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  1. Thanks to alvinlwh, i found the guide book with my Datsun 280ZX in it! It was the1981 one
  2. Ahh, thnks! 1989 then I think i had the Guide Book with my Datsun in it, must have been like 1980-81 or so.
  3. I just found this Guide Book in my Bookshelf! I didnt know i had it, and why, its way newer than when i was a teenager and build my Datsun 280ZX What year is this one? Anyone know?
  4. Wow! I love these "pan cars" i think you call it? Scale 1/12 or? The ultimate electric RC cars in speed and handling on flat tracks.
  5. I would love a Tamiya Saab 900 turbo! But i think it will newer happens, to small market for that. As a Swedish guy i would love it though!
  6. Ahh, good point! Didnt think of that!
  7. I got interested in the more technical aspect of this build! Why is the drive shaft not straight to the wheel (red line in my pic), but instead with some angle? I guess its an benefit, but why?
  8. Thanks!! You explained it much better than the Tamiya manual!
  9. Now i have started to build my Wild Willy 2. I take it slow, i dont have to hurry i think. But now i had a look on step 12 in manual, dampers. It say's "Attach F10 according to running surface condition" What does that means? You have a choice to use F10 or not?
  10. I was very unhappy today, i lost a screw to my Wild Willy 2 i though, Looking everywhere, in my pants, on the floor, in my socks, but nothing...I banned myself for lost it... And then!! I found it attached on the underside of the motor, magnetic attached. Then i was happy again
  11. I just filed the tip down a bit on a PH1 i had on hand, and wow! It now fits like a glove in the tamiya 3mm screws in my Wild Willy 2 kit!
  12. OK, thanks, i will have to have to try then! I report back if it works.
  13. Do you think a heat shrink tubing of these dimension will be usable: width 95mm, diameter 58mm. Shrinking 50%. ?
  14. Thank you for these dimensions! Perfekt, then i can match them to my Philips ones! So tamiya small is PHO and tamiya large is PH1 when i measure my Philips. They where spot on to your values!
  15. It will for sure! Then we know the dimensions of these tamiya ones!
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