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  1. Before you order, Blasted RC has them for 299 euros. They have most of the hop-ups in stock as well it seems.
  2. I can understand! I've been wanting to get one for ages as well. Hope you'll do some more Le Mans cars in the future. Got mine from here: https://www.blasted-rc.com/products/tamiya-47484-mercedes-sauber-c11-1-10-electric-rc-car-kit
  3. Just received my brand new Tamiya Mercedes C11
  4. The 1060 is significantly cheaper than the TBLE which, makes it a done deal for me. I'll use the TBLE if its in the kit, but if I have to buy it separately I'll order Hobbywing every time. Either the 1060 for brushed motors or the Hobbywing 10BL60 or Max10 if its running a hot brushless setup. I think the 1060 is also 3S LiPo compatible from the factory, which the TBLE isn't.
  5. Hi guys I wanted to order the Hotshot II Blockhead this week, but as I was about to order it, I discovered that they just had the Wild One Blockhead back in stock. I really want both, but unfortunately can only swing it to one car for now - which one is the best/most fun? Both to drive and build of course. The Wild One Blockhead sold out before I could get around to ordering one the last time around, whereas the Hotshot II seems to be selling a bit slower (or have been made in larger numbers), which could argue for getting the Wild One for now and then the Hotshot II in a month or two if they still have them then.
  6. Yes good point. It's just these ones I need right? https://www.speedhobby.dk/products/tamiya-tt-02-ball-bearing-set Also, I'm thinking of getting him a second battery as I remember how annoying it was to only have a single 1600mAh battery to start with. Can they have too much capacity? What capacity is the preferred?
  7. Okay guys, I think I have just about found everything we need. Is the gear below OK and is there anything else we should start out with? (The links are in Danish, but product names should be pretty universal ) Tamiya TT-02 Mercedes AMG: https://www.speedhobby.dk/collections/tamiya-tt02 Transmitter and servo: https://www.speedhobby.dk/products/sender-og-servo-startpakke-til-tamiya Charger & Battery: https://www.speedhobby.dk/products/nimh-oplader-batteri-pakke ESC: https://www.speedhobby.dk/products/hobbywing-quicrun-wp-1060-1-10-borstet-esc Of course paint as well, but we'll give him the kit and take him to the store to let him find his preferred colour himself.
  8. Great! Thanks a lot for the help guys. Great, I'll definitely get the TT-02 for him instead. Yes, as far as I could tell the TT-01 was the predecessor for the TT-02 but they are still launching models on the TT-01 which is a bit weird then isn't it? I'll see if the TT-02D is an option, but they have a lot less body options available. I also like the idea of starting out with a stock car and slowly upgrade it as he gets better, which for me was a huge motivating factor when I was a kid. The excitement of figuring out which upgrade to get, and how it would improve the car. Yes I saw my local store recommended the CVA Mini shocks instead, so I'll consider adding that to the set, but I think he'll probably end of smashing it a few times, so we might just take the upgrades as the repairs come in
  9. Hi guys! After a 25 year hiatus from everything RC my son is beginning to show some interest which has reignited the old spark for me. I want to get him his first Tamiya car for his birthday next month, but I honestly can't remember that much about how everything works. I want to get him a Touring Car as his really into racing cars, and from my research I've gathered that the TT-01 and TT-02 are a good place to start? Most shops offer a variation of bodies on both those chassis', but I can't really find much information about what exactly separates the TT-01 and TT-02. Is one more beginner friendly than the other, and if yes which one would you guys recommend for a 12 year old?
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