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  1. And how can I get in touch with @netsmithUK? - It's not possible to send him a PM. - He didn't answer any of my e-mails. - He does not seems to come here...frequently.
  2. Sorry to bother everybody here, but I tried everything to regain access of my old account on TC in the last (several) months, without success. I lost access to my previous email and need to swap access to a new one. I Can prove in several ways that the account "il_maligno" #4487 is mine. - Tried to send an email to NetsmithUK in reply on the very first subsciption. No reply. - Tried to follow the section for opening a support ticket. I always get an error "You are not allowed to access this page". Now I am trying to write this as a new user: Is there ad Admin here ta can help me to regain access of my old account? I was a subscriber back in the days, and would like to get back to it, if possibile..
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