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  1. After much deliberation I decided to move on from the M08. It's fine kit and fun to build but it's not really want I initially wanted when I decided to relive my youth. What started me on this path was the upcoming Boomerang re-re. I was but a middle school kid when it came about and I would take the Tamiya catalogue to school and read it during class when I was supposed to be doing other things. The M08 just doesn't have the same emotional connection as the Grasshopper, Hotshot and Boomerang amongst others. That is one side of it, the other side is I tend to complicate things by nature. I decide on something then start to overthink it, "if I add another $50 to it I can step up to the next level" and so on and so on until I have almost convinced myself I need a Sanwa M17 to run a Grasshopper. You know, just in case I decide to start racing. Hate this about myself. So as a cathartic exercise, the M08 is on the chopping block and possible the excellent Sanwa MT-R as the much cheaper MX-6 would have served better. The M08 and a few goodies are in the sale section waiting on someone to love it.
  2. Up for sale is a newish Tamiya M08 with a few upgrades. It’s been run only a few times mostly on a tennis court but once on a black top parking lot. It has the following goodie list added: -Proteck 140 Low Profile Servo -Tamiya Turnbuckles with Open Adjusters (I'll throw in a TFR turn buckle wrench) -Hard Hex Ball Connectors -Allow Servo Step Screws -5mm Clamp Alloy Hex’s Asking $225 shipped in the US.
  3. I bite the bullet and mounted the MX5 tonight. I cut it out a couple weeks ago with the score and snap method which worked out better than anticipated. I was super careful to measure and mark the the body. Check, double, triple and checked some more. All seemed good to go. Used a 1/16 drill bit to make a pilot then drilled it out with a 6mm. And whettayaknow? One of the holes was a little off making the body post lean a bit. So weird, but at least it's mounted and more or less looks like it belongs there. I will mask it off then decide what to do for paint. I am capable of airbrushing halfway passable but I am halfway tempted to single color blast it then do the matte black roof part. I originally planned on a multi color fade wham bam type thing but I am nearing the end of my patience.
  4. Insightful thoughts all, thanks for the great conversation. I think my biggest issue is finding the motivation to put a body on it. I originally has an Alpine shell for it but I really jacked up cutting it out and drilling the body post. It's a write off, seriously it's that bad. So naturally I am a little sketched out at the possibility of that repeating. Then I decided to order a MX5 for it because hey why not, also gives me the opportunity to try the mid length wheel base. The issue with the new shell is that I accidentally ordered the lightweight version. I know once I get it painted and run it in anger, the poor thing won't be around for long. Now I am starting to shine up to the idea of grabbing a Karman with some chrome wheels and aim for the car show look. So all that is to say, I'll wind up getting a new shell and wheels and probably a WR02 to wash it down with. I crack myself up but at least I enjoy the journey.
  5. To tell you all the truth, I am not sure exactly what I am looking for apart from fun and potable a little whimsey. I do like my 08, it was fun to build and drive but it's kinda pulling me in a direction that's not fun. Namely reading the "racing" stuff and thinking of the chassis as a race car instead of a body holder. I am sure this is in part because it currently doesn't;t have a body on it because I've been too lazy to finish it. Maybe I am just looking for that little spark I had when I was a kid. Maybe I just want something with a big bobble head driver so that I don't take it seriously.
  6. Earlier this year I ordered a M08 and slowly accumulated all the stuff I needed to get it up and running. I was starting over from scratch so that was a lot of scratch. Anyway, I got the car up and running and have been running it at the apartment tennis court for about 5 battery packs through it. I enjoy it but it's starting to be more than I bargained for. Now I am looking into heavier diff fluid or possibly a ball diff, maybe new shock oil, new shocks, new blah blah blah. It's fun to drive but it's not the innocent carefree bashing I thought and I am starting to realize I would have been better off with a "basher" over a racing chassis. I am looking to add something like a WR02, GF01 or even a lunch box. Nothing serious, no real mods apart from bearings. Am I crazy to give up on a project when it hasn't been fully realized or is realizing you'd be better off with something else enough to make the move? Anyone else make a slight misstep when they got back into the hobby?
  7. This looks fun. Seems I need to go back through the thread to learn more. Remote time attack, I dig it!
  8. Umm, going for any pattern particularly? Kinda like a RC car Rorschach test. Not sure I want to share what I see.
  9. I hate you all. Well except for Gebbly, Gebbly can stay
  10. I opened up a package from A Main yesterday containing some MIP 1.5mm and a 2mm hex drivers along with a 7mm nut driver. Also got some XT60 connectors I soldered up last night and a Miata body for the M08. Unfortunately I accidentally ordered the lightweight version so I expect to be getting a new one sooner than I thought I would be. The lightweight version is a bit "too" flimsy for my skill level.
  11. Thanks Saito, I had to look the chassis up. It looks how I remembered. Pretty neat looking in retrospect but then again, I did always like the RC10 Graphites.
  12. I am getting more and more comfortable with my M08. The more I drive it, the more I love it. Most of my cars in the past have been RWD buggies so the chassis is familiar in that the layout is essentially the same. It requires a bit of concentration when applying power out of a turn. Get on it a little too aggressive a little too early and she spins like a ballerina. Get it just right and it's sublime. I am learning the car is way more balanced that my trigger finger. Funny thing about this car, I bought it to get back into the hobby and have a tunable "not serious" car with a cool body just to bash around with in the tennis courts. What I got instead is a car that is teaching me how to be a much better driver. I'd still like to get a M07 one day but for now, I am seriously digging the RWD.
  13. I am a little foggy on the details because it was back in the late 80's, early 90's but I remember when T came out with one of their first cars (forget the model). One of the local shops had a chassis built up for all to poke and prod at. It was clearly a copy of the RC10 carbon chassis version but looked inferior due to its white nylon bits and sloppy steering linkages. I remember being interested in the company because they were from the Dallas Fort Worth area where I lived but the local consensus was they were more geared for the sport basher and were not to be taken seriously. Funny how a company that started off by copying someone else's work fights so hard to prevent other companies from what they perceive to be the same. Now that all may not be entirely accurate but it's how a young teen in the early 90's remembers it.
  14. Personally I'd do the XV. Mostly because I like the concept of the XV's but also because I had an RB5 in the past. Great car and all but the XV has more appeal to me.
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