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  1. Great! Then maybe my next one will be a Buggy Champ! I remember i wanting a Rough Rider sooo bad back then in my teens
  2. The Buggy Champ, is that the old classic Rough Rider? I remember the Rough Rider from the 80's.
  3. How about Wild Willy 2? Or maybe it will wheelie to much to be usable on the beach sand?
  4. Slow progress here, but today i ran my Wild Willy 2 for the first time! Only indoors in my flat, but wow it was fun!!! It wheelies almost too much But i was fun, so fun! I just hooked up the electronics very temporarily. The Tamiya ESC whines a bit at low speed, i assume thats normal, or? And the 3 euro Chinese futaba clone steering servo seems perfectly ok for this car. Nice rapid steering!
  5. Seems still aviable, but now at €54,61 to uk.
  6. So you will say these will work? 5x8x.0,8 They are 2.30 euro for 8 of e'm: Brickor Stål 5x8x0,8mm (10 st.) HongNor (kullagergrossisten.se) reason for these are very low shipping cost for me.
  7. Ok, so it's 5x8x(thickness) in mm you should look for?
  8. Do you know the dimensions of these shim's? So you can get alternatives to these Tamiya ones?
  9. Where do you find this kit? I have tried searching, but i cant find it?
  10. The servo saver in my Wild Willy 2 kit was really sloppy with massive play.. After seeing a video, i just sand down a tiny bit of the part marked with red in the pic, and the play was gone, now its almost rock solid Maybe worth a try on the servo saver included, if you still have it?
  11. I would help you, but i'm in Sweden, and the shipping from MID Hobby to me is 10 euro it seems, so i guess it not much worth it....If i cant find some stuff for myself in the same time.... So maybe...
  12. Any news on this? Is it possible to get an avatar pic nowadays?
  13. I have been working on my new Wild Willy 2 kit, so i almost forgot my old loving Datsun! But soon i'm planning to do some job on it. Would you say its totally bad to try to use this old mechanical speed controller with a servo? I think it would be nice to keep it as close to original as possible.
  14. This is maybe old news, but i found that a standard dunlop valve cap for bicycles fits perfectly on the Tamiya grease tube included in the kits, which have no cap at all.
  15. I wasnt really happy with the sloppy play of the servo saver, the steering was all over the place. So i found a video saying to sand of a tiny bit of the red circle in the pic. And wow! Now there is no play at all in the servo saver, and it seems to work still, i put some force on it, and the plastic spring B6 still moves
  16. Now its almost time for a test drive of my Willy!
  17. Thnks! I maybe give it a try then!
  18. Ahh, smarter! Then you dont need to take things apart!
  19. Do you have to pop out the metal tube before heating? Or do the plastic base in the bottle survive the heat anyway?
  20. So if you want to minimize the play, you place some shims at the red arrows? Or do i think it wrong?
  21. Great tip! sooner or later these types of cement always drys.
  22. Thanks! Then i know And great info about the shim set!
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