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  1. Thank you for the contact info. I’ve already sent the MSDSs I got off of Carson to the store in Japan so hopefully that’ll be what they need but I did actually also email Tamiya USA on the off chance that what I was able to Carson wasn’t sufficient.
  2. It’s a TA04 R Tuned. I’ve contacted the hobby company who have told me that they won’t be able to provide MSDSs for these items as they don’t sell them individually (as they come from kits). @ChrisRx718 where/how did you get that damper MSDS from? I ran that doc through google translate and it was exactly what I’m after but I think I’m going to have real difficulty in finding the other two I’m after. I sent Carson an email so I’ll see what they come back with. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. I’ve found the product codes so that I can ask the local rep here in my country for the MSDS. With me luck! What I need are MSDS for: AW Grease: 53439 Shock Oil: 53443 Diff Grease: 53042
  4. Hi All, Long story short, I managed to source a NiB TA04 model kit from a site in Japan but they’re refusing to ship the item without an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) from Tamiya as the kit contains small amounts of oil (for the shocks) and grease (for the diffs). I have no idea why they’re being this way and refusing to ship the item but they have offered to remove the items prior to shipping which I’m unwilling to do as I want to keep everything as intact as possible. Does anyone know how/where/if I can get hold of an SDS that I can provide to them so that they’re willing to ship? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. I’m in the UK but I already have a Pro (unless you have a Blue version?)
  6. Hi All, Long story short, I’m after an R Tuned Chassis but I’m also willing to look at any TA04 you’re willing to part with. Thanks
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