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  1. Out of the box if you're comparing them completely stock, the Fazer is very nice. I feel like the materials and plastics on the Fazer may be a bit more forgiving compared to the TT-02. That being said I've really been enjoying the TT-02. I fell down the Hop Up rabbit hole a bit but I really like how flexible the TT-02 can be if you want to take it further. Both chassis had plenty of play and slop that I ended up trying to address though. My experience overall however has been limited since both of these are the first RC's I've picked up after being out of the game for almost 20 years, so I only have some really old Tamiyas and Kyoshos to reference from as well. Others who have more experience with both platforms can probably give you a much better idea.
  2. Replaced the plastic servo horn and arm and made new tie rods for the Fazer. Finally got around to installing a few more pieces onto the TT-02.
  3. The adjuster wrench saved me so it's certainly a favorite now . I foolishly built my dampers before I decided to buy the damper pliers but I'm looking forward to using them in the future!
  4. First time ordering from Plaza Japan and I've never had a order land so quickly from Asia. Took a while to get the order together but once they shipped it out it arrived in under 48 hours.
  5. Showed up sooner than expected. Really glad I was able to pick one of these up.
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