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  1. I am sorry for the irrelevant question but I would like to ask whether you are satisfied with the the GT-tuned motor on the XV. Thank you!
  2. I agree they are too shiney, but overall is a beauty.
  3. You read my mind! I love that inboard suspension and generally this alternative design of td4 chassis!
  4. Indeed, I like it very much! I know that most of you will strongly disagree but I also love the wheel fenders...
  5. OK... But what about the chassis and it's performance?
  6. I know that most people dislike the appearance of Super avante TD4 but I really like this chassis and its performance plus I bought it 199 euros which is quite a bargain I think. OK I agree that box-art may not be the ideal livery but I think that small changes can make big difference in its final appearance!
  7. I am searching for a nice livery for my Super Avante and the above pictures are perfect examples (especially the 1st one). Just a question, how can I reproduce the decals of the kit in different color (just as the first picture)?
  8. Oh thanks! I didn't know that the driver does not fit with the revive body! This changes things a little bit because I love the driver figures in my car! Does this hold (removing the driver) for the Astute body as well? Nice setup by the way!!
  9. All excellent choices but the Revive body is the second best after Team Azarashi body imho! Thank you again!
  10. Thank you @BuggyGuy! 4,703 yen is ~ 32 euro, not bad...but including shipping from Japan and import taxes it probably gets too expensive... It is a great body shell ...
  11. Where can someone buy this Team Azarashi body for the Super Avante?
  12. @Nicadraus excellent topic, congrats! Any thoughts on M05ra chassis? I would really love one with a Mitsubishi CZT ABC body. I understand that its capabilities in off road rallying are very limited but is it an overall fun car?
  13. Thanks a lot for the info!! I am planning a 17T for an XV-01!
  14. Hi! So I guess you recommend this motor right? Do you have any problems yet? Than you in advance! D.
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