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  1. We’ve been having a bit of a tough time at work the last few weeks so I figured I’d take a couple of cars (one XV-01 and a TB-05, both with stock silver cans fitted) in for the team to have a play with over lunchtime to help take people minds off things. Looks to have been fairly popular so will probably be doing it again but this raises one slight problem, tire wear. At the moment the two cars I took in are set up with Tamiya rally block tires, one set of soft and one hard. The hard ones didn’t fair too badly but the soft set are looking a bit sad after just 40 minutes on the very rough concrete surface. This got me winding what would be the best option to try and put in there so I don’t end up needing to swap them out too often. I’ve got a set of Tamiya racing radial tires that I can try out alongside the hard rally blocks in the next run but I was hoping to get some more suggestions on things that would be worth trying. So, what would you recommend to go on a rally/touring car chassis for a bit of car park bashing (possibly progressing to racing if we can get people proficient enough), with a focus on durability over out and out grip?
  2. That looks very similar to what I’ve ended up with. I found a little extra chamfer on the bottom edge at the front helped the shell fit while leaving as much meat as I could on the foam.
  3. I normally just let mine dry out and use a brush to get as much of the mess off as I can. Though with my crawler, which is a bit more waterproof, I have hosed it down in the garden when it’s been particularly bad.
  4. If you did want something closer to 65 mm these LC Racing shocks may fit and are pretty nicely made, shame about the colour of course. https://www.dms-racing.com/spare-parts/spare-parts-for-lc-racing/lc-racing-emb-tg-spares/aluminium-front-threaded-oil-filled-shock-absorber-set-all-emb-h-series-and-lc12b1-detail
  5. I did pick up some mesh to try and make something like this but with the chassis being built the way it is there wasn’t anywhere good to fix the sides down. I’ve started modelling a few solid sections to try and cover up the main gaps on the sides and can then either go with mesh on the top or do another solid section there.
  6. I had a bag of 1.5 x 8 mm silicone o-rings turn up yesterday and tried them out on my XV-01 Lancia’s first run today. I stuck two of them onto each body post and they seem to have done a good job of taking out any slack/wobble in the mounting. They look like they should be fairly gentle on the paint too. So thanks for all the suggestions to try this out.
  7. I can give a bit of an update on this now as I managed to get a little time today to get both cars out together. From the running we managed to do, on a mostly frozen mostly hard pack dirt car park, I’d now go as far as to say that the TB-05 is very different in character to the XV-01. Both handled very well and could happily corner and power slide with very little driver effort. But the TB-05 is definitely a much more aggressive car to drive compared to the smooth and compliant XV-01. It is possible some of this is down to the TB-05 running a set of soft rally block tyres,which may have been better suited to the conditions than the HPI clones on the XV-01, but I get the impression it’s a little more than this. I can also now confirm that the TB-05 is going to be a much higher maintenance machine that the XV-01. You can see the difference in how they look after both being run for the same amount of time today. Though, again, tyre choice may have something to do with this. Really have to get the 3D printer up and running to try and make a few bits to help.
  8. Just luck on eBay. I was scrolling through after I’d started on the XV01 with no intention of buying anything else and saw someone selling the chassis with all the electronics for £160. I put in an offer at £140 and they went for it. Things were in a slightly sad state when they arrived but a full rebuild seems to have got back to feeling pretty much like new. It does mean I’ve spent quite a bit more overall than I meant to on this but I can now get out racing with the lad as I’ve got two cars out of it. Im not sure how the TB05 compares to the XV01 just yet as the weather hasn’t been up to much since I finished the XV01. The one trip the TB05 has done so far was fairly successful. It seemed to handle reasonably well, though I think more ground clearance and suspension travel would be good for the forest trails we took it on. Going to try a fairly gravely car park for its next outing when things aren’t so wet/freezing. The chassis is really, really, good at picking up debris and dirt so if I can I’d like to try and design/print some cover sections for it so it doesn’t need to be kept for nicer/dryer conditions.
  9. It sure if these are helpful or not? https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/tamiya-monster-beetle-trail-gf-01tr-58672-81717 https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/tamiya-monster-beetle-black-47419-81614
  10. Finally got the XV01 Lancia Delta finished now too, only taken me four months. 🤦‍♂️
  11. It’s the front moulding from a 1/10, lexan, lancia delta body for an XV01 build. Doesn’t really matter if this one isn’t perfect as it’s going to be a runner and will probably end up in the hands of an enthusiastic 7 year old but it would be nice to do better next time
  12. It’s a bit late for today but what to people normally recommend as the best paint to cover the silvered plastics that you get in some of the Tamiya body kits? The reason I ask is that I’ve been trying to paint the black sections of a Lancia Delta grill today and all I had to hand was some PS-5 (with some clear acrylic top coat to get a nicer finish). This doesn’t seem to have covered all that well (it needed a lot of coats) or to be particularly well bonded to the plastic as some chunks came away with the masking tape. It also looks a bit like some of the paint solvents may have had an effect on the chrome finish under the masking tape. Should I have just gone with the X-18 recommended in the build instructions or is there something else that works well for this?
  13. That looks like a much more affordable source than the Tamiya part trees, thanks.
  14. I can totally agree with that; getting the pin in on both sides, with everything trying to be anywhere but lined up where it should be, is a right pain. I'd seen the foam pads in a few places but thought that they might get eaten fairly quickly by the pins but if you are all using these successfully then I'm probably being overly pessimistic about that. I'll see about getting my hands on some, along with some o-rings in the right size, to see how they compare to the plastic parts.
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