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  1. I have several Fazer MK2's and TT-02's in various configurations and I agree with pretty much all of this. While I generally like the Fazer, one thing that also bothered me was the fact that Kyosho doesn't make it easy to throw a oil filled differential or a locked spool. You'll pretty much have to either piece one together or buy the ball diff, whereas you can throw in a locked spool, ball diff or oil filled diff in the TT-02. The sintered gears in the Fazer make for a fairly loud drivetrain when compared to the TT-02. Also don't like the fact that the front and rear diffs in the Fazer only have two bevel gears instead of four. What is nice though is the nylon Kyosho uses is pretty resilient compared to the ABS in the standard TT-02, though no option for a somewhat more rigid chassis like the hard deck option Tamiya has. The fact that you can throw on sway bars onto the Fazer is a plus, albeit an expensive option like most of the other factory upgrades availaible for it. The Fazer does have a "kit" option which gives you several upgrades out of the box like the CVD for the front, aluminum center propshaft and the aluminum motor mount but does away with the body, radio gear and electronics. Unfortunately its 40% pre-assembled. They do handle pretty good for a RTR out of the box and the 550 has plenty of speed on 3S, and I do think they'll take more punishment than a box stock TT-02.
  2. When built my TT-02BR it came with the Neo Scorcher body and the TRF201 rear wing set. The regular TT-02B was not substantially cheaper at least for me locally compared to the BR given what was included with the kit.
  3. After struggling with the setup on the originals, decided to change the dampers on the BR.
  4. I think that part might be part of item# 53574 - TRF Damper Rod Guide & O-Ring
  5. Finally caught a break from all the cold weather so I was able to finish the body on the BR.
  6. Your observation is correct. I just grabbed the FZ02-RCV conversion kit after getting the FZ02-R a while ago and there are a few differences. The FZ02-RCV uses the towers from the Mad Van (front and rear) as well as front and rear shocks from the Kyosho Dirtmaster. The rear arms in the kit look identical to the regular road Fazer but there is only one difference which is one extra mounting hole in the front of the arm in order to accomodate the new mounting position of the rear shock. Essentially you can buy all these parts separately and make yourself the kit instead if you wanted to. The FZ02-R which is the new release with the 2002 WRC shell has different towers front and rear. Front and rear shocks are similar in design as the touring car Fazers but are taller. The front and rear lower arms and front bumper are completely different. The front steering links are different and the part that attaches to the hub which those links mount to are different as well. The car in stock form also has a certain degree of toe out built into the front end which is not the case with the standard FZ02 Fazer.
  7. Picked up a Fazer FZ02-RCV Conversion for a spare Fazer MK2 I had because I liked the FZ02-R so much. Aquired a Optima 4WD with some extras for a great price.
  8. Had preordered this last year. Very happy it landed today.
  9. Been sitting on this PJ cart for a while and got tired of seeing items go in and out of stock.
  10. Somewhat finished working on the CLK AMG bodyshell tonight, minus trimming bodyposts
  11. Welcome back! Generally I like rally or normal road cars followed with some race cars here and there. Have a soft spot for trophy trucks. I've picked up a some more buggies along the way in both 4WD and 2WD configurations since the end of last year, but I've been building very very slowly.
  12. Finished most of the assembly on the BR tonight.
  13. Glad these finally showed up since they were ordered back in November lol. Also the FZ02-R arrived today.
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