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  1. GToddC5

    Never run RC10.

    Looks like the address, 1928 East Edinger
  2. It is pretty dark, I didn't bother backing. Plus, unless trimming after paint, I'd worry about the white showing up on the edges. Additionally, you'd see white from the outside looking in, at the rear especially.
  3. @ChrisRx718 @simalarion @Kpowell911 Honestly I'm getting a bit overwhelmed, re: receivers and servos. I picked those up (above) in the last Tower 4X points sale, on top of their 20% off - saved a bunch. And while it looks like a lot, it only scratches the surface. When planning started months ago, I thought I was going to settle in on my collection at about 45 models, with half vintage w/vintage remotes and the other half newer and re-res. Now I'm at 78 models since starting in December. Quite a few will not get run, but still. SO I have three radios for runners with 10 model memory, and they will be organized like Trucks, 2wd Buggies, 4wd Buggies. I wanted multiple radios in case a couple/few get run at the same time with friends/family. I think I'm covered for receivers and servos for those 30. Then I have about 17-18 systems for the vintage runners. Which leaves about 30 models with no plan. I'm seriously considering a shared radio for the remaining, and just swap in a common receiver using Velcro instead of tape.
  4. Some tires for Midnight Pumpkin and WW2, option shocks for BBX, and a couple receivers and servos . . .
  5. Oh, if only I'd been first to post interest. Oh wait, I was. These types of Sale threads make zero sense.
  6. Also, the Super Champ was re-released as the Fighting Buggy, as if there wasn't enough Buggy confusion, lol.
  7. Yes, 58441 Buggy Champ (2009) I'd post a pic, but this place has been lousy about posting pics lately and I'm getting low on space. The box art actually shows Racing Buggy Buggy Champ
  8. Rough Rider is the original, and yes, the Buggy Champ (2009) is being released again. I have one (back)ordered with Tower now, since I saw it recently in their "New Release" section.
  9. He sent me "extra" decals once, for a Rookie Rabbit. When I messaged him, he said, "THAT'S WHERE THEY WENT!" LOL, as he knew they were printed but vanished. Told me to just keep them. So naturally months later, the free decals have turned into me cobbling together parts mostly from a Fighting Buggy RX and some new parts, to now display as a Rookie Rabbit, as if I didn't have enough projects going on
  10. Agreed, I haven't heard anything back on the Manta Ray.
  11. Obvious solution - Order both!
  12. For all the people getting different wheels but using stock tires - What size wheels are you sourcing?
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