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  1. You’re right from wing to wing it Makes it impossible to mount correct. The screws will not line up going from the body to mounting brackets it just barely misses it. I thought it was all standardized when I bought one. Ty for the info. Great info! I will setup a return if possible.
  2. I took a look and figured since I was all in on the TD2 I wanted to go a little bit more expensive. Thank you for the suggestion, I really appreciate it! I will keep this in mind for my next build.
  3. How was the cable management? The cable appears to be a little shorter. Did you have to move anything around to make this work? so far all my Tamiya’s have Futaba normal size servos, so this is a new one for me
  4. That’s a really good question, all it shows is low profile servo needed. I thought all would be the same but I guess not? The one I have is 44x23x25mm or 1.7x0.9x1.0
  5. Hello, I recently bought a TD2 but, the hitec hs-77bb low profile servo bought to use in it still appears to be a little too big to fit. What recommendations do you have for a low profile servo that will work in the TD2? I am currently looking at using the TSU-06 but would love some more suggestions. If possible I would also like to keep the price under $70. thank you! -Bethor
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