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  1. Still a work in progress. Still making mistakes. The water and dish soap I used to help place the rear window sticker left some sort of cloudiness under the sticker. Note to self, don't do that again. Anyway, took it out for a quick run in the grass.I like the Suzuki body much better than the FJ45 body that the GF01 came with.
  2. Well I made a complete mess out of what I had planned. I wanted to paint a white strip on the hood with black outlines but the black stripes I painted chipped a little when I test mounted the body. So I tried to repair it and the paint got under the tape lines. Ticked me off enough to scrub what I previously did plum the heck off. I thought I did a decent job with that until the green went on and revealed some misses. Funny thing about RC bodies and me. When I was a kid, I had skills to paint but not the patience. I ended up rushing through a paint job just so I could get the car up and running. Now that I am older and have the patience, my skills have all but Elvis'd their way right out the door. My hands shake too much and my eyesight is not good close up. Honestly I am not happy with this but I guess it's the nest I can do now. I will start the stickers tomorrow.
  3. Very nice. The crimper is on my short list of "gotta gets"
  4. I am hoping for a RC10DS. I'd be in on a DS for sure and preferably one with the 2 speed transmission. The DS was one of those kits I wanted super bad but bought a TA03 instead. As much as I liked the sedan, I always had a feeling I made a mistake.
  5. The postman was supposed to bring me some body mounts for my GF01 and two cans of paint for its new body this past Wed. Sadly they still have not arrived and the package is lost in between sorting centers. Yea me. Still makes me happy to see all the other cool things folks got today.
  6. @toyolien Oh man that's gonna look sweet. I love the Hornet colors on other buggies.
  7. That would give me nightmares. My gosh man, clean that bench!
  8. Thanks dude. The plan is PS8 Lime Green body with the white center strip flanked by the two black ones. Hopefully it turns out as good as I am hoping.
  9. It's a poorly crafted joke. I am working on a SJ30 Zuk body for my GF01 and the roll bar goes to it. I just sat the roll bar on the Raikiri the other day and chuckled as it almost looks like it somehow belongs there. I started to paint the body today. I taped off and shot the black strips on the hood per Willy's custom order. The rest of the paint comes in the mail Thursday. Should look pretty cool when it's done. I am normally not good at taping off stuff anymore due to my shaky hands so believe me when I say, this is far above my weight class.
  10. I painted and put the decals on the roll bar.
  11. Well if you go down that road, there is little that won't fit some way or another.
  12. I understand the rear motor on the chassis interferes with the fake rear motor on the body.
  13. We should hold an intervention for some of you folks.
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