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  1. Wow! These cars was so fast so you can't really understand if you not have raced with them.
  2. Parma! reminds me of my slotcar and controller i raced with as a teenager at our club!
  3. Yes, Alllt om Hobby was the holy grail for us in Sweden back then!
  4. Yes, you remember correct! Nice to have an input from someone who actually has seen my Saab Turbo! The years you remember is spot on.
  5. I bump this, in hope that maybe someone have some input on my Minicars Saab?
  6. Tamico have many parts, and kits at good price i think. But the shipping are a bit high, even to me in Sweden.
  7. If you start out to hunt down an original John Player Special, what money do we talk, and where to find it?
  8. WOW!!!! So **** nice!! I want both of'em
  9. I just love these old Tamiya cars! I wish they will re-relase some of'em again.
  10. So no hope for an re-relase on the original F1 (CS) chassie then...?
  11. I love the old 1980's F1 and F1 CS cars. Do you think Tamiya will ever do a re-relase of these? My fav is the 58020, John Player Special.
  12. Would you say this charger is better for 7.2V NiMh packs than an Imax B6AC? I have a B6AC , and i'm not so happy with it...
  13. What wheel (or rims) are that?
  14. What tyres can you use on the original The Hornet rims, and where can you find them at an good price?
  15. What a cool cat there! Maybe a Tamiya fan?
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