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  1. Can you 'hear' the TLU-01 being on? When powered on, I find you can hear a kind of high-pitched noise. There's not much to them really if it's all plugged in. Has it ever worked, or is this first time?
  2. Depends what someone is willing to pay. Just look on eBay completed items, there were two recently.
  3. Have you got a part number? I think I may have a pack of these kicking around somewhere... https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/53301/index.htm Doesn't say the size on the site though.
  4. Totally agree with you on this. When I originally saw the news on the black coming out, I went and hunted down a silver 2013 re-release. I worry a little that the Avante and Egress have descended into the black edition being the only edition. Which is disappointing as the Egress special just isn't special, at least the Avante has some interesting upgrades and extras. I'd have preferred the Egress black to be like the old racing mini 4WD black edition livery like the Avante black was.
  5. Keep in mind that the Rock Socker is the 'discount' (lower spec) CR-01. The Unimog and Land Cruiser have full ball raced bearings included, the Rock Socker doesn't so you should factor buying the extra bearings into the overall cost. Oh yeah, that reminds me too, the kit tyres are pretty poor, the Cliff Crawler ones are far better.
  6. By all accounts Traxxas electrics sound to be poop. Can't comment myself as I've never used them. CR-01 still needs electrics too, and you are pretty much going to want a 35T to 55T 540 motor for either car, a Hobbywing 1080 ESC ideally, and some radio gear.
  7. This is your friend - https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/matching/matching_list.pdf (last column on the models) Finding them with parts codes is much easier when you know what is compatible (Sadly many are discontinued, but shafts should be fine)
  8. Another vote for the GF-01 here. It's a fun little chassis (kind of feels like a modern 4WD Lunchbox) that there's loads of little Hop-Ups you can do. It's a wheelie machine, but you can adjust it a little out of the box to make it a little less mad. If I was buying another, I'd probably go dump-truck, upgrade the shocks (friction to oil), and widen the track (see below). You can get the comical arms (from GF-01CB), and then the TG10 axles (Tamiya 50823) to pull the wheels out a little further. There are also plenty of official Hop-Ups too so there's plenty to tinker with later. Also consider the G6-01, it's pretty much the same but six wheels, and the option of making the rear ones steer. Many parts are shared across both.
  9. https://tamico.de/Traxxas-TRX-4-Sport-4x4-Bausatz-ohne-Elektronik for a closely priced TRX-4 sport (€302) Don't really know the Sanwa current range (last Sanwa I had was a 35Mhz 6-channel air set about 25 years ago!). Just get another servo and a 'Y lead' if you can't do anything on the TX, or have just 2-channels. IIRC you need to get one that reverses one servo. Have a look here if you want to see some CR-01 action (keep in mind many of these Hop-Ups are rare):
  10. Looks good that, don't be too critical of your handiwork there. 👍
  11. You'll struggle to find Tamiya Hop-Up parts for it, and a lot of the third party parts have dried up. I wanted some of the Tamiya metal shocks for it, but they are few and far between, or expensive. Saying that, the models are quite tough and don't need a lot doing to them other than shocks and drive shafts which thankfully can be still purchased (they are used for the CC-02 which I think helps). Depends if you are more into the build or running. The CR-01 is quite unique and a cool build, but clearly no match for a more modern TRX-4 on the trail. On the plus side you can do some fun things with the CR-01 like 4WS out of the box. And because it has the option of open diffs still means you can pretty much make a monster truck out of it. 😀
  12. Well if that is the same, you'll know it's user error or not. 😉
  13. That's my understanding of most consumer batteries. As for the practicalities of the difference, I've no Idea. I come for the cars, not the chemistry! 😄
  14. TBLE-02S ESC and TBLM-02S 15.5T here (although would have gone 10.5T if I could get a fan to fit the ESC!) Great for a powering a re-release with mega run time without destroying it, I bought it mainly to try the bundled ESCs brushless. Think I only paid about £40 for the motor so was cheaper than buying a decent brushed and new ESC. Quite impressed really and has the novelty of being an all Tamiya build apart from the rx and servo. Just make sure you experiment with bigger pinions if you go brushless as they tend to spin lower but with greater torque.
  15. Totally get this. I remember buying a built Clod once and it did nothing for me. I think I sold it on pretty quick as I just wasn't invested in it. First and last time I think I bought built and used.
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