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  1. I would try going for either a Tamiya turnbuckle set, although I do not know what the right ones are, or the dedicated yeah racing set. I have the Tamiya set that was included with my servo horn and steering rack that works nicely.
  2. Now that it's brushless and there is almost every little upgrade on here I think that I can not worry about modding anymore. The only thing I might add is some stainless steel hex screws but that doesn't warrant another post. The final specs are: Hobbywing EZRun Max10 4100kv brushless motor Hobbywing EZRun Max10 80a brushless ESC Amain Hobbies Eco Power waterproof servo Spektrum sr215 receiver with the DX5 pro transmitter Tamiya soft compound Rally block tires 68mm aluminum Yeah Racing shocks And finally the Audi Quattro A2 Rallye body The car sits at 27mm ride height with a 23t pinion and 68t spur running of of 2s lipo. I won't list every single part seeing as that would remind me of the sheer amount of money spent on this car... Thanks for reading my TT-02 Audi Quattro A2 rally car build and I hope this thread will be able to help others when they build their cars. If someone is looking into building a TT-02 rally car, the necessary parts/mods and upgrades I would get are: Rally Block tires Aluminum Steering set (including turnbuckles and servo saver) Bearing set Universals/CVDS Aluminum Propeller shaft and joints And some 60mm (at least) shocks Front and rear knuckle trims Lower front suspension arm steering limiter trim Rear lower suspension arm trim Hot glue/foam or something to cover the holes under the steering rack You can go much more budget on your build by getting a different variation of the kit that already includes these things like the TT-02 type S which also has adjustable upper arms as well has bearings and oil filled shocks. That being said, to bring the TT-02 to a good Rally Spec chassis, it costs quite a bit to upgrade the necessary parts. My build is most definitely over $400 and still will not be as good as an XV-01 as of what I've heard. However, I knew that going into this, and as others may also know that, I built this car purely for the enjoyment of the build, upgrades and being able to mod the car. I take joy in learning the ins and outs of this chassis and I wanted to research and find ways to make this car better that others haven't done. If you enjoy the build and modding/upgrading of the car and don't mind the price to performance, then this car would be great for you! Do take this all with a grain of salt though because this is my first ever kit build, and I do not own other chassis, I am just going off of what others have said to give the best advice I can. I declare this build to be officially done seeing as any other upgrades to this car would be very minor or just something that adds to the expense to the car. Again I would like to thank you for tuning in, maybe I will build another car but I probably won't for awhile if I do decide on that. Hope this thread helped! -Nesrak
  3. Here are the adjustable upper suspension arms. They were pretty simple, basically just slightly more advanced turnbuckles.
  4. The new spur is nothing much so I'll just skip over that. Now for the brushless combo, I got the hobbywing EZRun Max10 combo. I opted for the 4100kv version. The ESC is 80a and can handle 3s but I'll be sticking with 2s. All I had to do was remove the receiver box, (and also cut it open because the screws on it stripped ) and then place in the new electronics and move the receiver to the top of the servo. After a small amount of cable management I think it looks alright?it is definitely a very tight fit with the dust cover though and takes a bit of squeezing and maneuvering.
  5. First with the knuckles and hex's, it's pretty simple. All I had to do was replace the old parts on the car. The only modding I had to do was cut down the lower suspension arm more than before because the new knuckles are bigger at the bottom and top seeing as you can't cut the little tabs.
  6. Alright, a small after Christmas update for the Audi Quattro A2! I got a new 68t spur to replace the broken one, some rear aluminum knuckles with 3° toe in, aluminum wheel hex's, a brushless combo, and some adjustable upper suspension arms.
  7. My Quattro A2 rally build was very fun and I hope you enjoy yours as well. I do recommend to get a new steering horn/saver but other than that I think you got everything you need!
  8. That will be the end of the TT-02 Audi Quattro A2 Group B rally car unless I go brushless or get some other parts. Thanks for reading everyone! -Nesrak
  9. Alrighty! The dust cover has been finished! It was very tough to cut out but after a rough cut and a lot of sanding it turned out pretty good. It turns out that it hinders the steering angle I got from the new rack back to the steering angle I had before the new set but that doesn't matter much. The rear wheels also rub a little on it but after some more sanding it fits.
  10. I had these two shims leftover so I put them on the bottom of the front hubs to reduce the slop I was having.
  11. I learned after I was testing it that as you use it more, the more the screws on the bridge come out so I disassembled the bridge to put some blue loctite on those screws. Thankfully I did that because I realized I put them shims on wrong but once all that was fixed there was little to no slop, and it centers correctly now! Also there was an improvement in the steering angle which was a nice bonus!
  12. Then after that I assembled the servo saver (what a pain ugh) and stuck all that onto the car.
  13. Then once I had finished 2 of those links (you only need to trim 4 link heads so 2 links in total) I assembled what I had done and put it on the car.
  14. The ball links that connect to the hubs required 2mm to be cut from the base of the link. Here's what it looks like once the tie rod is in and one link is done.
  15. Alright! It took like an hour but I got everything done! First I assembled the rack itself, and stuck it on the car.
  16. I got it on sale for $42 on Amazon This is going to be a fun build!
  17. Also I did some modifications to the stock steering for anyone that might be interested. I took the spacer used on the front hubs (which I'm not using in this build to maximize ride height) and cut them down to make some thick spacers. Then I grabbed a longer screw and put that through the steering link and spacer. It makes it so the steering links don't limit ride height which got me to around 27mm ride height under load even with the softer shock setup. Before on the left, modded on the right. (Also if you have a screw slightly smaller than the one I used it would be perfect as seen in photo 2. I just only had one of them...) Here's what it looks like with the slightly smaller screw which is a much better fit.
  18. I have a question about suspension, do I want it to be stiffer so ride height is higher? Or do I want it to be softer to have a smoother rebound but with lower ride height?
  19. Now the car sits at just above an inch or around 25mm ride height under load and 26-27mm without load! With a few mods and parts this thing should easily get 27mm ride height but I will probably adjust down stops after bringing it back down to 25mm but have better suspension.
  20. The new rally blocks tires have arrived! I opted for the softer compound because it also came with tire inserts and people said it worked well.
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