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  1. The man is a user of TamiyaClub, his nickname is RA1028, and today's his birthday :) Happy birthday, Sir!
  2. Works fine, no need to connect to FB, thanks for sharing . There are some seriously fast & well driven trucks! You're too modest, you didn't mention that you won the LuchBox race
  3. Hey, would you share a link to the vid', please? (if it's online) Would be nice to see (one of) your MT racing I think
  4. 9 out of 10! Fronts are "modified" regular Stadium fronts, but I removed the spikes with a lathe
  5. Today I experimented the Stadium Fighting Bug-Truck from Tamiya "Misc". Overdose of Oversteer, but very fun, and runs smoothly Mind your throttle, and be aware that with big wheels, front end's screws tend to free themselves & have a try for the wild-life
  6. CC-01 Lowrider Kit? Rims are 2.0 inches. https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-cc-01-chassis-lowering-kit-54625-00060790
  7. Had 8 AA batteries to empty, so I gave some jumps to the "Mudnight" Pumpkin
  8. The bushing was totally worn also, but comparatively less than the shaft I'd say.
  9. Agreed! My Brother recently bought a used OG Bruiser, that spent all his RC life in 2wd Rear-wheel drive (2 servos in the radio box, only throttle + steering)... Just take a look at this, it's the drive pinion for the rear axle: I started re-building it, luckily I had some spares.
  10. A long time ago, I had this: a DT-01 with "Stadium-er" rims, Monster Beetle spikes at the rear and Stadium-ers with ribs & spikes at the front. It was really nice on grass, and even "fast", I'd say! Used to run also in an abandoned quarry, it was fun too. Logically, it should be even better/more fun if based on DT-03
  11. Hi! As far as I know, yes, the one-piece rims of the Re-re Bruiser are the ones of the original Mountie. Very handy to use different tires if you ask me
  12. Thanks to a TC Member suggestion to use 12mm hexes for QD Monster Trucks, I now have an even-better looking QD Pumpkin
  13. This, just above. I could have written this (with much less style for sure). Thank you Sir Saito2
  14. Today I prepared a BlackFoot Re-re based "Monster 2CV" that I'll give to a friend. As it didn't get much use, and as each time I see my friend we talk about RC but he doesn't get started... Build it up with Old-School electronics, but hey, we all started with 26-27 Mhz, so why not? Tested this afternoon, works fine so far.
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