still need to trim posts and do something about the wing mirrors as I absent mindedly screwed them up (cut them off the sprue at the wrong place). Some of the stickers on this are as hard as the Integrale!
  6. Hotshot 2 BHM, bearings and a TRF stand.
  7. Currently stickering up a body for the TB04 Pro, so hope to give that a run this month, along with the M07. Might try to go to the tennis courts this time to get more run room
  8. I only got into the hobby back end of 2022. It's all about building for me and some light running. I don't have anywhere really to run them, so it's just for fun. Also, not bothered by vintage, just things that are different or interesting to build whether its touring cars or buggies. So far have built (in order) a TT02, TT02 Type S, DF03, DB01, BBX, M07, CC02 and a TB04 Pro. I've also rebuilt a TA05 and a TB Evo 6. In terms of finding stuff different and buying hop-ups that I can't find anywhere else for a reasonable price, Buyee has been amazing! I've got a Hotshot 2 BHM on the way and an XM01 pre-ordered. I think i'll try to stop building for a bit after that and just tinker and try to run them more.
  9. Cheers. No worries, thanks to @ThunderDragonCy i looked up RcChannel and they state the parts they supply are 32mm and 20mm.
  10. Random question. Does anyone know the length of the A8 and A9 parts? Wondering if it's worthwhile replacing with some threaded aluminium rods?
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