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  1. So i already have a TT02 Lancia Delta, which is pretty much stock apart from bearings. Looking to see what I can do to make it more of a rally car. It already has rally block tyres and set up for higher ride height. I'll look at filing the tabs on the arms also. I've ordered universals, allow prop shaft and cups, will swap over the CVAs from my Type S as I have some Yeah Racing Alloy shocks to put on there. However, I've noticed now that the TT02 Audit Quattro comes with a Torque Tuned motor as standard, whereas as pretty much every other basic TT02 only has the basic silver can. Never noticed that before, particularly as the Quattro is generally priced cheaper everywhere than the Lancia and many other basic TT02s!
  2. I've rented cars in Malaysia (on Langkawi, pretty sure it was an employee of the hotel's car), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria (cross to Switzerland via Lichtenstein), Estonia, France, Italy Ireland, Scotland...well lots of places. It often costs quite a but more if you want to drop off a car at a different place to where you picked up (we've done that in Australia (Perth to Esperance) and Canada (Picked up Victoria, drove all round Vancouver Island and dropped off in Vancouver). Within the EU, you can generally cross borders no problem and there is no extra charge for this (check the specifics of your rental agreement however). Tops things I've learned: 1) take photos of the car when you pick it up, particularly any areas of damage and again when you drop it off. 2) Properly inspect the car at pick/up drop off and record the damage on the form they give you 3) generally if you want extra insurance, its way cheaper to buy it from a third party online before you go, as Mad Ax says. 4) If they try to tell you that you damaged the car, have your photos ready and demand to see copies of the inspection they did before the car was given to you and the one when they received it 5) most definitely return it with a full tank if that's what the deal is, they will charge you a higher rate per litre and a fee for filling up (some other deals include a full tank of gas in the rental however, so if you return it with petrol, you're literally giving them your money). Every time has been one of the big boys, apart from in Scotland (Glasgow), which was very much like Mad Ax's Edinburgh story, long wait for a minivan to take me offsite to a dusty gravel-tracked lot, but the car and service was actually very good).
  3. ****, but those TRF stands are like £30+ on their own!
  4. The slipper on its own is priced at £56 in the UK!
  5. Got my SuperStock BZ for about £33 including postage in the UK.
  6. There's a "5 things we noticed" video knocking about that shows turnbuckles.
  7. There's a "5 things we noticed" video knocking about that shows turnbuckles.
  8. Been painting and stickering a basher body for my TT02 type S. Montech Trofeo. It's a bit rough and ready, with the white stripe bled into a lot, but it's ok. Waiting for some offset wheels to finish it off.
  9. Well i pre-ordered from Tamico and will probably build stock, but not body art. Comes with bearings, universals and alu dampers., which I understand it are usually some of the first hopups people look to. Looks like its built to handle BL motors due to pics with such a motor in it (even though i'll probably stick a Super Stock BZ in). Only thing i might be tempted with is an aftermarket metal roll cage. Edit. Just seen a vid that reckons the outdrives and drive shafts are also metal.
  10. Spare wheel mounted on the back - not included in the kit.
  11. How long till an all metal aftermarket roll cage turns up?
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