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  1. Fantastic job @wtcc5! Where did you find these bodies? I was searching for the Idemitsu Civic and the Honda Accord Aero for my FF03 but with no luck!
  2. @wtcc5all your builds are so clean and nicely presented πŸ‘Œ... It's really a joy to watch!
  3. @BuggyDad@BuggyDad primarily for stiffness. The chassis is so rigid now, more suitable for high grip surfaces (the local track has an astro turf surface). Second, I definitely like the looks of carbon fiber upgrades .
  4. Definitely less play compared to the original position. Basically I use 4 pieces of 2mm carbon fiber just as I am showing below: Front view Rear view Side view
  5. Of course ... Below you can find the pdf file for printing on A4 paper for anyone who would like a carbon fiber conversion to his TD4... TD4_carbonfiberpartsV1.pdf A simple reference to my design would make me happy!
  6. @wtcc5 What a nice livery! Can you recall the color numbers?
  7. Impressive work @BuggyDad... I love hand made builds... I am working with exactly the same method... I am also a scratch rc boat builder (I have also built 2 brushless outboards) and I have borrowed many of the techniques I am using in rc boats.
  8. @BuggyDad@BuggyDad thank you for you nice words. The battery modification is quite simple. The carbon fiber stripe can easily be replaced by a piece of plastic or aluminum. The carbon parts definitely have imperfections because they are hand made but they are overall quite accurate...
  9. Exactly. It is a shorty that fits perfectly. I secure the battery cover with a carbon fiber stripe and two nuts. All you have to do is to unscrew these nuts and the battery is easily removed. I believe that the following photo is indicative.
  10. Hi fellow Tamiya lovers! Let me share with you my latest TD4 DIY carbon fiber upgrades and modifications. More specifically these include: - front shocks mount, - rear shocks tower, - TD2-like battery position, - Upper deck, - driver mount. All components were designed in a 2D program and then cut accordingly.
  11. @Nicadraus@Nicadraus thanks for the info. I am wondering what are these transparent o-rings.?
  12. Regarding Plaza Jappan: the prices seem great but considering shipping costs plus taxes and duties they are not much different from those in the EU area. Am I right or do I miss something here?
  13. Oh surprisingly interesting ... Thank you for the info...
  14. Just check the amazing work of this guy! https://youtube.com/@scalercmodels9261?si=n4Q_gDYhbx2e8sgZ
  15. @OoALEJOoO that is exactly what I am talking about. It happened to both the TD4 and XV-01 (leakages before even running). For me it is very annoying. Even if I do not race with my TD4 I want a consistent and reliable suspension minimizing maintenance time. Regarding the red O-rings: All my CVA shocks come with red o-rings; So there is no room for upgrading the standard CVAs (right?) or do I miss something here?
  16. Hi fellow Tamiya lovers, I have simple question for the Tamiya experts. Are the TRF dampers the only way for a reliable (no leakage), high performance suspension upgrade? Although the standard cva dampers work well, you can't avoid leakages. On the other hand, the trf dampers are quite pricey. Nonetheless, I recently bought a XV-02 Rs Pro and the quality of the trf dampers in the kit is mind blowing. What aluminum dampers would you suggest for the following models? 1. XV-01 long damper spec, 2. TD4 Super Avante, 3. FF-03.
  17. Hi guys! I made some progress with my FF-03 project. I constructed this piece of 8mm aluminum at the front damper mount in order to screw the upper deck on it. The servo mount is also installed. You can take an idea of the electronics set up in the following picture.
  18. Nice postπŸ‘. I am planning to run it as a TC at the 13.5 stock class in the local track. I know that I will not be competitive and the car is not a dedicated racing machine but I don t really care 😎!
  19. To the front axle again. The suspension and steering mount is reinforced with a 2mm carbon fiber plate. The holes for the upper deck are already drilled.
  20. Yes it is! My package is on its way!
  21. I can't... https://www.lindinger.at/en/CARS-BOATS/MODELS/Onroad-Drift-Cars/TAMIYA-XV-02RS-Pro-Chassis-1-10-kit/9796225 This will be my on-road bashing/racer with probably a stock 13.5 T BL motor.
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