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  1. That sounds exciting. I also plan to participate in euro truck class in july
  2. For sale: Hopped up tt-01e with Castrol NSX body comes with: - Castrol NSX body - front and rear tamiya universals - two piece wheels - tamiya alloy center shaft - tamiya high torque servo saver - tamiya alloy motor mount - tamiya high speed gear - tamiya alloy front bumper mount - tamiya adjustable steering turn buckle - tamiya adjustable upper a arms - torque tuned motor - tamiya cva shocks with onroad spring - injora metal gear low profile servo - brand new carson esc (i think hobbywing 1060 equivalent?) $220 shipped in US
  3. I was able to get few sets from japan but yeah it is pita….
  4. For sale DT-02 with azarashi body DT-02 is based on holiday buggy with following hopups - gt tuned motor - tamiya 19t steel pinion - tamiya alloy servo mount - front steering turnbuckles - cva shocks with optional dt-02 red springs - low profile servo - 1060 esc - wing has bit if crack, but has additional unpainted wing - wheels/tires never used. $150 shipped in US
  5. Teetee ohwan. Had to say it. or teeeteee ohwan
  6. I have a feeling that tamiya would make more profit selling those hopups than bt-01 kits….
  7. I dont own one, but after trying racing game with steering wheel setup, it is just so good…
  8. I think price of front double cardan joint, rear universal, front/rear diff alone can cover the cost difference between srx and r/s. And it also comes with 419 suspension upgrade kit which is not cheap. If tcs gt(gt-spec? One that does not allow s variant) allows s variant, i would get srx in a heart beat. Unfortunately due to that restriction, i may get tt-02r ..
  9. Maybe I should say… after selling cc-01, i tried trx4 and cc-02. I am seriously considering getting cc-01 again… trx4 is super capable, but that is it. No charm to it… cc-02 is…. Meh. I like front independent suspension which is good for all rounder (i dont like just slow crawling.. enjoy some light speed rallying). Surprisingly, cc-01 doesnt really need hopups.. hmm!
  10. Agreed on the steering part. After market one was slightly better but that is the reason i sold cc-01 (other wise i like everything else about cc-01).
  11. (Reusing previously used thread not to clutter the board). Tamiya m-05 brushless rally conversion $200 shipped in US - tamiya alloy universal shaft - eagle racing alloy steering - tamiya rally block tires - tamiya cc-01 alloy shocks - tamiya front carbon shock tower - high torque servo saver - Hobbywing max10 esc with 3300kv motor - tamiya alloy motor mount with heat sink - flourine coated tamiya 20t pinion - low profile servo - nsu tt body - full ball bearing Just need radio + battery to run it
  12. I tried it.. but i would rather just replace chassis since chassis for all my cars are cheap.
  13. It is kind of funny that today tower sent out an email about 15% off on hobbywing products. Later, amain sent out an email about 20% off on hobbywing products. lol
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