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  1. Thanks for the replies thus far, everyone! As for the ESC, what do you recommend to use that meets the letter of the following TCS rule? 13.3 No BOOST ESC (Electronic Speed Control) rules: Any ROAR legal, and approved ESC may be used, capable of “Blinky-Mode”. These ESC’s must not use electronic timing (boost). See General Rules for ROAR approved “blinky” ESC list.
  2. It seems to be a toss-up between the M07 and M08 although I see some say that the M-05 and M-06 can still get it done on certain tracks. I'm still new to R/C racing so I wouldn't be able to tell (yet) but I also don't know of many race series' where a 10 year old vehicle was still relevant, let alone feared. Yet, TCS rules for M Chassis cars seems as regulated as EuroTrucks (which I've raced once thus far and LOVE!!!) Suggestions?
  3. Gotta be honest... In another thread on this forum, one asked what spares one needs to bring. For TT-01E EuroTrucks, I'd say something between nothing and a fully ready-to-go spare.
  4. Kinda jumped in the deep end, but "Baptism by Fire" is the best practice a lot of times because it forces one to learn quicker than if the progression was slower. I ran my two EuroTrucks. I ran the mustard one and my friend ran the white one. We have been autocrossing 1:1 cars with the SCCA for 30 years but this was a completely new experience, especially because other than having fun around the yard and street, I have never competed in a formal event, much less one of the TCS events (this one was in Maryland). The format was intense as there were 120+ drivers in a bunch of different classes, so for those who ran 3 or 4 classes, they were on point all day. Of note: Tire prep is paramount. OMG, the grip on good carpet is <cue Gwen Stefani> B-A-N-A-N-A-S. My friend and I rolled our respective trucks more than a burrito. I was blown away when I saw F1 and Gen2 Formula E cars getting up on two wheels... I was like, "Dafuq?!?!" Just like 1:1 competition, seat time is key. A feel needs to be developed regarding how little the wheel and throttle on the controller move and making sure one doesn't overdo the steering or throttle inputs. Yet, somehow, I finished 3rd in C Main and my friend finished 5th! Finally, the TT-01E is a BEAST! The things I saw happen to these things (both my two trucks as well as others) with little to no damage makes me wonder how people can bad mouth Tamiya for not being robust.
  5. Hi all, I have a DT-02 Holiday Buggy and I abhor the yellow wheels. I got a pair of black dish wheels up front and I'd like to pair them with the BLACK DT-02 wheels. I found the blue ones easily (54682) but I cannot seem to find the black ones... What's their part number? Thanks!
  6. The short answer is probably "No!", especially as LiPo of all sorts becomes the standard for the hobby However, is there still a used market? Or should I just find a facility that recycles them and hand them over?
  7. Same wheel diameter as those already approved to fit these wheels, yes?
  8. Thanks!!! I just ordered them... At $6 for the set, that's very reasonable for the greater tire options it opens up.
  9. HobbyTown and Amazon don't carry these. Who else stateside has them (as I won't do eBay)? Thanks in advance...
  10. Lots of great advice in this thread. Thanks!
  11. I may start racing indoor road course events with my TT-01E Euro Truck.
  12. Bringing this back from the dead... Lots of great info here! Thanks for posting all this!
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