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  1. It’s proved difficult with postage in UK as it is almost impossible to add the postage option after receiving bids on eBay. I was unable to offer at the time of first listing as had no idea of costs, after packing carefully due to the fragile nature of the vehicle I went to the Post Office to get an accurate figure ,this added to the cost of freight box and packaging allowed me to arrive at an honest amount . The postage in UK is now in the narrative of my listing although people obviously don’t read the full listing as I keep getting asked “ will you post?” from English buyers. I looked into a request from Germany but the Red Tape was unbelievable due to new rules since Brexit , customs, taxes , etc ,hence restricted to UK buyers of which there seem to be many . So I apologise to any prospective buyers in US or Canada , but it is just too complicated for an old guy like me ( 74) , hope you find one in your country in some dusty old model store or maybe The American Pickers could find you one , I love that show! Kind regards Al
  2. The Blazer and spare new body shell are currently on eBay with bids and over 100 watchers. Postage within UK or collection from my home address. Cheers Al.
  3. eBay body just went for £326 plus £12 postage!
  4. I wondered about putting the used body on eBay as its better than the one on there at the moment. Maybe clean up the chassis and sell as a restoration project with the new body kit, driver etc. Grille is available online as are front uj’s. It’s mostly dust and grime from at least 25/30 years in a plastic bag in an old garage! The Nikko cars I thought sell as job lot with the various controllers etc for £40 starting price.
  5. Hi AshRC, crossed wires somewhere perhaps, as I said the bidding on the damaged burnt body on eBay is up to £56 , it is not mine . I can only assume that the unused body I have with roll cage ,roof, spoiler,driver,decals must have a somewhat higher value? Al
  6. Hi , I am in Sussex UK. Yes I agree that shipping cost could mean that Blazer would only be viable to someone in travelling distance and packaging could be a problem! Have contacted a couple of clubs here in the South East to see if any interest. There is a rather damaged, burnt body fore sale on ebay uk which is currently at £56! which rather suggests they are scarce and my unused one could be worth a good price?
  7. Recently inherited a garage find truck, 4x4 , says Blazing Blazer on the decals also has a spare unused body with roll cage , roof spoiler with brackets, driver in its bag, Decal sheet, pair of partly painted tail lights. There are a couple of controllers, a battery which I assume is correct. Missing , grille, charger, front prop shaft, small section chipped out of the hood, tyres perished. Also have a Hornet less body etc with box and four Nikko Typhoon buggies in various condition . These vehicles have been in a garage for many years. Any ideas as to the value and would eBay be my best option to sell ?
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