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  1. Lunchie got the headlight! Used tamiya led unit which works great and much brighter than I expected. Need to figure out how to install tail lights since lunchbox does not come with led casing for tail lights.
  2. Paint package day. I’ve never thought i would be excited about getting paints… rc changed everything. Hopefully I can try to paint my first driver figure.
  3. It is backordered from towerhobbies, but it says estimated shipping date is december. (For 54753)
  4. ESCs and bunch of XT60 connectors came in… about 15 years ago, there were not many connector types other than tamiya and deans.. now there are so many haha. Decided to go with XT60 and i will just get an adaptor if needed.
  5. Haha yes. Tamiya packaging looks super basic compared to le mans. luckily i have ordered sensor cables and the programmer (the one you used). Thanks for the reminder though!
  6. Slow day. Just replaced 540 mabuchi with cr tuned motor on my cc-01. I can really feel the torque improvement. Hopefully I can run it on nearby trails this weekend.
  7. Sounds glorious! (Ordered 2 sets of current gen xr10, thanks to you ). There is something about le mans motor. I feel like i want more of them (wanted to get 480t too, but i gotta resist haha. I need try out what i bought first )
  8. Another package from japan has arrived. Le mans motors and some misc stuff! Haven’t decided where to put Le mans motors… yet I want to run my cars, but weather is not cooperating haha.
  9. Is this that famous tamiya alloy damper set?! Looks really good. Plan to use it on my upcoming DT-03 build
  10. Goodies from japan have arrived! Buggy tires /wheels, led modules and some small accessories.
  11. There is a post mentioning about this on instagram. according to the post, model number is 58718 which is based off of tt-02.
  12. Whoa. I just looked up on kyosho bike and looks so cool!
  13. I find it very interesting about the fact that local rc track park announced rally track that is going to open up next summer. I think that means I need to get one decent rally kit.. while I hit my kit quote for the year..
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