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  1. I ordered some. let’s see how it goes. Thank you very much!
  2. I am am building a Blackfoot shelf queen and am looking for a set of either chrome, or blue, or colorless aluminium shocks for it. They don’t have to perform well, given I am not driving the car. They seem hard to find. I am struggling. Either wrong scale, wrong dimensions, wrong color, or they don’t ship here. I live in the Philippines. Do you guys know a supplier?
  3. Found it! Wow, that’s well hidden. Thank you very much!
  4. I paid the 15 bucks annual subscription fee, received the payment confirmation, but when I click on “get your own showroom” I just get routed to the payment site again. What am i doing wrong?
  5. Has anyone experience with spray painting a blackfoot frame? I have this idea of building a blackfoot 60ies style. I got chrome rims, will probably paint it with 2 different shades of blue, and then spray paint the frame in chrome. Has anyone here done this before? Inputs very much appreciated!
  6. that sounds like a lot of extra steps necessary. thank you! appreciate your inputs.
  7. That car looks awesome as well as fast, and I’d love to hear some first hand experience before potentially buying. What motors and batteries are speed-addicted owners running with it? And what is your experience with the battery compartment sitting underneath the front shocks? How fiddly is it to change batteries, how long does it take, and doesn’t this approach affect the stability of the suspension over time?
  8. that should work. bit unorthodox, but anyway. thanks! i’ll grind it down.
  9. thank you! it’s not too late. still waiting for the diff to arrive.
  10. i just finished building the Egress black edition and now it turns out, my batteries don’t fit. i cut the plastic protection of the batteries to gain half a millimetre, but it’s not enough. are there shorter plastic boxes for batteries available?
  11. Sure, the gears do touch and mesh, but as far as I can tell, they seem to be too close. Make fists and press your knuckles against each other. That’s how it looks. there is no wiggle room, and I wonder why, given I use the standard T22. That’s why I was wondering is someone has experience with using a smaller pinion with the TBLM-02S in the Egress.
  12. the motor sits on a plate that attaches to the gear box. One can tilt it, so the pinion moves closer or further away from the big gear. With this particular motor and the standard 22T pinion, I tilted it as far away as possible, but the gears still seem to touch closely. there seems to be no gap at the bottom of the teeth. It looks too tight to me, but it’s the standard pinion, so I am a bit confused. Thanks for your help.
  13. I am building an Egress black edition. Both gear boxes run smoothly, diffs work smoothly, the TBLM-02S turns nicely too. But as soon as I put them together, it all rattles and shakes, and clacks loudly. I can barely turn the wheel hubs, and I don’t want to connect it to a battery like this. I am using a T22 that came with the car. The motor is fully tilted to the right, but it seems pretty tight in the gearbox. Did anyone experience something like this before? My best guess is, I need a smaller pinion, but not sure…
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