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  1. Alright so here's the final verdict: It's better to use stiffer in the front and softer in the rear. It makes it feel much better to drive and in my experience it rolls less as well. I ended up using hard (blue) springs in the front and medium (yellow) springs in the rear. Also I'm using 60mm shocks with long eyelets bringing them to about 67mm long.
  2. The guide said that generally you want the front differential to be much stiffer than the rear so all of this was only done to the front diff. The rear is still using the regular Tamiya grease. Also some rally blocks and the Tamiya steering set has been purchased. The dust cover should arrive this week as well so pretty soon this will be a fully tuned rally car!
  3. After that I started to add the gears in and then add some grease then add some gears etc. The grease was so thick though so I ended up just filling it with some grease, putting the drive cups in, spinning them, then adding more grease until it was filled. After I filled it up I cross screwed it together and put the bearing and drive cups in giving us the final product: After that all that was left to do was stick it back in the car, grease the driveshaft gear, and then reassemble the front bulkhead!
  4. Ok so I'm following this TT-02 tuning guide https://www.thercracer.com/2014/08/tamiya-tt02-guide-mods-tuning-and-tips.html?m=0 And I got some 500k weight diff oil. First I had to take apart the front bulkhead to get to the diff. Then after that I pulled the diff out and started wiping it down. That didn't really do much so I had to manually scrape off the old grease which took awhile...
  5. Maybe I can turn this TT-02 into the: TT-02 LDRS TT-02 Long Damper Rally Spec 😁
  6. If you did the short eyelets on the top holes on the lower suspension arms then it would probably work though. If I end up getting to around 27mm ride height I'll try it with the long eyelets on the top hole with the body post suspension mod. (Idk if anyone has thought of this mod yet so I will call it the body post suspension mod )
  7. Ok so some more experimenting and it turns out with the shocks I have it actually limits the the ride height to around ~25mm so you'll need longer shocks to do this. It seems stable though so it could be a good opportunity for a Long Damper spec TT-02. I'll see about testing that out if others don't want to.
  8. Ok so now onto some stuff, I learned that the screws used in the shocks I bought are the same size as the ones used to hold the body posts onto the shocks tower... (Can you see where I'm going with this...?) And I ended figuring out that with the long eyelets on the bottom holes on the lower arms that the shock fits perfectly in the body post hole. I don't know if it's safe to try/use but I just thought I would post about it here. It allows for a more vertical shock position as seen in this photo. (modded on the left regular on the right)
  9. Ok so it's been awhile since I posted because I've been experimenting with stuff... First thing I did was install the universals and diff cups which got me from 24mm of ride height to 25 but also got me much more steering angle Then I took the short eyelets off of the shocks and put on the long eyelets taking them from around 60mm to about 67mm long. Then I mounted them in the bottom holes on the lower suspension arms. This gave about 4mm more travel making it smoother. Because there is more travel now I put the hard springs on the front (blue) and the medium springs on the rear (yellow).
  10. To all who said YR universals worked with the tt-02 without new diff cups, you are wrong. I tried fitting them and not matter what they are just too long and I checked the instructions and it says "steel gear box joint (not included)" on it meaning I do need to get some cups for it to work... 😑
  11. Ah yeah I followed that video already lol. Great mods for the TT-02 in that video!
  12. So I've been looking for the video and I don't know what you meant by "shaft". I know they're are the little flaps and the steering link but I don't know what shaft you mean.
  13. Some of the parts arrived! Put them on but holy I didn't expect much of a difference from the low friction suspension balls but they actually make a difference. I haven't driven with them yet but they feel super smooth. Also, apparently I had the shock springs on the wrong way with soft in the front and stiff in the back but it's supposed to be the other way around. No wonder it would roll over sometimes 😅
  14. Made a short video of my TT-02. It just goes over the mods and upgrades really quickly and then shows some running footage on gravel. I'll start making a TT-02 series for mods and upgrades later on. https://youtu.be/h2dwIrFTg6w
  15. Thank I'll try those out if the yeah racing ones are no good. They are very expensive though...
  16. What is your ride height? I'm mostly just getting them for less rubbing and improved steering angle.
  17. Thanks guys! I'll make sure to get the hard inner sponges. Also I learned that the regular 1/10 rims are I believe 60mm and not 42 like Google said they were. Good thing I didn't buy those foams!
  18. Alright I ordered the yeah racing steel TT-02 universals for front and rear. I bought the dust cover and a 66t spur. I got some body post extenders to fix my wrongly cut ones. Finally I also got some heatsinks and the low friction suspension balls for the front suspension just because they were really cheap. I'll start making some videos soon!
  19. So the 68t spur got chewed up... I had to go back to the 70t one. I'll buy a 66t one to replace it. Also the driveshaft got a scratched up after the first ever gravel run I thought that the motor was fried at one point but it was really just a rock stuck in it so it's working again. I'm buying a dust cover, universals, body post extenders, a new spur, and a heatsink. Hopefully later I will be able to get some rally blocks on this thing.
  20. I checked m chassis wheel size and it said 42mm and then I checked tt-02 wheel size and it was also 42mm. I could be wrong though. I'm using the stock Audi quattro a2 rally rims.
  21. I'm looking at getting some tire foams for my TT-02 but I don't know which to get. There are the 60d foams, the 4wd hard foams, some soft foams etc. but I don't know which to get. Pretty much everywhere the 4wd ones are out of stock so I was mainly wondering if the 60d foams would work?
  22. Alright I checked and there was a little bit of shuddering so I limited it to around 24mm ride height. Once I get universals I'll see how it runs.
  23. Thank you! I do plan on getting the YR driveshafts for front and rear and also I will get the Tamiya steering upgrade set because it has the link, rack, and servo saver in it. I do think I am at the end of the road when it comes to suspension travel. I am going to keep following the path to seeing how much steering I can get out of it safely. I bought the TT-02 to push it to the limits otherwise I would've just got a XV-01. I'll give updates on my findings and techniques in case anyone else wants to mod their TT-02
  24. Ok so some slight problems... I cut the body posts too low and now the back of the body drags when you make a sharp turn. Also the steering rack is not very good and it makes it hard for the car to turn. I made the ride height very high (27mm) which is working really nice. There is some slight rubbing on the dog bones when you turn but other than that it is good. It has little to no traction on off road surfaces because of the stock on road wheels so I will get some rally blocks. Other than that it drives really smoothly and handles pretty ok considering I'm using the stock steering.
  25. Body posts put on and shell mounted! Looks amazing 🤩 Wasn't paying attention to detail when building earlier in the built and put the rear diff in wrong... Went back and fixed it though and now it's running. I put the wrong bearings on the driveshaft though so later I will have to fix that... That's all for right now. Hopefully will get some running footage later today!
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