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  1. On some of the older trf cars indeed. But if i am correct these balls are smaller then the normal 5mm balls. These arms are used on several modells and on some the stabilizers are mounted on normal 5 mm ball mounts
  2. These are arms of some older TRF cars (417, 418?) And on those cars these are attachment point for swaybars.
  3. We don't get much snow here but when it does snow.....
  4. A late christmas gift was just delivered. TT01E opel calibra Nissan skyline r32 body Honda civic castrol body
  5. What annoys me the most... Is that Tamiya stopt making F1 cars. I had the most fun at my track racing the F103 and F104W GP. But Tamiya seems to have abandoned the F1 model. So now i drive a Xray. But ik would love a new Tamiya F1 (F105?)
  6. i made a start with my new subaru impreza 2007 body. The old body has done it's job and after 7 years off abuse it's time for it's retirement
  7. I tried to make a Ferrari body out of a bittydesign body with a tamiya Ferrari F60 decal set. (The front and rear wing wil be replaced before i wil drive it).
  8. The biggest letdown for me was the TT01 and later the TT02. I have had a manta ray, TA02, FF01, FF02, TA03 before 1 bought my first TT01. As others have mentioned, it is al plastic in plastic. I was so disapointed that after the build i put it up for sale . Fortunaly i didn't sell it and started racing is at my local track. and after the TT01 i switched to the TT02. And i am stil racing it. I actualy love the chassis now. Although i wish that a future TT03 would be more like a TA03. A little bit more metal en decent C-hubs.
  9. did you build both diffs already? if not, then the 2 gb2 gears can be in the unused diff house GB1.
  10. GB2 come loose in the gear bag. G2 gears come from the spreu in that bag. I don't think you have used them in the diff. It won't close because it is thicker. Did you build both diffs al ready? If not, then the two GB2 gears should be somewhere on your desk.
  11. That is indeed the wrong gear. This is G2 from the diff
  12. can you make a photo off the other side of that bevel gear? I still think that that is G2 from step 6 in the manual
  13. It's a bit hard to see on that photo, but i think you have switched the bevel gear with the bevel gear which should go in te diff.
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