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  1. Well I don't know what was going on with the forum yesterday but it's back up now. After running the FF01 through a couple batteries both shock towers gave up the ghost, so I CAD modeled and 3d printed new ones that are much more robust. I also got my new GT-5 transmitter setup with all my cars to replace my old GT-2B. No more rebinding and retrimming cars all the time!
  2. Took the liberty of driving my FF01 today. I went all over it last night and decided to order some new parts. New turnbuckles, tires, wheels, wheel hexes, and a GT-5 transmitter. I also have a new L&L JACCS Accord body I've had tucked away that I plan on painting and decaling soon.
  3. Quite the looker if you ask me. I wonder how it compares to the TT02 based Carrera RSR in terms of driving and then in terms of proportions with that wide rear end? Sounds like I need to purchase this one to compare...
  4. Decided to kick off my weekend with my TF Evo today. Even on NIMH with a TBLE-04S and stock silver-can this thing is loads of fun to rip around. I still want to kick it up just a notch, so I think I'll be ordering a HW1080 esc with a SS BZ motor and dropping the pinion down to a 18T.
  5. Spent my memorial day finishing up my Top-Force Evo. I spent a around 6 hours total cutting out all the decals and applying them using the soapy water method, I think the final result came out really well. Also got to run it for the first time and it was quite pleasant but feel it really needs a superstock or brushless motor to liven it up.
  6. It's been a while since I've been on here (college has a way of doing that) but came back with a new toy today. A local gentleman was selling some nib kits from his collection for a very reasonable price and I found one that I've been eyeing for a while. Little to say I have a slight hole in my wallet and a box in my hands with a big ol smile on my face.
  7. I was able to get my hands on an FF01 over the summer from Ebay and have enjoyed it quite a bit. It only set me back around $100 total and was in good running condition. I've been replacing some parts due to self tapping screws cracking the old plastics, nothing a few minutes in CAD, a cup of tea, and kicking back while I wait for new parts to come off my 3d printer cant fix . I would say if you have the chance to snag one up then go for it!
  8. I recently got my hands on new 3d printer a few weeks ago and decided that it was time to pickup a project I had started a while ago. This pan car chassis is one that I roughly based on the team associated rc12i and modified to fit modern components. Currently still making design changes to fix the chassis bending like a wet noodle, but I'm getting closer and closer to running it around the driveway. I've also treated my FF-01 to some new 3d printed parts that were badly cracked when I got it and it's shaping up nicely. On a different note, I received the new body for my FF-01 in the mail last week and have the paint for it. Now I just have to wait for a free day from college work to sit down and do it.
  9. My FF-01 has arrived! The car has a nice 17 turn HPI brushed motor paired to a 60A Kyosho speed house ESC that gets the car zipping around pretty quick. The infamous cracking shock tower appears to have plagued this chassis, so I'll be replacing them with non-broken ones. I'm debating the carbon chassis, but I think I'll order some aluminum bits in the mean time.
  10. On a good start to the day I got a deal on two NIB 1/20 Tamiya F1 kits, a Lotus 107B and Tyrrell P34. I love the Tamiya 1/20 line of Formula 1 cars so the more the merrier Meanwhile I'm still awaiting my FF-01, so I went ahead and ordered a new body. To replace the JACCS Honda Accord body, I bought a repro from L&L models of the exact same body (it just looks so good!). It cost me a fair bit, but from the reviews that I've seen and the fact it comes with decals, mirrors, wing, etc. it seemed to be worth the price.
  11. I've recently picked up an FF-01 chassis and was wondering about parts compatibility. I've done some light research and it seems that quite a few parts from the TA02 are cross compatible with the FF01. From what I've found the hubs, knuckles, and chassis should all be cross compatible. I've heard the here is a chance the TA02SW carbon chassis along with J-parts tree fits on the FF-01 and am wondering if anyone has attempted it?
  12. A new update. After a successful day of Ebay sniping I'm now the owner of an FF-01 soon to be here next Monday. It's dons a Honda Accord JACCS body that is in rough shape, but I already have plans to order a new repro body with decals. I've been looking for parts as it shares quite a few parts with the TA-02, so possibly some goodies for it along with 3d printed ones. (picture from the ebay listing)
  13. While not Tamiya related, I did a little work on my Royal Ripper buggy (a Hot Shot knock off). I removed all the old receiver equipment and the mechanical speed controller so I can upgrade it with new electronics to be a runner. Both the shock end plastics are broken, so I'll try to 3d print some new ones. I think I might get some Hot Shot tires to replace the current ones and 3d print new wheels to fit them.
  14. Hi everyone, wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Update on the kit, I got all the electronics in and the wiring nicely packaged. Next step is to cut out the body using my good ol steady hand with an xacto blade and the score and snap method.
  15. Well I made substantial progress in getting the car in a running state, my new steering knuckle showed up in the mail today! Interestingly enough the parts tree for it come in a pack of two, hopefully I won't end up needing that second parts tree in the future... Anyways, I decided that I was not going to snap another ball stud and mess things up, so I bought a thread tapping bit at the hardware store. Just for everyone's knowledge the tap is a 3mm-0.50 for the ball studs and it also appears to be the same for the turnbuckle threads. Once the plastic was tapped the ball stud went right in with no issues. Once I did all that I aligned the front end and putt all the electronics in (yes I know, the wiring is still a furball) and ran rubber to the ground for the first time! The steering angle is a bit lack luster so I might try and trim off most of the limiter tabs that everyone else talks about.
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