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  1. Thx for the quick response. It's appreciated. Looks like I def need to get a better understanding of gearing. Thx for confirming AWD is no go. Now considering TL-01 as a better 2wd chassis as it seems people have better results. WB is close and can be shortened if nec. Chano
  2. Graveyard Bump! I'd like to do an old skool rod build with my TT-01E chassis w/ 251mm WB. It fits the body I have perfectly. It's just a fun project for looks, but I'll want to run it occasionally. Planning to run a 27t 540 silver can with nimh or 2s lipo whichever suits best. It'll have staggered tire sizes. I know its asking a lot, but I want to use 110mm rears and 85mm fronts, It just looks right that way. I already worked out tire/chassis clearance and body mounting. If possible, can someone recommend a suitable gear change? If AWD is a problem, I already researched 2wd conversion, so I'll do that if necessary. From my little research so far, I know there are more suitable chassis available, but I'd like to use what I have for now. If it's not reasonably do-able, is there a best alternate chassis with same or very close WB? Thanks!
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