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  1. Seems that everybody forgot about the Tamiya QD wheel wrench... Though it's a nice little wrench, no?
  2. Nice article, lots of details Not sure if your pictures are only related to the Super Sabre, but with the Sabre (and the Thundershot (46001 & 46002)), you should have the "No-led" transmitter. And as far as I know from my experiences, the "early" No-led radio is fully proportional in steering, but "2-speeds" only in throttle. 2nd gen. transmitters (starting with 46003 Thunder Dragon QD) have kind of a "6-steps" forward throttle (this is what I "hear" at least). Here are mine, the "On position" is indicated via a red sticker that the switch hides or not :)
  3. Does Old School machine tools count? "1/14 scale Lathe" ...
  4. I'm looking for these parts also... Never seen them pop up anywhere in several years. Partially complete chassis do appear a bit more often, I usually buy those hoping the parts above are included :)
  5. I wonder if you don't have the OP-370 installed (https://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?firma=Tamiya&best=53370). If it is, you should have green leds also in the roll bar in the bed of the truck I have this option on mine, I like it a lot as the front bulbs dim a little bit at full throttle (seems to be like this also on a real Ford )
  6. Never tested the RZ, good to have your opinion By the way on my Jugg the TEU-106 didn't deadly overheat, I meant the "thermal protection" was activated quite often without the cooling fan
  7. Wow... This Jugg shall be fast Do you plan to add a cooling fan on the ESC? I would recommend it, as with simple silver cans, a classic ESC (mine is a Teu 106-BK) can already overheat... :)
  8. ... The HotShot is my fav' amongst the Comical Series ... I think the GF-01 is a neat chassis, pretty tough, and quite nimble . After loads of electrons gone through (even had to change a burned Torque Tuned once, first time in my "Mabuchi life"), the only thing that starts cracking on mine is the upper shock mounts (all 4), but I used kit's self-tapping screw. When I rebuild it I'll use a proper M3 tap & machine screws. Can't wait for what you'll do with yours
  9. Nice Jugg & good work on it :) Got mine in approx. same condition. Like you I plan to change some bearings also, as it's a runner; and being a runner I tried recently a Lexan shell on it, and it's like you win 50% more power, so driving fun increases too! Some 70's styled truck do the the trick I think (& fit the leaf-sprung chassis design), and performance & stability wise, it's worth a try ;)
  10. Agreed, those are great little machines, yet simple but really near hobby-grade cars and ultra-reliable. My brother and I (and sometimes our kids) run them as soon as we can https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSJ33xcFh72yxBAQI-4n-DS2KS2suREJw&si=KwqWk5ztAbDbBpEA I've one question about the "Two First Buggies" (46001 & 46002). I'm pretty sure they don't share the same radio system with 46003 and further. 001 & 002 have kind of a "Two Speed" throttle, and no red LED on the transmitter when ON. 46003 and further have almost fully proportional throttle and the red LED on the transmitter (funnily enough, the 2nd gen. transmitter is able to drive 1st gen. buggies, and vice & versa, tested on my cars). I also have the feeling that 1st gen. buggies are much slower than 2nd gen. (we've got a Super Sabre QD a 2 Avante 2001 QD - the Sabre is really slower than the others!). According to your pictures above, it seems that you've got 1st gen. buggies (strange shaped bumpers) and the 46003 Thunder Dragon: could you confirm that the Dragon is faster than his older brothers? Thanks, bye Edit: well done with the bodyshells you put on your QDs, I love the results
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