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  1. Mixed bag o' stuff, but I'm most excited about scoring the pink wheels for my faux TT-02B MS project! The discontinued windshield for my Montero body is a relief, as I thought they'd be easy to get what with the new Pajero kits, but so far they are still discontinued and hard to find. The Terra has no signs of running underneath, and a sweet orange chassis that was an option part for Manta I believe. It was sold with an aftermarket body and decals, but I was also able to pick up a new body set. The tires are wrong, but I have a spare set of spire spikes that I've been holding on to for just such an occasion.
  2. You must have missed the hype earlier today about this in the RC10T thread
  3. The official page now states Olite Bushings throughout.
  4. I would give this a wonderful home as it's next caretaker, and it would sit among a fellow Super G with green wheels and a Super Hornet with orange wheels 😁 I really love the history on this one from the first time you posted it, and for me it would be a highlight in my large collection. I'm an absolute sucker for these as well as Super Hornets.
  5. Finally found a Neo Falcon, but it needs some restoration as it's a bit crusty with some corroded metal bits. So far I have a new set of wheels and a new set of correct tires set aside. The fronts that came on this score are spire spikes, so I will set them aside for something else. I have some Tamiya paint remover on the way, so I can try that out and paint this body and wing proper black. I even have a new set of decals in the event they don't survive the paint removal process. Anyhoo, I'm pretty happy to find one
  6. Well that's perfect then, and just what I hoped when I scored this set. I'd like to fit these tires to an authentic style wheel for my Wild Willy 2 as a tribute build to the original. The comparison pic is just really throwing me off.
  7. Oh well, I'm back to being confused, because the WW size looks to be the same as BB (which is what I originally thought), but the scaled comparison pic above looks way off in wheel diameters when compared to the WW. If the info below is correct, then the WW wheels are nearly 2" diameter. I guess I just have to wait until the set arrives to see what's what.
  8. Perhaps they are BB size tires. I may have incorrectly assumed that the WW and BB shared the same tires. This BB spare tire set does looks like a 2" wheel:
  9. Aren't the Sand Scorcher tires much smaller, like the Grasshopper tires? These are larger than those.
  10. Well that's what I thought until I made the pic to compare to the WW. The inside diameter must be around 2" to fit on Hotshot wheels, and the original WW wheels are smaller diameter.
  11. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I couldn't find a "Identify this part" area. So here's the subject: Tires that have a claim to be from circa 1986 and described as Oversized Sand Tires, mounted to Hotshot wheels and measure close to 4" OD and about 2" wide. Who knows what about these? Scaled to compare against Wild Willy tires:
  12. OK cool, thanks! I have the same bearing pack on the way.
  13. Rats, I ordered the "Classis" bearing kit for my 40th Anniversary, so I guess it's not going to work?!?
  14. Ditto, the Street Rover is a joy in the streets and so freakin' cool to watch!
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