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  1. Happy Birthday to me Thanks to the Mrs for the MB but the brand new Accord Vtec wheels were my present to myself.
  2. My wonderful other half has bought me a Monster Beetle for my Birthday. Ticking one off of the 'Wanted as child list'. Apart from the usual bearings etc is there anything else to watch for on these?
  3. Since I am too scared to run my TB01 bought something with more parts available when the inevitable lack of driving skill happens!
  4. Made an impulse by at 2pm yesterday and my XV02 Pro Chassis turned up this morning. Got the Lancia Delta body shell for it Going to be the longest day at work ever.......!
  5. Hi, I have a couple of Futaba S3003's (I think?) That I have pulled off of an FF01 chassis I bought. one defo works and the other the mounts have snapped off of the side. I'll put some pics on when I get home. Cover the postage and you can have them. I'll never use them.
  6. It is kit 58281 The pic was more to show the L and L body. I have 6 of the correct wheels they just need sorting out.
  7. Rare, I had been waiting months for L and L to get one in for my TB01 as the originals are tucked up in collections, the originals come around but they are too nice to cut up and paint! I found the accessories were fine on my L and L shell. I still have the original Tamiya but they are a bit tatty. The only thing I did use to make it better was the original Tamiya fixing for the roof spoiler, just made it that but tighter fit.
  8. Started to pull my TB01 apart for a thorough clean. Test fitted all the electrics beforehand and it lives!
  9. PoD2k2

    Speaking of Marui....

    They are certainly top end of the market. I had heard Australia has strict laws. I think you are only allowed gel blasters from what I have read. I own TM HK MP& TM HK 416 Delta TM HK 45 TM Hi Capa D.O.R. I am bit of an HK fan. I do have an HK417 as well but that's made by Umarex. Umarex have the official licence from HK so they are just a little bit more in terms of trademarks etc.
  10. ...does anyone in here play Airsoft? All but one of my RIF's are Tokyo Marui.
  11. I was wondering that but they look quite tall and I still have the original drivers from the kit I would like to use. Might have to bite the bullet and see.
  12. Good Evening, Does anyone make a re-pop of the TB01 Top Dust Cover. I found one on Team Bluegroove but they aren't taking orders until they have Polycarbonate delivery and ideally I would like to get one closer to home (UK). Or does anyone have one for sale?
  13. ....aaand just like that I have bought a carbon fibre TA02 chassis Down the rabbit hole I go....!
  14. Well what a read this was. Thank you! I have had a genuine Tamiya Mondeo shell for years, I think my friend and I bought the last 2 in the UK at the time and we got them from a little model shop on the South Coast, she eventually sold hers so it could be used to make replica bodies to a shop in Chesterfield I think it was. At the time I had a MK1 Mondeo Saloon road car which I used to lavish way too much money on so I just painted the car and had it looking like my road car. The shell then just sat in it's box for the last 10-12 years until I found it in the loft on my TB01 chassis. The TB01 is now sat with the correct Focus re-pop shell on it so I found a cheap fixer upper FF01 chassis on Flea Bay for it. I then thought I best get to stickering it up (I hate it with a passion). Chassis should arrive by the end of the week but here is the shell.
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