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  1. You might try this: https://spazstix.com/products/szx10909-ultimate-clear-coat-aerosol
  2. 1) The middle seems a good place to start, and tune out from there depending on chassis behavior and track conditions. KEEP IN MIND: while the spring colors correspond to what Tamiya uses (Red=soft, Yellow=medium, Blue=firm), Yeah Racing springs are a fair bit firmer than their Tamiya counterparts. 2) Yes, you will need to use the ball studs that came with the shocks. The eyelets on the Yeah Racing shocks are bigger and only fit their ball studs.
  3. The Yeah Racing ones too small to fit over the rod end (X1 or X2 part).
  4. Make sure C7 and MA7 in the inside of the upright (see Step 15) are fully seated.
  5. Mabuchi RS540-SH is a standard silver can.
  6. Just put a dab of AW grease (or whatever grease you have) on it. And that symbol in the manual is calling out rubber cement, not super glue.
  7. Good to know it's not just me...
  8. It's not. It's really, really not. But we just can't help ourselves.
  9. Oh sure. If you want to do it the easy way…
  10. Answer to another question; BT01 and MB01 use the same lower deck (51725). This is the end that the BT01 high mount battery tray mounts to. So, with both kits and clever relocating of the steering servo, a 4WD MB01 can be made entirely out of kit parts... I think.
  11. Here’s a more detailed FR conversion…
  12. This guy kind of shows the FR spur/motor box change on camera. It looks like it uses a longer spur shaft and a rear facing output cover, but seems to keep the the output cup in the original position as well. So maybe, just maybe, all you need is a second diff unit.
  13. And there’s always this: https://www.fenixracingshop.com/pancar-110/1086-porsche-917.html I have one and compared against my uncut C11 body the width is the same.
  14. I have one burning a hole in my closet for just that reason...
  15. I use Frisket Film for bodies that don't come with masks, or when the masks are poorly shaped. It's relatively strong, thin vinyl so it cuts easily with a scalpel or hobby knife. A roll this size should last until the end of time if you're just using it for window masks. amazon.com/Grafix-Airbrushing-Retouching-Stencils-Watercolors/dp/B0065F1OS6/ref=sr_1_4?crid=5YI0IEQWLNZ8&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.yzZ1V2JcY2IaySB-fURDTVRQ3-e7ttXkEbvYZSRTgZTJCNhe_jA4tv7Jlmaa7-Me8w872IDT50Qa928nYNvgJm_ZnHudUOiMutGF36nD5iP-DF9FnRjUqwXTBEIYmLtkptyZxVX0lNXhb5LZpNPPuMW8nTGpA6HtMSFMWTvJmW-q4AiHMbGFrrpOmAq6MMy-jDbAWjznoqfXc4mnKhtSZH_MpYVf4UOxbTwFqEfK6rCFtJ_cZMqOgmSmEUQBoCmiKpgH0jJeleOYczYFzW5HxbuG4eJa--OxkL-L2OHn86c.iA76OPJyefR8mRKrAzAjRAz9a19Y10tetWSiswN1jWE&dib_tag=se&keywords=frisket+film+roll&qid=1710522743&sr=8-4
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