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  1. Front? Rear? Both? Is this why I have seen people putting braces across the chassis? Do those not work?
  2. Where/how is the chassis breaking? I can't do replacement A-Arms on this one, but I can certainly see the benefit they would bring. I'll have to look into the servo placement. I'm limited on what I can do to this one due to class restrictions but ..... maybe I need a second one? lol
  3. Thanks! If you have suggestions for things we can do to Lunch Boxes in general, please let me know. I'm sure there are a plethora of parts for them out there already but I do like to problem solve.
  4. My next modification isn't Bro related but actually functional and scale related. I've heard the body mounts are a weak point so I started looking at a better way to mount the body. As a scale crawler guy, I HATE body clips. They completely ruin the look of a body for me. And yeah, I know the chassis is far from scale but I do what I can. So before painting this bad boy, I decided to do some hidden body mounts with a rear hinge. In the back I used some rod ends mounted with SCX10 chassis parts to make a swivel. I kept the front mounts in place to help me get the rear lined up correctly. Up front I used SCX10 body mounts. I'm not saying this is the best way but I wanted to use parts I can source easily and already had lying around. Still need to trim those front posts a bit but it's functional! Video of the body in action: http://www.lockeduprc.com/assets/images/misc/lunchbox/IMG_2371.MOV I will trim the chassis if the local class allows it. I don't want them to think I'm just cutting weight but it would be nice for it to swing up and down without getting caught on the chassis. One more mod I am waiting on some parts for. Then we do some body filler, paint and decals!
  5. Because of the squatted suspension setup, I realized that the stock nerf bar/exhaust piece was going to contact the tires. So, more modifications were necessary. I started with just removing the exhaust because I was thinking of doing a "hood stack". Then I decided against it, because these things tend to end up on their lids and the hood stack would likely get ripped off. So I decided to shorten & bend the exhaust parts so they would fit. This is not my best work but it is the first time I've tried to heat & bend plastic like this. No Bro exhaust would be complete without a giant exhaust tip. So more 3D printing and a little HVAC tape later...
  6. My next step was to modify the wheels so I could add a bead lock ring. In doing so I decided I wanted to actually make the wheels functional bead locks. So I grabbed a set of rings I had lying around and polished them up to Bro standards. Then I printed some conversion parts and modified the wheels. I think it looks pretty good: I have added a few of the "Bead Lock Conversion Kits" to our site, for anyone that wants to make some bead locks for the Lunch Box: https://www.lockeduprc.com/19-Tamiya-LunchboxMidnight-Pumpkin-Beadlock-Conversion--Black_p_1908.html They will work with ANY of our 1.9" Bead lock rings: https://www.lockeduprc.com/19-Rings_c_85.html Instructions coming soon.
  7. So, first things first, I needed to replicate the squatted look. I busted out the 3D printer and made some new rear shock mounts. I'm sure there is an easier way but I'm bound to some restrictions in order to keep the truck "legal" for the local class. So I can't change the shocks out. I also flipped the wheelie bar in order to keep it close to stock height, so it would do a proper wheelie. Squat achieved. I will reprint in black next time I change filaments. I'm sure the steering will be "even better" ....
  8. Then as I was thinking of idea, I got inspired to make a "sarcastitruck". We've all seen the Brodozers riding around town ... so I made the decision to try to replicate "the feel" of this: Before anyone defends this truck, save your time. I wheel 1:1 trucks in rocks. I can appreciate the performance benefits of even a lowered truck (gas mileage, cornering, etc). But a jacked up truck with low profile tires is a gas waster that can't go off road, loses towing ability, impossible to load stuff into the bed and is just for looks. Or malls. Add to it this new "squat" trend and "barf". Just my opinion. Having said all of that, in my effort to make something truly unique, I have not seen a squatted Bro Dozer Lunch box. So here we go...
  9. So with the truck "Mostly built", I needed to pick a theme. I was going to go tactical and add some HD bead lock rings, and a bunch of armor plates with scale hardware. Unfortunately, I am out of the solid "Full Metal Jacket" bead lock rings so will have to go another direction. Maybe I can do this next time...
  10. A local group here in Austin has started a Lunch Box racing class and I decided to join. This is my first Tamiya build so we will see what happens. Quick backstory on me, I own Locked Up RC. We make scale parts for crawlers....So that is a big influence on me. Anyway, I got my hands on a "Black" version of the kit and got to work. I really had only one head scratcher during the build. My kit came with the Hobbywing ESC. I'm not sure exactly where I was supposed to put the ESC as it seems like the switch and wires were not thought out. The switch will not screw into the holes for it and the wires would not reach the motor. My solution was to mount the ESC vertically and pop the switch into the rear wheel well. This way I can turn it on/off without removing the body shell.
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