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  1. not really the same, but i bought the traxxas trx4 blue f150 instead. for some reason, i didnt want to buy different batteries for one truck. instead i spent twice the money on the truck and on ec5 connectors instead of buying the blackfoot. my logic is really flawed. i like the trx4. its my second one. i also have the 1979 bronco version.
  2. does a regular hard case lipo fit in the blackfoot? or does it require specific packs that match nimh packs
  3. has anyone used orca esc? I typically use hobbywing for my cars/trucks and have really liked them. however, last night i found this 200w esc, with 950a peak. has anyone used this, and if so, how does it compare to say a top line hobbywing esc https://www.rcmart.com/orca-oe1-2-200a-pro-2-4s-competition-brushless-esc-es22oe12-4c-00123336?search=orca&sort=p.price&order=DESC
  4. Not sure if you want to go this way, but the traxxas, and some others, and optional open/closed diffs on a servo switch. i have it on 2 different trucks, its neat
  5. the wheels and tires fit the cc01 kit ok. there will be rubbing if the wheel is all the way turned and fully compressed. my thought of putting the fj body on the cc02 is busted. the wheel base is fine, but i got the pre-painted body version and the holes are already drilled. if i move the post outwards, they look like they would fit, but tamiya didnt make it so you can flip because there is a single screw with a pin. flipping it around to make it wider causes the pin to have nothing to hold onto. i guess i could glue it or something, however after finishing building the cc02, im not sure its a lot better than the cc01. im going to give them both a long drive and see, but the steering upgrade i bought for the cc01 isnt here yet oh well.
  6. both the wheels and tires are supposed to arrive today. the cc01 looks like it will arrive tomorrow. my plan is that i will put the fj cruiser body of the cc01 onto the cc02 and put the cc02 body on the cc01. assuming they both fit. they are both pre-painted bodies, so i am not messing with the holes. from what i understand the fj body should plop right onto the cc-02 as that model of cc01 has the same wheelbase as the cc02. i did order the bearings and steering upgrade for the cc01 and i also got the bearings for the cc02. i guess i will see which i like better. the fj cruiser is my favorite truck, so if it fits, the fj cruiser body will go onto which ever kit i like more, the cc01 or cc02. the wheels and tires will then go onto which ever kit the fj cruiser body goes onto. UPDATE: Both the wheels and tires and the FJ Cruiser arrived today. Quite the surprise. i wasnt expecting the FJ today. its really nice. i need to hurry up and finished building my cc02 now
  7. i looked in my stash and i have an original 1080 quicrun with program card that was never used. its not the new g2 version, but the realistically i am not going to notice a difference with what i am doing based on the update description i am going to pick up the quicrun 40t motor though. will the stock pinion and spur gearing be ok with the 40t or do i need to update it as well?
  8. the tamiya french blue is what came to mind first, but it doesnt look like thats available in PS colors. the light blue looks good, or maybe you can use the translucent light blue and darken it a bit with a outer coat of a dark color??
  9. i got the new cc-02 ford bronco that came with the hobbywing 1060 esc and silver can motor. I am interested in only running in my yard over roots and pine cones, etc. is the hobbywing 1060 a good esc and motor it came with a good combination for this? or is there a better set that is worth getting. i dont mind spending money if the upgrade is worthwhile. thank you in advanced
  10. i ordered these. they look like they are very close to the same size as the kit tires. hopefully they are good https://www.amainhobbies.com/rc4wd-dirt-grabber-1.9-all-terrain-tires-2-x3-rc4zt0005/p390865?v=237831
  11. will these wheels and tires fit on the cc01 as a direct fit? https://www.amainhobbies.com/ssd-rc-assassin-1.9-beadlock-crawler-wheels-bronze-2-ssd00180/p872572 https://www.amainhobbies.com/rc4wd-goodyear-wrangler-mt-r-1.9-4.19-scale-tires-rc4zt0160/p685675
  12. i am going to try this one. i prefer to buy from the USA. Last time i ordered from china it sat in customs forever. do you think this will work directly? i dont need the lights, i have all of those already. https://www.amainhobbies.com/killerbody-led-light-kit-w-control-box-10-5mm-leds-klr-48101/p1302143#tab-resources
  13. This is really helpful. I had never heard of a light controller before.thank you so much
  14. I bought a rc crawler from ebay and found that it has the coolest features (blinkers and brake lights). The remote is not labeled as a name brand, but looks like it has 10 channels, and 8 of them are in use. However, what i would like to do, is upgrade the remote to a nicer name brand one. However, I have no idea how to program the blinkers and brake lights. Since I need 8 channels and want something named brand, I am really limited to a just a handful of remotes that have a named brand. If i were to buy a futaba remote, for example with enough channels, is there a way to program it to turn on the right blinker if i turn right? or for the brake lights to light up when i hit the brake/reverse? attached is the schematics from the book on how it is wired... not sure if that helps or not any help is greatly appreciated
  15. i have used a lot of different esc's across my cars, and I have to say the hobbywing is really my favorite. it is reasonably priced and gives good quality. i have yet to have one fail on me
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