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  1. Thanks man I am really glad I decided to do it myself. I appreciate it much more. I am excited for this build as its my first original blackfoot so I am taking my time with it and trying to go all old school!
  2. I wanted to get an original blackfoot in my collection but I really don't like buying others builds as I like to build myself and finding a original kit is almost impossible I also want my first one to be a vintage classic so I hunted down a set of sees Aluminum champ 500 and a sassy chassis but they are more worse than the body. After asking around and calling companies to clean these vintage parts thats been sitting in a basement for over 15+ years the cheapest quote was 400$ plus a scheduled wait line while others said they were too oxidized and would not touch them. I also talked to several kool people on here that was up for the challenge but said it would take month's and others said they will try but no guarantees and cannot save the stickers wich I didn't care for them anyway but only the sassy chassis logo as they are not available anymore. So I just decided to take on the challenge myself, and I am glad I did. No machine, just patience and good old fashion elbow grease. No they didn't come out perfect, but I love them and at least I was able to save the logo! 😁 I will start working on the body this weekend.
  3. Thats big money talk right there! Love those kyosho bugs I have to get one one day!
  4. I enjoy running my cars even tho people call me crazy for running "shelf queens," but I just love vintage RC cars and trucks. That's why I dont bash. I usually just do some light runs here and there, then put it on the shelf. I just started collecting in April 2022, so yeah, I am late, but I was able to run in all seasons and conditions from summer heat to winter snow, and I found myself loving the fall season. I recently ran my blackfoot III the other day, and I just loved the crisp Kool Air and running wild in the leaves. I had a lot of fun. Plus, your motor doesn’t get as hot like the summer runs, lol. Wich season and weather conditions do you prefer to run? Lets see some pics!
  5. I have a super blackfoot but want to use pin drive blackfoot wheels instead if the hex. Does anyone know what axle will fit to do this?
  6. I am looking for any aluminum parts. Bumbers, shocks, mounts, wheels ect
  7. Looking for a traxxas hawk or eagle it can be nib,built or a painted body. Thanks in advance!
  8. I love building hobby grades, but I really enjoy turning toy grade into hobby grade for some reason. I like the Tamiya Jagermeister Porsche and plan to get one day, but I have a thing for trucks, so I decided to make a Jagermeister Tyco Bandit Racing truck from some old parts I had laying around. The body is an old nissan fast traxx which is basically a Tyco Bandit on tank tracks. I replaced the toy electronics with upgrades, servo, brushless motor, and modern electronics. I will swap out the plastic toy shocks with some oil shocks and install some head and tail lights. I like the way it's turning out so far. Anyone else turned toy grade into hobby grades?
  9. Winston Weed Head pulled up to the shop with his Tamiya Street Scorcher for a few upgrades, brake disk, new wheels and a wax job. We will test out the new motor this weekend. I think he likes it so far!
  10. This is awsome! As a king cab lover I would most definitely like to purchase or invest in these if possible! Keep up the great work bro!
  11. Thanks for the tip I really appreciate that
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