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  1. A teamC nissan primera calsonic body and a Tamiya opel calibra cliff body
  2. i Found a team C nissan primera calsonic body. I just had to buy it. Since i don't have a tamiya FF chassis it will probably end up on my TT02. Which i drive very often lately. I used to race in different high end classes. (touring car stock 13,5 (xray T4), Formula 1 (xray x1 2021) , fronti (mugen mtc2 fwd)), but i think that modern touringcar classes are over the top these days. ( or i am getting to old for this haha)
  3. and for the servo, you could cut a little piece out the bottom of the servo case. And pull the wire a little backwards. Then slide the servo mount from the top down over the servo. (i hope this is clear, my english is not my own language)
  4. i think both sides should have a 6 mm spacer. not just the left side.
  5. i wish tamiya would come with a not overengineerd FF chassis. i like simpel chassis . and offcourse the older sedan bodys.
  6. i would love to , but i already have to much cars. And these days i concentrate on just one chassis, the mugen. if i drive more than 1 chassis at the same time it gets out of hand haha. But i love to make body's for the fwd.
  7. Thank you for this beautifull thread. I love reading it. I started with on road cars with the tamiya TA03F opel calibra. Drove it at parkinglots. Then i got married to my wife in 1999 and at our wedding day we drove a Volkswagen New Beetle. a few months later i found a tamiya FF01 new beetle at a local hobby store and just had to buy it. At first it was just a shelf queen. But then i joined a race club and started racing. First with the TA03 but then i took the FF01 to the track. And i fell in love with it. Not wanting the new beetle body damaged, i bought a honda accord PIAA body. And drove it as much as i could. Later many other cars followed. But the FF was the car i enjoyed the most. I was very happy when te current FWD class began. It still is not a FF01 but today i drive a mugen MTC2 fwd. Also a lot of fun. This topic brings back a lot of memorys and makes me wish i would have kept the FF01. But i drove it until it couldn't be repaired. thank you WTCC5
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