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  1. Fantastic job @wtcc5! Where did you find these bodies? I was searching for the Idemitsu Civic and the Honda Accord Aero for my FF03 but with no luck!
  2. @wtcc5all your builds are so clean and nicely presented 👌... It's really a joy to watch!
  3. @BuggyDad@BuggyDad primarily for stiffness. The chassis is so rigid now, more suitable for high grip surfaces (the local track has an astro turf surface). Second, I definitely like the looks of carbon fiber upgrades .
  4. Definitely less play compared to the original position. Basically I use 4 pieces of 2mm carbon fiber just as I am showing below: Front view Rear view Side view
  5. Of course ... Below you can find the pdf file for printing on A4 paper for anyone who would like a carbon fiber conversion to his TD4... TD4_carbonfiberpartsV1.pdf A simple reference to my design would make me happy!
  6. @wtcc5 What a nice livery! Can you recall the color numbers?
  7. Impressive work @BuggyDad... I love hand made builds... I am working with exactly the same method... I am also a scratch rc boat builder (I have also built 2 brushless outboards) and I have borrowed many of the techniques I am using in rc boats.
  8. @BuggyDad@BuggyDad thank you for you nice words. The battery modification is quite simple. The carbon fiber stripe can easily be replaced by a piece of plastic or aluminum. The carbon parts definitely have imperfections because they are hand made but they are overall quite accurate...
  9. Exactly. It is a shorty that fits perfectly. I secure the battery cover with a carbon fiber stripe and two nuts. All you have to do is to unscrew these nuts and the battery is easily removed. I believe that the following photo is indicative.
  10. Hi fellow Tamiya lovers! Let me share with you my latest TD4 DIY carbon fiber upgrades and modifications. More specifically these include: - front shocks mount, - rear shocks tower, - TD2-like battery position, - Upper deck, - driver mount. All components were designed in a 2D program and then cut accordingly.
  11. @Nicadraus@Nicadraus thanks for the info. I am wondering what are these transparent o-rings.?
  12. Regarding Plaza Jappan: the prices seem great but considering shipping costs plus taxes and duties they are not much different from those in the EU area. Am I right or do I miss something here?
  13. Oh surprisingly interesting ... Thank you for the info...
  14. Just check the amazing work of this guy! https://youtube.com/@scalercmodels9261?si=n4Q_gDYhbx2e8sgZ
  15. @OoALEJOoO that is exactly what I am talking about. It happened to both the TD4 and XV-01 (leakages before even running). For me it is very annoying. Even if I do not race with my TD4 I want a consistent and reliable suspension minimizing maintenance time. Regarding the red O-rings: All my CVA shocks come with red o-rings; So there is no room for upgrading the standard CVAs (right?) or do I miss something here?
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