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  1. I love building hobby grades, but I really enjoy turning toy grade into hobby grade for some reason. I like the Tamiya Jagermeister Porsche and plan to get one day, but I have a thing for trucks, so I decided to make a Jagermeister Tyco Bandit Racing truck from some old parts I had laying around. The body is an old nissan fast traxx which is basically a Tyco Bandit on tank tracks. I replaced the toy electronics with upgrades, servo, brushless motor, and modern electronics. I will swap out the plastic toy shocks with some oil shocks and install some head and tail lights. I like the way it's turning out so far. Anyone else turned toy grade into hobby grades?
  2. Winston Weed Head pulled up to the shop with his Tamiya Street Scorcher for a few upgrades, brake disk, new wheels and a wax job. We will test out the new motor this weekend. I think he likes it so far!
  3. This is awsome! As a king cab lover I would most definitely like to purchase or invest in these if possible! Keep up the great work bro!
  4. Thanks for the tip I really appreciate that
  5. Thanks and I run superstock in a couple of my cars never had an issue or maybe its because I don't bash any if my cars just casual runs but I think it depends on the setup and gears as one does get hotter more quickly than the other. Now as far as in this truck I haven't ran it outside yet but will this weekend for youtube videos so we will see but I have one in my blitzer beetle and holiday buggy and they run perfectly. I will let you know how it goes!
  6. Thanks I appreciate that and I bet you guys had a blast with his!
  7. At first I didn't like the blackfoot coming into this hobby last year as I was a Tamiya King Cab Nissan lover but it grew on me and I said to myself I have to at least have 1 in my collection so after researching I noticed tamiya made quite a few versions of them. I have always been the person to root for the underdog so I went with the least popular one the blackfoot III. This is my take on it so far. The driver is back from the dead and want some get back on the ones responsible for shooting and killing him off. I gave him a superstock motor with a 3s lipo to help catch them and run them off the streets. I just hope they don't have a brushless system in theirs lol Anyway I had fun building this one and wanted to share. What is your favorite blackfoot? Lets see those builds!
  8. My idea wasn't as crazy or spectacular like the ones I see in this post but it was just me having a huge love for the Tamiya King Cab but could not find one or afford one at the time so I turned one of my Tyco Bandits into one. I installed 3800kv brushless motor, servo, head light and tail lights and called it the King Bandit lol
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